Community Partnerships for Primary Prevention Grants

Up to $150,000 is available to support local community partnerships to coordinate and drive family violence prevention activities.

Community Partnerships for Primary Prevention Grants

Community Partnerships for Primary Prevention Grants

The Community Partnerships for Primary Prevention Grants is designed to help organisations, institutions, associations or community groups to establish or expand a partnership for commitment to the prevention of family violence. Partners will be required to formalise new or existing partnerships and co-design a plan for shared action to prevent family violence and other forms of violence against women. The partnerships must then use a portion of the seed funding provided through the grants program to initiate implementation of their action plan.



The Victorian Government recognises the important role that organisations, businesses, community groups and institutions can play in challenging the social norms, structures and practices that influence the attitudes and behaviours that lead to family violence occurring in the first instance. In particular, organisations in local communities have a crucial role in reaching members of the community who may otherwise be hard to reach, such as people with disabilities, young and older people, and those from Indigenous and culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.



Taking a strengths-based community approach, the intent of the Community Partnerships for Primary Prevention grants program is to support and enable new and existing partnerships in the community to plan and coordinate tailored prevention activity. The grants program also supports ongoing investment and effort in Victoria to end family violence, particularly in lead up to the 2017 release of the Prevention of Family Violence Strategy.



As part of the 2015-16 State Budget, the Victorian Government has allocated more than $2.65 million for the Community Partnerships for Primary Prevention grants program.

Funding is available under two categories:

  • up to $50,000 for individual organisations
  • up to $150,000 for new or existing partnerships between community groups, businesses, institutions, educational settings and/or agencies seeking to form a local partnership and develop an action plan to drive primary prevention efforts at the local level.



The following types of organisations are eligible to apply for funding:

  • Businesses and start-ups
  • Professional associations
  • Media outlets
  • Local government authorities
  • Not-for-profit organisations
  • Community groups
  • Early childhood, secondary and tertiary educational settings
  • Sports clubs
  • Women’s and community health organisations

In addition, to be eligible for funding applicants must:

  • Be based in, or have significant reach into, the state of Victoria
  • Possess an Australian Business Number (ABN), or can provide written advice from the Australian Tax Office that no withholding tax is required from the grant payment, or
  • Have an auspice agreement with an organisation that is a legally constituted entity (for example, a government authority).



Applications close 15 February 2017.


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