Commercialisation Australia Round 9 Recipients

Nine inventions recieved $3.7 million in the latest round of Commercialisation Australia funding.

Nine inventions will recieve $3.7 million in the latest round of Commercialisation Australia funding.

The inventions include three clean technology projects that could produce oil from recycled tyres, provide low-cost grey water treatment, and increase fuel efficiency in cars.

Five information and communications technology (ICT) inventions will also be supported through the grant funding, including a web platform that will help sporting organisations, and networking software to enhance online games.

Since its launch less than two years ago, Commercialisation Australia has assisted 154 innovators with funding of $61.6 million and expert advice from its national Case Manager network.

Applicant Grant $Project TitleProject Description
Green Distillation Technologies


Tyre recycling and clean energyCommercialisation of an innovative process to resolve the long standing, global environmental problem of tyre disposal, to produce oil, carbon and recover steel from end of life tyres. The environmentally sustainable, energy neutral process, will contribute to clean energy supply and reduce oil imports to Australia. Proof of Concept funding from Commercialisation Australia will allow construction of a commercial production module following a successful pilot plant trial proving the technology.


Grey water re-cycling equipmentAerofloat provides an innovative treatment solution for houseboat greywater waste on Australian inland waters. With funding from Commercialisation Australia, this project will develop and commercialise a larger model (using the existing proven and patented design) to penetrate new markets, namely the residential water reuse and industrial wastewater markets both nationally and overseas. Due to the systems mechanical simplicity and resulting affordability, there is significant interest in India to use the product to treat greywater for reuse in toilet flushing. This will assist the Indian Government in their current drive for water conservation and improvement of public health issues associated with water use.
Viocorp International


liveBOXliveBOX aims to revolutionise live streaming, providing the capability to simultaneously stream multiple broadcasts to multiple devices in full HD. Current live webcasting is a service and not productised. It is also not scalable as more live webcasts require more equipment, with each location requiring additional specialised staff. Viocorp thrives on changing the problems of live webcasting in its current form.  By productising live webcasting through liveBOX, Viocorp will enable its clients to run multiple, live, high quality webcasts from anywhere around the globe to any IP enabled device. Funding from Commercialisation Australia will help Viocorp International Pty Ltd engage an experienced executive and conduct Proof of Concept trials.
Learning Frameworks


Sports exchange platformLearning Frameworks offers web-based services to improve the outcomes of self directed and mentored learning in an online environment. The project aims to integrate learning and knowledge capture and sharing to improve learning outcomes and grow the capacity of club-based (grassroots) sporting organisations.  With funding support from Commercialisation Australia, Learning Frameworks will complete its software platform for the beta release of the world’s first Global Knowledge Exchange for sport.


OpenWhispir cloud based engagement platformWhispir ( is an Australian technology leader, providing high availability, multi-channel communications software. Whispir has developed a new cloud-based platform, called OpenWhispir, that will enable organisations to more effectively engage with private and public communities to source information; execute plans and tasks; and build real-time situational awareness of an event as it unfolds.  Funding from Commercialisation Australia will enable Whispir to complete development and commercialisation of the technology for launch of OpenWhispir in Australia, Europe and the USA.


Peer-to-peer networking solution multiplayer online applicationsScalify Pty Ltd is a start-up company formed to commercialise networking technology developed by the NICTA research labs. The product uses a novel ‘peer to peer’ networking approach that enables publishers of online games to develop games that are more attractive to play, have better performance and lower operating costs. The Commercialisation Australia Proof of Concept funding will be used to conduct a commercial trial with a publisher of a very large online game, thereby demonstrating the commercial value of the technology to major game publishers.


Oil Viscosity Energy Recovery System (OVER7)Only around 20% of the fuel consumed drives a car forward, the remaining 80% is wasted as heat. Ino8 Pty Ltd has invented a very cost effective modification to an engine lubrication system that recovers wasted heat and reduces fuel consumption, emissions and engine wear. Proof of Concept funding from Commercialisation Australia will help to accelerate the market introduction with independent tests to quantify and optimise the benefits of this OVER7 invention with a small modern mass produced engine.


Innovative design environment for wireless electronicsClarinox has developed an integrated approach to embedded systems development (wIDE) for use by the electronics industry in the creation of life-saving technologies, solutions for the world’s energy problems and making transportation systems safer. The goal is for wIDE to be the development environment of choice for developers of innovative new electronics devices.  Funding from Commercialisation Australia will enable the company to engage industry experts to form an intellectual property strategy, and assist in the development of a commercialisation plan with emphasis on sales and marketing.


Clinical and business development of a novel drug improvement technologyCeridia has developed a novel drug reformulation system which can be used to improve the performance of new and existing medications. Problems such as poor drug solubility can be improved by the system, which has the capability to make injectable only drugs suitable for oral administration. The ability to enhance new and existing medicines is expected to improve clinical outcomes for patients. Funding from Commercialisation Australia will be used to support planning in preparation for clinical development and equity investment.



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