Up to $150,000 is available from Coastal Public Access and Risk Grants (CPAR) to reduce coastal risk and improve public access.

Coastal Public Access and Risk Grants (CPAR)

Coastal Public Access and Risk Grants (CPAR)

The Coastal Public Access and Risk (CPAR) grant initiative provides financial assistance to Victorian coastal Crown land managers to reduce coastal risk.

The program is administered by the Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning (DELWP).



Coastal Public Access and Risk grants (CPAR) is the competitive grants component of a $7.2 million investment under the Victorian government’s Towards a healthy and resilient marine and coastal future. 2017-18 is the first year of a two-year funding commitment.

In addition to CPAR, the funding will support the Coastcare program, critical coastal asset maintenance, and greater traditional owner involvement in planning and management.



The objective of Coastal Public Access and Risk grants (CPAR) is to provide financial assistance to coastal Crown land managers for projects that reduce coastal risk through identification, mitigation and monitoring. Given the range of risks that are inherent in a dynamic coastal environment, this program aims to support a strategic and balanced approach to risk management along the Victorian coast.



Appointed coastal Crown land managers in the state of Victoria can apply for grants of up to $150,000.


Eligible Projects

The CPAR aims to assist coastal Crown land managers in developing and implementing projects that reduce risk and prioritise public access to coastal Crown land. DELWP recognises that projects will be varied given the range of risks and mitigation approaches.

All projects funded under the program must provide outcomes that contribute to the overall objective of reducing risk on coastal Crown land.

Projects that may be funded include:

Risk context development

  • Risk assessment frameworks and guidelines.
  • Policy development.

Risk identification, assessment and evaluation

  • Feasibility/preliminary studies and investigations.
  • Condition or safety audits.

Risk treatment

  • Works supported by strategic risk assessments, Coastal Action Plans, preliminary condition audits or engineering and geotechnical reports.
  • Removal of damaged or dangerous assets.
  • Renewal or replacement of coastal dependent assets or infrastructure.
  • Installation of signage and access barriers or fencing.
  • Construction of safe access structures (e.g. handrails, stairs, ramps).
  • Engineering responses to geological and erosion risks.

Risk monitoring

  • Land stability monitoring.
  • Longitudinal studies (e.g. erosion, coastal processes, geotechnical).


Eligible Applicants

DELWP is seeking funding applications from coastal Crown land committees of management.

Applications must meet the following criteria of eligibility:

Project location

  • Coastal Crown land, as defined in the Coastal Management Act 1995 s.3(1), where the reservation/ management status provides for public access


  • Coastal Crown land manager

85 % Proposal

  • Consistent with the scope of the program
  • Supports outcomes consistent with the program’s objectives
  • Consistent with the Victorian Coastal Strategy 2014
  • Addresses a risk of significant priority and/or provides a strategic approach to a coastal risk mitigation priority
  • Appropriate to the risk identified
  • Provides value for money

15 % Applicant

  • Capacity (or access to appropriate resources) to deliver the project outcomes on time and to budget
  • Requires program funding to complete the project
  • Compliance with program requirements and conditions where projects have been funded in the past



Applications close 20 July 2018.


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