Collaborative Solutions – Mobile Concierge

Collaborative Solutions is a program developed by the NSW Government as part of its Digital Economy Strategy.  The program is managed by Industry & Investment NSW (I&I NSW).

The Collaborative Solutions – Mobile Concierge (“CS-MC”) program is the first of a series of calls for industry to form collaborative consortia to develop innovative and new-to-market ICT solutions in key sectors that demonstrate the benefits of the digital economy.  This first program targets the use of mobile and wireless technologies in the tourism and retail sectors.


The objectives of the Collaborative Solutions – Mobile Concierge program are:

  • assist in the exchange of ideas between mobile application developers, technology providers, service providers, device manufacturers, research organisations and user organisations in the tourism, hospitality, and retail sectors
  • accelerate the development of new-to-market and significantly innovative mobile solutions with significant potential for commercial success, job creation, and export
  • drive innovation, productivity and transformation in the tourism and retail sectors through the adoption of compelling mobile solutions.

Definition of “Mobile Concierge”

TheCollaborative Solutions – Mobile Concierge program defines “Mobile Concierge” solutions as “an ICT solution developed for the tourism and retail sector and delivered via a mobile device using mobile technologies that enables a high-level of online service capability.” Specifically:

  • An ICT Solution: a product or service that uses information and communication technologies to meet the needs of customers. This is specifically to preclude submissions that are a) of a consultancy nature or b) bespoke development to customer specifications without wide market appeal.
  • Developed for the Tourism and Retail sectors: Provides commercial benefits for use in these sectors, which may include new revenue streams and productivity improvements. They may include business-to-consumer and business-to-business services.
  • Delivered via a Mobile Device: a solution that is delivered via a mobile device such as hand phones and tablet devices. The solution may be of a native, web, or hybrid application. Submissions may include the development of or use of common API layers and shared services.
  • Uses Mobile Technologies: Uses technologies found in mobile devices, such as wireless broadband, mobile computing, m-commerce, location based services, augmented reality, mobile social media, and sensor technologies.
  • Enables a High-Level of Online Service Capability: allows the user to achieve a high-level of service capability with the provider beyond simple information functionality. A high-level service capability will likely include payment, reservations, personalisation, recommendations, social networking or user-generated content.

Key requirements

Collaborative Solutions – Mobile Concierge participants should note the following requirements:

  • Consortia-backed submissions: Each submission must be backed by a consortium of at least three members. The Consortia Lead must be a NSW-registered business with the capability to commercialise and export the ICT solution being developed. The consortia must include at least one User Organisation to participate in the development and piloting process. The remaining consortia members will provide technologies, content or capabilities to the project. Submissions by single companies or individuals will not be considered. Refer to section 6 for more details on consortia formations.
  • Developed and piloted in NSW: Solutions must be predominantly developed in NSW. Submissions with minor components (less than 20 per cent of project costs) developed outside of NSW will be considered, but those components will not be supported by the government grant if one is awarded. The solutions must be piloted in NSW.
  • Development has not commenced: The development of the proposed solution must not have commenced before the date of submission. Any grant funding will be for the development and piloting of the proposed solution after the date of submission.

Industry briefing

An industry briefing will be organised to provide details of the Collaborative Solutions – Mobile Concierge program. Attendance at the industry briefing is not a prerequisite for submission, but ICT potential Consortia Leads and ICT businesses are strongly recommended to attend.

Registration for the industry briefing will be required by Friday 28 January.  You can register your attendance here.

Industry networking event

An industry networking event will be organised shortly after the industry briefing to facilitate introductions, exchange of ideas and the formation of consortia.  Businesses will have the opportunity to make brief presentations. Attendance is optional.

Registration for the industry networking event will be made available after the Industry briefing.


To be kept informed of program updates or to register your attendance at the industry briefing, click here


  • Mon 20 Dec Announcement and program website launch
  • Fri 28 Jan Last day to register for industry briefing
  • Wed 2 Feb Industry briefing and program call opens
  • Wed 9 Feb Last day to register for industry networking event
  • Fri 11 Feb Industry networking event
  • Wed 23 Mar Last day for industry inquiries
  • Fri 25 Mar Final proposal submission close at noon 12:00 PM
  • Early April Short-listed consortia notification and presentations
  • Late April Awarding of grants to winning consortia

Incentive Grant

Submissions selected by the Evaluation Panel will be notified by I&I NSW, and the terms and conditions, government grant components, and project deliverables will be negotiated prior to awarding the  consortia with an incentive grant offer.
The amount of the government grant will be determined against the Evaluation Criteria. The following  are general guidelines in determining the quantum and structure of the government grant offer – I&I NSW may  consider options outside of these guidelines with exceptional proposals:

  • Only development and piloting activities conducted in NSW will be eligible for funding.
  • The period supported by the government grant will not exceed 9 (nine) months, inclusive of development and pilot. The total project duration may be longer than the supported period.
  • The government grant offer will be up to a maximum of 35 per cent of total direct project costs or $250,000, whichever is lower.
  • The government grant will be itemised to project components, with higher support on core ICT development and piloting activities, such as software development and testing.
  • Project components that develop internal ICT skills and capabilities and create ICT jobs in the Consortia Lead will be attract a higher level of support as compared to outsourced components.
  • Hardware and software purchases may be supported but will be amortised over three years and two years respectively, and over the project duration.
  • Non-ICT development activities, such as legal, business consulting, marketing and normal operational costs will not be supported.
  • Costs between consortia members will not be covered.
  • Project components already supported through another government grant, subsidy, or funding program will not be eligible for further assistance in this program.

Government grant payments will be made on a reimbursement basis after the successful completion of the  project. If the project duration is longer than 3 (three) months, a quarterly partial payment may be  offered. A complete set of terms and conditions for the government grant will be provided with the offer.

Program information

The following are supporting documentation for the Collaborative Solutions – Mobile Concierge program.

  • Program brief
  • application form
  • detailed budget worksheet.


All questions regarding the Collaborative Solutions – Mobile Concierge program should be by email and addressed to For further information contact the Program Manager at (02) 9338 6706.

Please note that any questions sent before the industry briefing will be responded to collectively at the industry briefing.

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