Community Awareness Grants Program

Up to $430,000 is available from Community Awareness Grants Program to support activities that contribute to increasing public understanding of and support for organ and tissue donation for transplantation.

Community Awareness Grants Program

Community Awareness Grants Program

The Community Awareness Grants Program (the Program) assists organisations with projects or activities that contribute to improving awareness and engagement of the Australian community, the non-government sector, donor families and others involved in increasing organ and tissue donation.

The Program is part of the national DonateLife Community Awareness and Education Program which is aimed at empowering Australians to discover the facts about organ and tissue donation and transplantation, to decide and register on the Australian Organ Donor Register (AODR), and for all Australian families to discuss and know each other’s donation decisions.



The Organ and Tissue Authority (the OTA) was established on 1 January 2009. The OTA was established under the Australian Organ and Tissue Donation and Transplantation Authority Act 2008 (the Act), as part of the Australian Government’s national reform program to increase organ and tissue donation for transplantation.

The OTA is an independent statutory body within the Australian Government Health portfolio.

The aim of the Australian Government’s national reform program is to implement a nationally coordinated world’s best practice approach to organ and tissue donation for transplantation in collaboration with the states and territories, clinicians and the community sector. The twin objectives of our national reform program are:

  1. To increase the capability and capacity within the health system to maximise donation rates, and
  2. To build community awareness and stakeholder engagement across Australia to promote organ and tissue donation.



Total funding available in 2018 is up to $430,000 (GST exclusive).

There is no minimum or maximum amount that will be funded for each project. The funding allocation to successful applications will be dependent on the merit of each application and the number of applications recommended for funding following the assessment process.


Eligible Projects

The OTA invites applications under the following two categories:

  • Community engagement based events and activities during DonateLife Week 2018 (29 July – 5 August), with a focus on promoting family discussion and encouraging online registration on the Australian Organ Donor Register (AODR) at,


  • Targeted awareness or education projects outside of DonateLife Week, which increase Australians’ knowledge of the benefits of donation and transplantation and encourage family discussion and registration on the AODR, and which are consistent with the National Community Awareness and Education Program.


  • applications received for more than one category will be assessed side by side,
  • applicants should consider which category best suits their proposed project. If appropriate applicants should consider submitting two applications. The Application Template requires applicants to clearly nominate one category under which their project proposal is being submitted for consideration,
  • separate application forms are required for projects under different categories,
  • if an organisation wishes to submit an application for more than one project, a new application should be completed for each project, unless it is clearly demonstrated that the projects are part of one overall program of activities, this includes a program of events that include activities related to DonateLife Week,
  • applicants are encouraged to partner with other organisations that have expertise or capacity to extend the reach and scope of proposed activities, and
  • for projects targeting culturally and linguistically diverse and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander groups, applications must be culturally appropriate. Projects should involve the direct participation of key community and/or faith leaders to ensure their support for the project.


Eligible Applicants

Grant recipients should be non-government organisations (i.e. not funded solely through Commonwealth monies). To be eligible for funding, projects should have a not for profit focus and/or organisations should be a not for profit organisation, a community organisation or a local government association or agency.

Grants must be paid to an organisation and not to any officer personally. Where possible, grants to peak bodies should be funded through one payment to the head office with an expectation that those funds be distributed appropriately (this requirement can be covered in the funding agreement).

Applicants that do not satisfy the eligibility criteria, will not be considered. To be eligible to receive a grant you must:

  • be a legal entity, able to enter into a legally binding agreement,
  • have an Australian Business Number,
  • be registered for the purposes of GST, and
  • have an Australian bank account.



Applications close 3 April 2018.


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