Community Resilience Grants

Up to $120,000 is available from Community Resilience Grants to address social cohesion, community resilience, marginalisation and to prevent violent extremism.

Community Resilience Grants

Community Resilience Grants

The Community Resilience Grants aim to support community organisations to:

  • develop innovative projects and partnerships which address the conditions which underlie violent extremism;
  • respond to tensions caused by right wing, ISIS-inspired and other violent extremist narratives; and
  • enable critical and constructive dialogue about issues that are important to the Victorian community and its young people

In developing these projects, communities and young people are seen to be best placed to know their environments and develop projects which respond appropriately and effectively to local needs. All successful projects funded through these grants will therefore be community or youth-led.



In May 2015, the Social Cohesion and Community Resilience Ministerial Taskforce (Taskforce) was established to lead the Victorian Government’s approach to strengthening social cohesion and enhancing community resilience. Underpinned by the Strategic Framework to Strengthen Victoria’s Social Cohesion and the Resilience of its Communities (Framework), this approach recognises that government cannot do this work alone. Individuals, community organisations, government agencies, businesses and service providers all have a role to play in aligning our collective efforts to address the social cohesion and community resilience challenges we face.



Successful grants will support the ongoing implementation of the Framework, and will align with at least one of the following grant objectives:

  1. support and work with communities and young people to develop collaborative approaches to building resilience to hate and violent extremist narratives; and
  2. support and work with communities and young people at risk of violent extremism to develop their confidence and skills to advocate for their concerns and grievances through peaceful, democratic means.



The total amount of funding available in 2015-16 is $600,000. Future rounds of funding will depend on the outcomes of the evaluation.

Given the competitive nature of these grants, funding approved may be less than the amount requested. In these cases, grant recipients will be asked to revise their project in-line with the funding offered.

  • Small grants: between $20,000 and $50,000.
  • Major grants: between $50,001 and $100,000.

Projects will be funded for a maximum of twelve months from the time of executing the Funding Agreement.


Eligible Projects

It is a requirement that projects focus on prevention or early intervention, and meet at least one of the grant objectives.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of project examples which may be funded through these grants:

  • Projects which encourage and train young people to use social media, other media and public performance to speak up and express themselves through the development and sharing of positive and constructive alternative narratives
  • Community and youth-led initiatives which create a sense of belonging and empower participants and others to develop and lead responses to violent extremist narratives.
  • Forums, workshops and/or other mechanisms which encourage young people and communities to develop and practise critical and analytical thinking skills.
  • Projects which empower women and mothers as proactive agents of change.
  • Projects which strengthen cyber safety knowledge, and enable communities and families to respond effectively to online grooming of young people.
  • Projects which support young people and communities to develop advocacy and diplomacy skills which enable constructive and proactive self-representation during grievances and matters of concern.
  • Projects which facilitate dialogue and action to address the causal factors that influence individuals who engage in extremist behaviours.


Eligible Applicants

Community, not-for-profit and peak body organisations based in Victoria are eligible to apply for these grants.

Eligible applicants must:

  • be a legal entity, such as an incorporated body or association, and be able to enter into legal agreements with the Victorian Government represented by the Community Resilience Unit, Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPC);
  • have an Australian Business Number (ABN); and
  • have at least $10 million Public Liability Insurance to cover all aspects of the project.

If your organisation is not eligible, you may nominate an auspice organisation which meets the above criteria to apply for a grant.

In addition to the above criteria, an auspice organisation may be a local council.

Commercial organisations, bodies established for profit-making purposes, and sole trading and other individuals, are not eligible for these grants.



Applications close 6 April 2018.


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