CommBank Community Grants

Up to $10,000 is available for community organisations to improve health & well-being of young Australians.

CommBank Community Grants



The CommBank Community Grants are funded by the Commonwealth Bank Staff Community Fund (“SCF”).



The SCF is a fund established by employees of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (“the Bank”) and the SCF provides funding for a range of children’s charities.

Since 1917, the Staff Community Fund (SCF) has been supporting the health and well-being of young Australians.



Organisations can apply for a grant of up to $10,000. This may be supplemented with additional funding from other sources if required.


Eligible Projects

To be eligible to receive a Community Grant your organisation must run, manage, conduct or implement a program that supports children and youth up to the age of 21 years in Australia.


Eligible Applicants

To be eligible to receive a Community Grant, each applying organisation (“Organisation”) must:

  • run, manage, conduct or implement programs (each an “Eligible Youth Program”) that support
    children and youth up to the age of twenty-one years old in Australia;
  • be endorsed with Deductible Gift Recipient (“DGR”) status by the Australian Tax Office or Australian
    Charities and Not-for-profits Commission and maintain DGR status until such time as a Community
    Grant is paid; and
  • hold a current bank account in Australia in its name.

An Organisation may apply for a Community Grant for separate Eligible Youth Programs but only where each
Eligible Youth Program:

  • is conducted in a separate location from any other Eligible Youth Program which is the subject of an
    application for a Community Grant; or
  • is managed by a part of the Organisation which operates out of its own distinct territorial location (eg. a State/Territory or part of a State/Territory).



Applications for the next round of CommBank Community Grants will open in early 2016.


2015 Recipients

The full list of recipients is shown here.

Some of the recipients include:


The Anne McDonald Centre – $9,650

The Anne McDonald Centre provides free communication aids and therapy to more than 3,000 children and adults who can hear but have communication difficulties. This essential service uses new technology to provide therapeutic, social and educational benefits to children without speech, and enables them to make significant improvements in communication. This Community Grant will enable the purchase of iPads and apps for seven children from financially disadvantaged backgrounds. The children will be taught how to use the apps effectively to improve their communication and social skills, opening doors to new opportunities for social interaction and education, and creating a better quality of life.

The Australian Kidney Foundation – $10,000

Kidney Health Australia provides support to Australians affected by kidney diseases, as well as their families and carers. The Foundation also works to raise awareness through advocacy, research and education to ensure a public focus on early detection and prevention, and reduce the incidence of death from chronic disease. This Community Grant will support the Big Red Kidney Bus Metro Escape, a mobile dialysis bus which will transport 12 young dialysis patients aged 16 to 21 years to a holiday destination for one week, while providing vital access to dialysis equipment. This world first innovation allows dialysis patients the opportunity to take healthy holiday breaks — many for the first time in their lives — while fostering positive peer relationships.

Autism Behavioural Intervention Association – $3,500

Autism Behavioural Intervention Association supports families who have a child with autism by providing essential training and information on behaviour-based interventions. The Association gives these children an equal opportunity to reach their full potential and positively contribute to community life. This Community Grant will support a much-needed overhaul of the Autism Resource Library by replacing and updating the existing educational aids, toys and books. This will give parents access to the most current information about autism so they can provide the best care possible for their child.

Autism Spectrum Australia – $10,000

Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) is Australia’s leading autism services provider. Aspect helps more than 10,000 people with autism and their families each year to achieve the best possible opportunities, by providing children the vital supports they need to reach their unique potential and succeed in later life. Aspect has the largest autism-specific schools program in the world, with eight independent schools, more than 100 satellite classes and over 1,000 students. This Community Grant will support the Transition to School program, which will provide occupational therapy and early intervention to 15 children with autism aged 4–5, to help them make a successful transition into formal schooling and improve their learning outcomes.

Awards Victoria – $8,600

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award aims to empower young Victorians by delivering recreational, adventure and community service programs that develop resilience and leadership skills. The Awards program focuses on redressing the gender imbalance by engaging young women in opportunities for life-long learning, career development and community connection. This Community Grant will help 20 young Victorians to participate in the Duke of Edinburgh Award through the Engage and Equip Youth program. By providing fee assistance and funding activities, the program helps young people from disadvantaged backgrounds or remote communities to overcome the financial barriers that would otherwise exclude them from the Award, and assists them in improving their physical and emotional wellbeing and community engagement.

Ballarat Christian College – $9,900

South Star Warriors is an after-school team of 65 students from Ballarat Christian College who meet weekly to design, construct and race human-powered and hybrid vehicles. This extra-curricular program builds fitness, fosters collaboration and empowers students to positively influence the future of transportation. This Community Grant will enable the school to train the students to design and experiment with constructing energy-efficient vehicles and hybrid vehicles. This is vital training tool for students to contribute to reducing greenhouse gases, providing alternative transport and developing solutions to the world energy crisis. The program will also add a parents’ team in 2015, to strengthen child and parent relationships and promote family activities.

Banksia Gardens Community Services – $10,000

Banksia Gardens Community Services provides vital services to more than 80,000 community members, with a special focus on assisting the most disadvantaged families living in the nearby Banksia Gardens housing estate. Both a neighbourhood house and a community service organisation, Banksia provides a wide range of educational, cultural and leisure activities, and gives relief and support for community members experiencing poverty, sickness or distress. This Community Grant will support the Girls’ Circle, a creative self-development group for girls aged 10-15 that provides a fun, safe space for girls to support one another, try new activities and develop skills and confidence. The only program of its kind in the area, it aims to encourage girls on the cusp of adolescence, and empower them to overcome disadvantage and reach their potential as women.

Bayside Community Information and Support Service – $8,000

Bayside Community Information and Support Service (CISS) helps vulnerable people and families by offering practical legal support, tax help and budget assistance as well as counselling and support services. The largest provider of emergency relief in the area, Bayside CISS helps meet the educational needs of students through a program of school excursions, camps and recreational activities. This Community Grant will support the Education for All program, which gives children from disadvantaged families the opportunity to attend extracurricular activities they would otherwise be excluded from. This results in improved wellbeing for the children as well as greater connectedness with their school community and improved performance at school.

Big Brothers – Big Sisters Australia – $10,000

Big Brothers – Big Sisters supports vulnerable children by providing them with guidance, friendship and a long-term positive role model with a volunteer adult mentor. The organisation helps give children a brighter future by empowering them to reach their potential and make positive behavioural changes, building their self-worth and trust. This Community Grant will provide mentorship for six children from complex or chaotic family environments. The Melbourne Mentoring Match program will give children a positive role model, boosting their confidence and resilience to empower them to make better choices and engage with community life.

Blind Sports and Recreation Victoria – $9,840

Blind Sports and Recreation Victoria (BSRV) works to empower blind and vision-impaired people in Victoria to lead active and healthy lifestyles through sport and recreation. The organisation creates opportunities for 1,000 members of all ages and backgrounds to become involved in competitive sports, recreation and social events to help them improve physical fitness, emotional wellness and social inclusion. This Community Grant will enable BSRV to implement a new judo program for 150 school aged children across Melbourne who may not have had the opportunity to engage in sport previously. In addition to the health benefits, the program will allow these children to participate actively with sighted peers to foster new social connections and help prevent the social isolation that can accompany blindness.

Bone Marrow Donor Institute – $10,000

Bone Marrow Donor Institute provides support and accommodation services for people suffering from leukaemia and cancers of the blood. Their vital work encompasses medical research and educational programs as well as providing a bone marrow donor registry and stem cell storage for an alternate treatment of blood cancers. This Community Grant will help the Bone Marrow Donor Institute Rotary House in Melbourne to offer affordable housing to transplant patients at the Royal Children’s Hospital and their families, many of whom are travelling from regional areas. This assistance alleviates the financial strain of caring for a child with cancer for parents who need to give up employment through the treatment and recovery period.

Boots for All – $10,000

Boots for All aims to create an active and socially inclusive Australia through sport, by collecting and distributing new and used sports equipment to disadvantaged teams across the country. Breaking down the barriers to sport participation helps to relieve poverty, suffering and social exclusion of vulnerable and disadvantaged children and adults. This Community Grant will enable Boots for All to extend their project, reaching a greater number of teams. The project helps vulnerable Australian children and youth get involved in organised sport, improving their physical health and giving them the chance to participate in their community.

Camp Quality – $10,000

Camp Quality aims to improve the quality of life for 10,000 Australian children under the age of 13 living with cancer. The organisation builds a supportive and positive network for children and their families through programs that incorporate education, performance and recreation. The camps also allow space to relax and reconnect away from the clinical hospital environment. This Community Grant will support the Family Camp for fifteen families in Victoria. This free program strengthens family relationships and builds positivity and optimism in the child, empowering them to cope with the challenges of living with cancer.

Carers Victoria – $10,000

Carers Victoria (CV) works to improve the health and resilience of family carers in Victoria, to help them cope with the emotional and financial impact of looking after a loved one. The organisation identifies and reaches out to carers and their families, providing a range of services to support all the carer’s needs, from counselling and respite to education and training. This Community Grant will support the Young Carers Scholarship Program for 250 young people caring for a family member. This program enables carers to focus on themselves and their wellbeing by providing life opportunities they would otherwise be unable to experience, encouraging them to further their education, develop skills and build support networks.

Concern Australia Welfare – $10,000

Concern Australia works to strengthen communities and support networks by focusing on vulnerable and marginalised children and young people. Through a holistic approach that encompasses prevention, restoration and transformation, the organisation offers training programs, personal support and community services that help youth to change their lives and contribute to their communities. This Community Grant will support the Hand Brake Turn initiative, a series of nationally accredited Certificate II courses in the automotive fields, including mechanics and panel beating, for 70 students from disadvantaged backgrounds. From hands on training to assistance with resume writing and job search, the program teaches core skills to help students gain work experience and employment or re-engage with their education.

The Council for Christian Education in Schools, Stawell Primary School – $2,800

The Council for Christian Education in Schools supports two school chaplains to run a welfare-based program to students and staff of a primary school and a special needs school. A breakfast program is run in schools for children from disadvantaged families or with challenging behaviours. This Community Grant will support the Stawell Primary School Breakfast Club to provide a nutritional morning meal twice a week for up to 40 children who the chaplain has identified as being in need. This initiative supports students’ health and improves their learning outcomes while giving students an opportunity to interact with their peers in a positive environment.

East Gippsland Specialist School – $9,000

The East Gippsland Specialist School helps students with intellectual disabilities with a comprehensive and innovative curriculum from primary through to secondary school. The school fosters a supportive environment, emphasising cooperation and teamwork to help students to build on their strengths and fulfil their potential. This Community Grant will enable the school to purchase OSMO kits for iPad Education. The kits contain an interactive device for the iPad that stimulates users’ fine motor and cognitive skills. They will be incorporated into the classroom program, providing direct benefit to 100 students and engaging interest in spelling and maths activities, improving learning outcomes.

Fusion Mornington Peninsula – $10,000

Fusion is a youth-focused organisation committed to building healthy communities and support networks for young people. In addition to providing housing for up to 50 homeless youth, the organisation offers support services for around 200 disadvantaged or marginalised young people within the local schools and communities. This Community Grant will support the Skills for Life program, which aims to build practical life skills to help young people achieve independent living and develop their potential. Through mentoring and tutoring, youth are encouraged to re-engage with their education for greater employment opportunities and positive participation within the community.

Gateways Support Services – $8,080

Gateway Support Services empowers and supports children and adults with a disability and their families to maximise their quality and enjoyment of life. The organisation provides comprehensive and innovative services to promote independence and social inclusion for people living with disabilities, from early childhood intervention and therapy to respite and recreation programs. This Community Grant will increase Gateway’s capacity for autism assessments in South West Victoria, providing early diagnosis to improve child and family outcomes. Early assessment and intervention will enable more families to plan effectively for their child’s future and give them the best possible start in life.

Harrow Bush Nursing Centre – $4,000

The Harrow Bush Nursing Centre provides vital medical services to the local community of Harrow. One of just 14 bush nursing centres still operating in Victoria, the organisation delivers nursing services and primary health care needs and has served the community through drought, fire, flood and social and political change. This Community Grant will fund the Bay Riders Community School Holiday Program to meet the needs of children in remote areas who are otherwise unable to connect with school holiday programs due to lack of access to public transport. The Bay Rider Community Centre caters for 150 children, mostly from disadvantaged backgrounds, by providing quality holiday care, and benefits not only the children but their families and the wider community as well.

KIDS Foundation – $10,000

The KIDS Foundation is dedicated to the prevention and recovery of childhood injury, the leading cause of death and disability of Australian children. The Foundation delivers quality school and community-based education programs that aim to reduce preventable childhood injuries and death, and provides ongoing support for young people who have experienced life changing injuries and burns. KIDS aims to keep children safe and create a better life for those living with serious injury. This Community Grant will support Camp TANGO (Together Achieving New Goals and Opportunities), an annual event which incorporates personal development activities, peer mentoring and a counselling program to foster support and social connection, empowering young people living with injuries.

Kalparrin Early Childhood Intervention Program – $10,000

Kalparrin Early Childhood Intervention Program works with families of children with a disability or developmental delay to provide vital early intervention services. The organisation serves as a single point of contact for families seeking support, guidance and services to meet the physical and developmental needs of their child. This Community Grant will support Families Can, a new integrated program designed for children aged 4 to 6 years who are at risk of developing behavioural or emotional disorders. This program will strengthen family relationships through a family camp that brings together children and parents to contribute positively towards skill development and build community interconnectedness.

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