Community Safety Infrastructure Grants

What is the Community Safety Infrastructure Grants?

The Community Safety Infrastructure Grants is a program to support Victorian communities to improve public safety and increase confidence in public places, as part of the government’s $2.7 billion Building Works package.



The Community Safety Infrastructure Grants are part of the government’s $2.7 billion Building Works package aimed at getting thousands of Victorians back to work as a result of the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) emergency.

This one-off funding opportunity is part of the Community Crime Prevention Program and builds on the strength of previous programs such as the Community Safety Fund, the Public Safety Infrastructure Fund and the Graffiti Prevention Grants, while offering greater flexibility in the type of projects that can be funded.

The program aims to support ‘shovel-ready’ projects that have a primary focus on strengthening public safety and security infrastructure to generate economic benefit in local communities; and help prevent crime and improve perceptions of safety using situational or environmental approaches.



The objectives of the Community Safety Infrastructure Grants include:

  • delivering employment opportunities in communities across Victoria and supporting economic recovery
  • increasing community safety and confidence in public places
  • promoting widespread engagement in crime prevention initiatives by involving the community in designing public safety and security infrastructure
  • supporting initiatives that connect the community and build social cohesion
  • testing innovative approaches to crime prevention.



Grants of between $25,000 and $500,000 are available to support infrastructure initiatives that respond to clearly identified crime prevention issues and provide economic benefit to the community.


Eligible Projects

The program will fund the development of new infrastructure, or the redevelopment of existing infrastructure to help improve community safety, security and confidence in public places. These types of projects are often referred to as situational or environmental crime prevention and seek to reduce opportunities for crime through changing the physical environments in which crimes can occur. This may include:

  • Infrastructure projects that increase the safety and use of community spaces (for example, infrastructure upgrades to community centres, sporting facilities, and parks)
  • Projects to increase the security of community or public spaces, including security upgrades to places of worship, and measures to counter violent extremism such as ‘vehicle-as-a-weapon’ measures (for example, streetscaping or bollards).

You can request up to 20 per cent of the grant to undertake complementary activities that increase the effectiveness of this infrastructure. This could include but is not limited to:

  • Engaging a registered security advisor to prepare written plans with procedures on how to deal with security related emergencies at a place of worship or community facility, and to train community members to effectively implement these procedures
  • Reasonable community consultation costs to better understand poor perceptions of safety in an area and inform the design of public safety infrastructure
  • Engaging a consultant to advise on place-making approaches to encourage community ownership and use of public places; or to advise on an approach that applies Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) principles
  • Graffiti prevention activity such as local ‘adopt a place’ initiatives or the use of public art to deter graffiti vandalism and attract visitors
  • Reasonable design costs, however these may impact on the assessment of whether your project provides value for money if design costs are high.
  • Maintenance costs associated with the infrastructure should not be included in the grant amount requested but may form part of your contribution to the project.


Eligible Applicants

The Community Safety Infrastructure Grants is open to both Victorian councils and not-for-profit organisations that either own or manage a public place.



Applications close 17 July 2020.


More Information

  • Source
  • Community Safety Infrastructure Grants Guidelines

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