COVID-19 Test Isolation Payment

What is the COVID-19 Test Isolation Payment?

The COVID-19 Test Isolation Payment is a program that program provides financial support for Victorian workers who must self-isolate whilst awaiting the result of a COVID-19 test.

This payment is available to support Victorian workers who are required to:

  • self-isolate awaiting a COVID-19 test result
  • care for someone self-isolating after a COVID-19 test.



The payment amount is $450 per test.

You can only receive a payment for one test within a 30-day period , unless you have been directed to have more than one test in that time by the Department of Health, its authorised agent (such as your workplace or an education provider), or a positive case.



To be eligible for the Payment you must:

  • be 17 years or over; and
  • have been tested for COVID-19, or be the guardian or carer of someone who has been tested, within the last two weeks; and
  • live in Victoria; and
  • be likely to have undertaken paid work during the self-isolation period and unable to work due to:
    • a requirement to self-isolate after the test; or
    • a requirement to care for someone who must self-isolate after a test; and
  • not receive any income or earnings during the self-isolation period; and
  • have exhausted or not have entitlement or access to sick leave or carers leave (including any special pandemic leave) during the self-isolation period; and
  • not receive Australian Government income support such as the JobSeeker payment during the self-isolation period; and
  • not receive another worker support payment, including the Pandemic Leave Disaster Payment, for the same self-isolation period.

To receive a payment:

  • you must agree to follow Victoria’s self-isolation guidelines while waiting for your Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) COVID-19 test results. If you do not follow these guidelines you will be required to repay the payment.
  • you must confirm that you meet all of the eligibility criteria and provide evidence if asked.

You must provide:

  • details of a current identity document – either an Australian Driver Licence or Learner Permit (any Australian State or Territory), Medicare Card, Pensioner Concession Card, Australian Passport or Australian Visa (international passport); and
  • current evidence you are employed, which must include your name and be less than 12 months old (e.g. Payslip, Letter of Employment or Letter of Offer) or self-employed (a valid Australian Business Number); and
  • evidence that the Department of Health or its authorised agent directed you or the person in your care to get tested (this is only required if you have applied to receive this payment for more than one test in the same 30-day period).



Applications open on an ongoing basis. 


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