Twenty one Australian inventions will be turned into commercial success stories, with the support of the Commercialisation Australia Program.

Over $10 million will be invested in the projects through Commercialisation Australia, the Australian Government’s flagship initiative for Australian entrepreneurs.

Announcing the successful applicants, Innovation Minister Senator Kim Carr said he was pleased to help talented researchers and entrepreneurs capitalise on their good ideas.

In 2010, its first year of operation, Commercialisation Australia awarded a total of $33.6 million for 88 projects. See Round 3 recipients, Round 2 recipients and Round 1 recipients.

“Commercialisation Australia is achieving remarkable results for a large and diverse group of Australian companies and entrepreneurs.” Senator Carr said. “The opportunities we are opening will keep Australia powering ahead in the global knowledge economy.”

Harmoni Organics$45,233Harmoni’s KISS is a holistic, organic and packaged approach to teen healthcare, coupled with effective, educational tools and strategies to support young teens and their parents make good choices through puberty. The company aims to become the first real educational challenger to current market leaders.

Funding from Commercialisation Australia will help Harmoni Organics gain the skills and knowledge to successfully commercialise Harmoni’s KISS.

Descrete Australia$248,520Commercialisation Australia funding has been awarded to undertake laboratory testing and site trialling of Descrete’s cement additive to ensure compatibility with a US partner’s existing manufacturing infrastructure and local raw materials.

A successful trial will lead to a Heads of Agreement in regards to ongoing supply of DP201, moving to a full commercial supply arrangement.

13 Find Aggregation Services$888,45913 Find is an innovative service connecting consumers and businesses across all main communication channels.

Funding from Commercialisation Australia will enable 13 FIND to roll-out its service to Australia’s Eastern seaboard of Australia through the scaling of its proprietary technology platform.

Posse Holdings$758,900Posse Holdings has received Commercialisation Australia funding to undertake an early stage commercialisation project. will build its web platform capacity, acquire content supply partners and conduct market research and tests in order to successfully launch the platform in Australia, the US & UK

Virtual Ark$250,000Virtual Ark is developing a management platform to enable the operation and management of enterprise level applications on public and private cloud computing infrastructure.

Funding from Commercialisation Australia will help Virtual Ark to engage an experienced executive and conduct proof of concept trials.

Sangraal$1,071,270Sangraal has developed technology for manufacturing PET plastic bottles with a PET handle moulded into the bottle. For bottles in sizes of two litres and above, the PET Integral Handle Bottle offers significant improvement in consumer handling, process efficiency, cost effectiveness and end use recyclability against any alternative worldwide.

Funding from Commercialisation Australia will enable Sangraal to engage an experienced executive.

Medivations$150,000Every year, tens of thousands of people die because of respiratory illnesses and chest infections. The usual method for self-clearing the lungs is to cough.

However many people can’t cough effectively because they are, for example, vegetative, sedated, in pain or unconscious.

Hospitals use suction to clear secretions, but the catheter cannot penetrate the lower airways, so only the uppermost lung is cleared. Medivations has developed the CoughStim which uses ultrasonic waves, applied externally to a patient’s neck to stimulate a cough reflex.

Funding from Commercialisation Australia will help Medivations to prove the concept to the health and medical sector including regulators and potential commercial partners.

Locatrix International$241,000Locatrix International has developed a software platform which derives contextual information about a mobile phone user and uses the information to deliver data or services to a subscriber’s mobile phone.

Funding from Commercialisation Australia will help to support the development of the Locatrix Content Platform (LCP) and several pilot mobile applications.

Earth Sense$239,500Earth Sense has developed a user friendly GPS field mapping software program which allows for the rapid mapping of environmental and geological attributes and public assets, allowing the user to continue mapping while staying on the move on foot, in a 4-wheel drive, boat or aircraft.

The software is applicable to industries such as mining, power supply, environmental management, local councils and other government bodies that require field mapping. Commercialisation Australia will help

Earth Sense to undertake a proof of concept project for its software.

Euclideon$1,984,652Most 3D technology is created for computer games using (angular) polygons. Euclideon has developed what may prove a groundbreaking advance in 3D technology, creating a search algorithm that will result in 3D images with vastly higher geometry – while saving costs and offering greater portability between platforms.

It will have benefits for architecture, games, mining the sciences and many other industries.

Funding from Commercialisation Australia will support programmers to convert the system from PC to game consoles, mobile phones and other platforms.

Seasafe$121,200Seasafe has developed a self-contained manoverboard & lost-diver alarm, tracking and location system. The technology combines cutting edge engineering with advanced Radio Frequency signal tracking techniques. It immediately alerts vessel

skippers/controllers of a Man-Overboard or Lost – Diver incident and continues to transmit the distress signal for up to 7 days.

The technology allows for an instant response to marine emergencies at vessel level without unnecessarily invoking the services of traditional Search and Rescue authorities.

Funding provided by Commercialisation Australia will help Seasafe engage an experienced executive to internationally commercialise and leverage its


Florey Neuroscience$50,000Neurodegenerative diseases caused by dementia are a massive burden on the community. Dr Siew Yeen Chai from the Florey Neuroscience Institute is on the way to developing and refining a new drug to treat learning and memory loss, especially in dementia patients.

Funding assistance from Commercialisation Australia will facilitate collaboration between the Florey Neuroscience Institute and a biopharma company to further develop this work.

Termite Solutions Victoria$50,000Current construction methods require termite barriers and concrete expansion materials to be installed separately by different operators at different times which delays overall construction workflow.

Termite Solutions Victoria has invented Greenzone, a termite barrier which integrates a compressible foam substrate with a termiticide, delivering significant savings in labour and materials.

Funding provided by Commercialisation Australia will help Termite Solutions Victoria to commercialise its product.