Commercialisation Australia Round 2 Recipients

A new design for motorcycle safety helmets to reduce the risk of injury and the creation of light therapy glasses for the treatment of insomnia, jet lag and depression are among the bright new ideas to be supported by Commercialisation Australia.

Commercialisation Australia is the Australian Government’s primary source of assistance for businesses transforming their ideas into commercial realities.

Innovation Minister, Senator Kim Carr, today announced over $2.2 million in government grants for eleven new projects. This follows the $9.6 million in funding announced in April.

The government grants will support an impressive range of innovations from around Australia, including a new livestock management system, a faster and more accurate sepsis diagnosis test, and an innovative joining system for the manufacturing, building materials and construction industries.

“Increasing our focus on innovation, knowledge-based industries, and new business growth is the key to renewing and growing the Australian economy,” Senator Carr said.

“Commercialisation Australia helps bridge the gap between promising ideas and a commercially viable business, which will provide jobs, skills and prosperity.”

In addition to Commonwealth Australia funding, successful applicants will receive the support of a case manager to steer them through the commercialisation process. Case managers will also provide valuable connections to volunteer business mentors, who have direct experience of bringing new ideas to market and will provide helpful input based on specialist knowledge.

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The list of Commercialisation Australia Round 2 Recipients is detailed below:

Applicant Grant Project Title Project Description
Kord Defence$250,000Mobile user interface for international defence marketsKord is developing a weapon-mounted Rifle Input Control (RIC) and body-worn Kord Pad for international markets including defence, paramilitary, homeland security, police, emergency and public safety. The devices will enable users to more quickly and safely access and control electronic devices they carry without taking their hands or eyes off task.
Navisens$50,000Self-contained human navigation for indoor and outdoorHuman location estimation using a body-worn sensor and associated algorithms and software to accurately locate a person indoors within a multi-level building or outdoors within a dense urban environment, with minimal or no supporting infrastructure. The technology has implications for the consumer, security, search and rescue, healthcare and military segments.
VOZ Corp$50,000Full face helmets with rear accessVoztec Helmet Technology incorporating rear access and safety release system provides users with protection at the point of impact and as importantly, for the first time, reduces the risk of injuries after an incident has occurred.
Kenneth Leslie Forge$50,000Revolutionary Wire Fencing SystemThe Commercialisation Australia Skills and Knowledge grant will be used to develop a commercialisation plan to establish production for the Australian market and secure the intellectual property of Lockpost Pty Ltd’s unique new wire fencing product. The Lockpost fence has the potential to revolutionise the way pastoral fences are erected in Australia and around the world, delivering significant time efficiencies while also reducing cost and improving safety.
Australian BioRefining$272,261Acid/ Metal Separation and Recovery ProcessThe project will establish a pilot plant using ABR’s patented technology, for the recovery and regeneration of acid used in nickel hydrometallurgy, and the concurrent recovery of metal values from the same process stream. The pilot plant will allow proof of commercial feasibilty, and will involve construction, deployment, operation and monitoring over 3 months, of a small pilot plant at an industrial site for the hydrometallurgical recovery of Nickel.
Crucible Carbon Pyrolysis$685,099Early Stage Commercialisation of the Crucible Carbon PyrolysisTaking the Crucible Carbon Pyrolysis technology to a ‘sales ready’ position, based on a production facility that demonstrates commercial scale operations for the conversion of timber industry biomass residues to gas suitable for generating on-site heat and power at wood processing plants.
Joinlox$394,625An innovative, rapid, mechanical joining and sealing systemJoinlox is an innovative, rapid, mechanical joining system gaining strong international acceptance in a range of industries and applications. The Joinlox joint can be designed into a product or application to deliver high-strength, sealed, serviceable joints that are faster and require lower costs and equipment to assemble or disassemble than traditional joining methods. Leading manufacturers adopting the beneficial technology include pipeline and pipe systems manufacturers, mineral processing and mining equipment manufacturers, building materials suppliers and manufacturers of tanks for storage and waste water treatment systems. The project will accelerate market penetration into the manufacturing, building materials and construction industries.
Athlomics$250,000Personalised SeptiCyte® monitoring of severe sepsisAthlomics’ SeptiCyte® Lab product, a molecular biomarker-based sepsis diagnostic test, is faster (<3 hrs) and more accurate (85 to 95% performance) than all competitors. Athlomics now aims to evaluate its use in continuous patient monitoring. This could significantly improve market opportunity, patient surveillance and survival, and reduce antibiotic costs and hospital stays.
Re-Time$20,200Re-Time – bright light therapy glassesThe project will assist Re-Time Pty Ltd to commercialise light therapy glasses for the treatment of insomnia and related disorders, including jet lag and depression. The project will involve conducting a business case analysis and developing a commercialisation strategy
Thomas Banhazi$50,000Precision Livestock Management SystemsThe project will help prepare an innovative animal production management system for commercialisation. The system will be based on technology developed by Associate Professor Thomas Banhazi through the Pork Cooperative Research Centre. The technology consists of software and hardware to automatically collect and analyse key production data, enabling optimal animal management. Use of the system will lead to production cost savings, with concurrent benefits of improved animal welfare and operator safety, as well as lower greenhouse gas emissions.
Virtual Observer$130,700API Development for Mobile Video Data POCVirtual Observer’s core technology allows users to search by time and location to access video data captured by cameras on vehicles in a network. The software has application in public transit, security, asset monitoring applications and geospatial arenas. The project will see the addition of an experienced executive to assist with the company’s product development and commercialisation captured by cameras on vehicles in a network. The software has application in public transit, security, asset monitoring applications and geospatial arenas. The project will see the addition of an experienced executive to assist with the company’s product development and commercialisation.

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