Commercial Development Grants Program

Up to $25,000 is available for businesses to help them develop their commercial value, extend market reach and increase revenue.

Commercial Development Grants Program

Commercial Development Grants Program

DCA’s Commercial Development Grants Program provides project funding to assist WA-based creative businesses to develop their commercial potential, increase business viability and extend market reach.



Grants are available for a range of projects or activities undertaken with the objective of:


  • increase sales or business revenue
  • build audiences or client bases
  • access new markets or increase market share
  • promote or strengthen business/brand profile
  • develop strategic business or commercial significance.



There are two funding categories available in 2016:

  • Projects U-15k: This category provides grants of up to $15,000 for a range of eligible projects and activities. A cap of $5,000 applies to travel-only grants; that is, those applications requesting support for transport, accommodation and/or freight items only.
  • Projects 15k-plus: This category supports projects where the grant request is in excess of $15,000. Funding for travel will only be provided where it forms a component of the overall project.

Funding does not exceed $25,000.

For both categories, funding is for a maximum  of 80 per cent of project expenses. You are required to fund the remaining 20 per cent from other sources.

For travel-only grants under $5000, the requirement to fund 20 per cent from other sources does not apply.


Eligible Activities

With reference to the program’s objectives, eligible activities may include, but is not limited to:

  • Opportunities to showcase at an national or international event
  • Campaigns to launch product into new territories with the aim of increasing market share
  • Recording, mastering and pressing of recorded product for public consumption and retail release
  • Touring and performance opportunities
  • Collaborations between industry professionals with commercial benefits for the WA arts or creative industry sectors
  • Sourcing new networks for supply and manufacturing purposes
  • Development and creation of strategic marketing and promotional tools
  • Business-related skills or professional development
  • Participation in local, national or international industry events.
  • seeking industry experience with established industry professionals and/or businesses.

If your planned project or activity does not correspond in some way to any of the above, contact a DCA Grants and Programs Officer for advice before commencing an application.


Eligible Applicants

Applications are open to individuals, groups and businesses with fewer than 10 full-time employees (FTE), subject to meeting DCA Grants General Eligibility criteria.

Note: Applicants applying on behalf of Aboriginal people must provide evidence of significant Aboriginal involvement in the conception, development and participation of the project.



Applications to the U-15k category are open year-round so you can apply at any time, provided you have not exceeded your application limit for the year.

Applications for 15k-plus close 6 October 2016.


More Information

  • Source
  • Grants Program Handbook

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