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What is a CRC-P?

A CRC-P is a short term industry-led collaborative research project with the aim to develop important new technologies.


What is CRC-P funding?

A CRC-P can obtain funding of up to $3M over 3 years. The CRC-P collaboration must match the amount of grant funding sought through cash and in-kind contributions. In-kind contribution can include staff/contractor time working on a research project.


What is a CRC?

CRC stands for Cooperative Research Centre which can get up to $55M funding over 10 years. CRCs undertake medium to long term industry-led high quality collaborative research.

CRC-P stands for Cooperative Research Centre – Projects which can get up to $3M funding over 3 years. CRC-Ps undertake short-term, industry-identified and industry-led collaborative research projects


CRC-P Objectives

The CRC-P aims to

  • Competitiveness – improve the competitiveness, productivity and sustainability of Australian industries
  • Priorities – deliver outcomes in line with government priorities
  • Collaboration – encourage and enable small and medium enterprise (SME) participation in collaborative research
  • Research – foster high quality research to help solve industry specific problems


Eligible Projects

To be eligible for the CRC-P funding, your CRC-P project must:

  • include eligible activities
  • have at least $200,000 in total eligible project value
  • be a short term, industry-identified and industry-led collaborative research project to develop a product, service or process that will solve problems for industry and deliver tangible outcomes
  • benefit SMEs and increase their capacity to grow and adapt in changing markets
  • include education and training activities.


CRC-P Eligible Activities

CRC-P eligible activities must directly relate to the CRC-P project and can include:

  • new research
  • proof of concept activities
  • pre-commercialisation of research outcomes
  • industry-focused education and training activities, such as internships and secondments between industry entities and research organisations
  • conferences, workshops, symposia related to the joint research
  • related information sharing and communication initiatives related to the joint research.


Eligible Lead Applicants

To be eligible for the CRC-P funding, the lead applicant must:

  • have an Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • be an entity incorporated in Australia and a trading corporation, where your trading activities
  • form a sufficiently significant proportion of the corporation’s overall activities as to merit it being described as a trading corporation or
  • are a substantial and not merely peripheral activity of the corporation and
  • be an industry entity where the majority of your revenue is not derived from government sources and you are capable of commercialising research.


Other Members

Each CRC-P must include and maintain amongst its project partners at least:

  • two industry entities including at least one SME and
  • one research organisation.

Partners from existing or former CRCs or CRC-Ps can be partners in other CRCs or CRC-Ps.

CRC-P partners do not need to commit for the entire project period.

All CRC-P partners must contribute resources to the CRC-Ps. We treat partners’ proposed cash and in-kind contributions equally for the purposes of calculating the maximum grant amount.


How to get a CRC-P grant?

To get CRC-P funding you will need to identify the:

  1. Problem – industry-identified problem to be solved
  2. Outcome – tangible industry outcomes expected to derive from the research activitiy
  3. Potential – commercial potential of the expected outputs and any spill-over benefits.
  4. Solution – how the proposal would solve the industry-identified problem
  5. Process – the methodology to be applied to achieve outcomes and adoption of new technologies
  6. Team – the potential participants and their levels of proposed commitment.


Round 8 Priorities

In CRC-P Round 8 the Australian Government has allocated specific funding for critical minerals and reducing plastic waste or boosting plastic recycling.



Applications  for Round 8 of the CRC-P close 24 September 2019.


More Information



Expert Assistance

There were 26 applications for round 14 of the CRC, with six funded thus the chance of success was 23%. Although the same cannot be said for getting a new Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) up, which only have a 10% chance of being funded. Typically most of the CRCs funded are existing CRCs or are submitting for a second time.

CRCs are probably the most complex grant to put together. They take over a year of planning & development to put together and require a number of different skills sets

We can assist with your Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) Grants application including:

  • Bid Management
  • Opportunity/Problem identification
  • Quantification of economic impact (Ideally $500 M)
  • Governance arrangements
  • Financial modelling (inputs and outputs)
  • Impact modelling
  • Education and training program
  • Research programs
  • Application Drafting


What is the CRC-P Success Rate?

In round 1 of the CRC-P only 11 of the 91 applications were funded with a success rate of 12%. This is below the NHMRC success rate of 17% and the ARC success rate of 18%.

ARC Industry Linkage Programme has a success rate of 36% in 2015 and 31% in 2016.


CRC-P Round 7 Outcomes

TitlePartners*DescriptionStart/End DateTotal Grant amountTotal Project Value
Dentistry without mercury – Glass fibre reinforced flowable dental composite restorative materialsSDI Limited
Bestech Australia Pty Ltd
Dentalk Pty Ltd
University of New South Wales
The University of Wollongong
University of Sydney
Mercury-based dental restoration amalgams are being phased out worldwide due to mercury toxicity. The dental amalgam industry’s business has been adversely affected. Now, for the first time, our Australian research has demonstrated new glass fibre-reinforced composite dental restoration materials whose mechanical properties nearly match those of amalgam. The project will transfer this new material platform, together with tools for its manufacture and testing, to Australian industry.1/07/2019 – 30/06/2022$3,000,000$8,297,400
Privacy-Preserving Analytics for the Education Technology IndustryIntersective Pty Ltd
Navitas Limited
Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation
University of South Australia
Edugrowth Limited
Cybermerc Pty Ltd
Education service providers are increasingly exposed to new data privacy legislation, such as the EU’s GDPR, which attracts non-compliance fines of up to AU$30m or 4% of global revenue. This project develops a privacy-preserving data analytics platform, allowing providers to collate and analyse student data while measurably reducing their privacy risk exposure. This will allow educators to use their data more fully to improve their service offering and be more competitive in the global market.15/08/2019 – 14/08/2022$1,955,171$7,446,977
Growing the medicinal cannabis industry – precision farming to pharmaceuticalsCann Group Limited
NSW Department of Industry
Aglive Group Limited
Southern Cross University
The University of Newcastle
Australia is competitively placed to deliver uniquely differentiated Medicinal Cannabis (MC) products into global markets worth an estimated $40B by 2024. This CRC-P will provide industry with step change solutions to its key problems: production costs, product consistency and supply chain traceability. By developing products, processes and services in cultivation, analysis, quality assurance and chain of custody, industry will be enabled to produce safe, uniform and traceable MC products.1/07/2019 – 30/06/2022$2,904,001$9,636,332
Transforming Pressure Injury diagnosis and healing in Aged Care through smart 3D camera automationWound Innovations Limited
Paul Hartmann Pty Limited
Flinders University
Transforming Pressure Injury diagnosis and healing in Aged Care through smart 3D camera automation is a project between Wound Innovations, Paul HARTMANN Australia and Flinders University. This project will collect 3D diagnostic data on pressure injury in a unified best practice environment. Results will enable clinical decision making, empower nurses in residential aged care, and inform new standards. Project duration is 18 months with $1.50M funding and total value of $5.25M.1/07/2019 – 31/12/2020$1,500,000$5,249,002
Volgren Design & Manufacture of the Next Generation E-Bus for the Global Market **Volgren Australia Pty Limited
Deakin University
Carrosserie HESS AG
Extrusion Profiles Australia Pty Ltd
Volgren are recognised as the leading Bus body manufacturer in Australia and have designed and manufactured more than 9000 buses since commencing in 1977. In 1979 Volgren and Swiss company HESS formed a strategic alliance which gave Volgren access to world leading technology. This project will enable Volgren in collaboration with Deakin University and other industry participants to design and manufacture the Next Generation E-Bus for the global market. The first complete re-design in 30 years.1/07/2019 – 30/06/2022$2,900,000$6,243,684
Live Inbound Milk Supply Chain Monitoring and Logistics for Productivity and CompetitivenessBega Cheese Limited
Swinburne University of Technology
Telstra Corporation Limited
M.T Warren & Y Warren
The Trustee for Oakdale Dairies Unit Trust
P J & E L Osborn
This project will develop an Internet of Things (IoT)-based System that allows live monitoring of an inbound milk supply chain consisting of 100 dairy farms, milk carriers, and a milk processor. The data collected by the IoT sensors will drive dynamic milk pick up (re)scheduling as the milk quantity and quality varies, track adherence to pick up processes and enable highly accurate milk supply forecasting. These collectively enhance the chain’s productivity and competitiveness.1/08/2019 – 31/07/2021$600,000$2,050,000
The CRC-P for Advanced Hybrid Batteries **Calix Limited
Deakin University
Boron Molecular Pty Limited
The demand for high performance energy storage and electric vehicles (EVs) has led to a global search for safe, low cost, fast response, high capacity batteries. The CRC-P will introduce an Australian technology to manufacture “honeycomb” materials for energy storage applications from priority Australian mineral resources. Prototype hybrid batteries for affordable, fast response energy storage will be developed establishing a platform for a sustainable Australian manufacturing industry.2/10/2019 – 26/09/2022$3,000,000$9,385,000
Trial of Battery-grade manganese production pilot-plant, capable of utilising low-grade ores **Element 25 LimitedLycopodium Minerals Pty Ltd

Murdoch University

ALS Metallurgy Pty Ltd

Pilot Scale assessment of a new, low-grade manganese ores leaching and purification process to produce high-purity Electrolytic Manganese Metal (EMM) and Manganese Sulphate Monohydrate (HPMSM), used in Li-ion batteries. It will reduce environmental impacts, allow for utilisation of uneconomical, low-grade ore deposits, and improve economic viability for down-stream, onshore processing of critical minerals1/07/2019 – 1/12/2020$1,342,223$3,941,933
Optimising Nitrogen Recovery from Livestock Waste for Multiple Production and Environmental BenefitsAustralian Fresh Milk Holdings Pty Ltd
The Trustee for The Ming Family Trust
Meat & Livestock Australia Limited
Dairy Australia Limited
University of Melbourne
Intensive dairy, beef and poultry industries share the common practice of housing animals through all or part of their productive life. This leads to a concentration of animal waste, high nitrogen loss, detrimental environmental impacts, and health risks. The project will implement cost-effective commercial management of waste for long-term sustainable intensification of the industries, while increasing agriculture productivity, protecting natural resources, and producing high value fertilisers.1/07/2019 – 30/06/2022$2,819,189$7,144,825
Dehydrating Coal Seam Gas using MembranesThe Trustee for E M & H Peihopa Family Trust
Arrow Energy Pty Ltd
The University of Queensland
Raw coal seam gas is saturated with water which can plug or even freeze some of the gas lines during the winter months, leading to a well site shutdown and manual intervention. Productivity declines and more personnel travel to visit well heads – both of which increase costs and safety risks. This project aims to improve the productivity of coal seam gas wells by partially dehydrating the gas as it is produced at the well site using specially developed carbon membranes.1/07/2019 – 30/06/2021$478,788$1,219,880
Next-generation antibiotics to fight antimicrobial resistanceWintermute Biomedical Australia Pty Ltd
La Trobe University
RDDT a vivoPharm Company Pty Ltd
Without drastic action, antimicrobial resistance is projected to kill 10 million people by 2050. To address this, Wintermute Biomedical has developed a next-generation antibiotic – GS-1. GS-1 has activity against all classes of drug-resistant bacteria, has no known side effects, and exhibits a unique resistance profile. Wintermute and its Australian partners will conduct further characterisation and testing of GS-1, bringing it to a point of readiness for clinical trials in Australia.1/07/2019 – 30/06/2021$730,797$1,678,703
Using AI and a hybrid ESS solution to fully integrate solar generation into the distribution system***Providence Investment Management Pty Ltd
Queensland Electricity Transmission Corporation Limited
Risen Energy (Australia) Pty Ltd
University of New South Wales
Tongyu Heavy Industy Co. Ltd
Diamond Genest Pty Ltd
Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation
Sungrow Australia Group Pty Ltd
H2store Pty Ltd
University of Technology Sydney
By 2020, Australia’s solar capacity is expected to double. But, to be a predictable source of energy for the grid, solar power needs to be dispatchable—able to adjust output according to demand. This project will create solar farms with advanced energy storage—a hybrid of lithium batteries and hydrogen fuel cells, with DC loss detection technology. Combined with Artificial Intelligence to predict generation and demand, the project will deliver cost-effective and world-class energy efficiency.1/09/2019 – 31/08/2022$3,000,000$28,946,500
Innovative Value Adding of Manganese Battery Minerals for a Sustainable Future **Pilbara Metals Group Pty Ltd
Energy Renaissance Pty Ltd
Valdrew Nominees Pty Ltd
Curtin University
FLSmidth Pty Ltd
Pilbara Metals Group have developed a global leading, innovative process. This takes manganese ore that is uneconomical for steel manufacturing and converts it into a low cost, high value, ultra-high purity manganese sulphate which is a critical mineral in the new battery evolution. This world class technology provides a sustainable solution to the rapidly emerging battery markets.1/07/2019 – 31/12/2021$1,130,000$3,352,748
Quantum Data Protection – qMiniQuintessenceLabs Pty Ltd
University of New South Wales
Australian Semiconductor Technology Company Pty Ltd
Cisco Systems Australia Pty Limited
Westpac Banking Corporation
Cadence Design Systems (Ireland) Limited
The project addresses the problem of how to integrate fast Quantum Random Number Generation (QRNG) technology into small Internet-of-Things electronic devices and digital access points on a low cost and ubiquitous basis. To this end it will design and manufacture a micro-chip scale QRNG device suitable for initial integration into a commercial device and generate first sales. It will create globally superior high-speed encryption technology which can withstand cyber-attack by quantum computers.1/07/2019 – 30/06/2022$2,945,179$7,589,536
Rapid, in-field molecular diagnostics of plant, animal and environmental pathogens and pestsGeneworks Pty Ltd
SI Systems Pty Ltd
Bio2Lab Pty Ltd
La Trobe University
The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research
To design, validate and commercially manufacture field-deployable, long shelf-life molecular test kits for the rapid detection of animal, plant and environmental pathogens and pests. Using a mobile instrument, novel and robust DNA amplification chemistry and a simple methodology that non-scientists can employ, diagnostics will be taken from the lab to the field. This rapid testing will improve Australia’s biosecurity, expedite international trade, agricultural productivity and consumer health1/07/2019 – 30/06/2022$1,380,000$4,775,916
Development of a new commercial-scale process for producing high purity graphite (>99.95%) **Mineral Commodities Ltd
Doral Fused Materials Pty Ltd
Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation
This project will combine industry and research organisations to develop and demonstrate an industrially-implementable hydrometallurgical purification process for Mineral Commodities Ltd’s (“MRC”) Munglinup graphite concentrate. This process will strengthen Australia’s critical minerals capabilities, by unlocking the ability to produce high purity graphite (>99.95%) for potential application in the battery manufacturing industry, both in Australia and for export.1/09/2019 – 31/12/2021$812,999$2,604,700


CRC-P Round 6 Outcomes


TitleParticipants*DescriptionStart/End DateTotal Grant amountTotal Project Value
Transforming wastewater treatment in regional Australia with robust technology for multiple benefits **Central SEQ Distributor Retailer Authority
Aquatec Maxcon Pty Ltd
Power and Water Corporation
The University of Queensland
University of Western Australia
Department of Environment and Science
Lockyer Valley Regional Council
This low-cost solution will transform inefficient sewage treatment ponds into self-contained environmental assets benefitting regional communities. It has strong market potential worldwide due to the ability to retrofit existing assets. This integrated technology will recover water and valuable nutrients suitable for local agricultural uses, with minimal odour and greenhouse emissions. A robust control and monitoring system will be incorporated, modernising regional treatment plant operation.1/1/2019 – 31/12/2021$1,400,000$5,179,253
Optimal scheduling of air conditioning systems with renewable energy resource and thermal storage **Conserve It Pty Ltd
M Sanders & T Sanders
Echuca Regional Health
The built environment is one of the highest consumers of energy. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning contributes to over 45% of commercial building’s energy use. This project will deliver a solution that will reduce energy use in buildings through use of AI based control techniques. This control approach will be suitable for current building stock and future buildings with onsite renewable energy generation and energy storage. The project outcomes will be demonstrated through a pilot project implementation in a hospital.1/3/2019 – 30/6/2021$715,907$1,595,165
Transforming joint surgery rehabilitation with artificial intelligence in telehealth **Coviu Global Pty. Ltd.
CSIRO University of Western Australia
The Trustee for the HFRC Trust
“Telerehabilitation,” or rehabilitation service via video, has demonstrated both equivalent outcomes to face-to-face rehabilitation and reduced costs. However, mainstream uptake has been limited by a lack of objective patient progress metrics. This project aims to further reduce cost and improve efficiency by developing AI-based solutions to automatically recognise joint range of motion, allowing clinicians to monitor and measure remotely via a video interface the progress of patient’s recovery.21/1/2019 – 19/7/2021$1,187,534$2,929,634
Secondary Trading of Unlisted Financial Securities with pre-settled Smart ContractsDigicash Pty Ltd
Haventec Group Services Pty Ltd
Macquarie University
Capital Markets CRC Limited
D.T Gilbert & W.R Spain & C.G Condoleon & Others
Marketgrid Systems Pty Ltd
Blackwall Property Funds Limited
Helmsec Global Capital Limited
Many financial securities are not listed on exchanges, with resultant high transaction costs. Recent developments in “Smart Contract” technology promise to improve this situation, but so far have been hindered by cyber security concerns. This project develops next-generation security and trading technology for a smart-contract based marketplace, and makes it available to issuers of unlisted securities. This technology will increase capital availability, firing up the innovation process.1/1/2019 – 31/12/2021$3,000,000$11,900,500
Automating data collection and analytics in underground mines using drones and AI **Emesent Holding Pty Ltd
Northern Star Resources Ltd
C.R. Kennedy & Company Proprietary Limited
Underground mines have valuable assets but maximising the value from these assets requires collecting data in challenging underground environments and deriving insights from the data. This project will develop an autonomous AI-powered drone to fly underground and map inaccessible areas, as well as machine learning based data analytics to derive insights from the captured data, increasing safety and productivity. CRC-P support will accelerate the development and commercialisation process.1/1/2019 – 31/12/2021$2,994,000$9,141,250
Realisation of Personalised Implants through Advanced Manufacturing **Field Orthopaedics Pty Ltd
Protonautics Pty Ltd
Strategic Engineering Australia Pty Ltd
Queensland University of Technology
Personal implant manufacturing is currently costly and time consuming for those patients requiring an urgent solution. Australia has an advantage when it comes to complex and high value solutions that require innovation and advanced skills. Australian manufacturing will provide a cost effective and rapidly produced personal implant for those in need. The CRC-P will provide the resources to enter the market before anywhere else in the world, making Australia a world leader in personal implants.1/1/2019 – 31/12/2021$1,660,000$3,951,201
Innovative Development of an Autonomous Intelligent Fire Protection System (AIFPS)Flame Security International Pty Ltd
Australian Pet Brands Pty Ltd
Fahrenheit Fire Pty Ltd
University of New South Wales
DXC Technology Australia Pty Limited
Fire and Rescue NSW
Composite Materials Engineering Pty. Ltd.
Department of Defence
G.H. Varley Pty Ltd
Lend Lease Building Pty Ltd
The Autonomous Intelligent Fire Protection Systems (AIFPS) Project envisages the development of a unique range of fire prediction and suppression systems for military, public, commercial and private applications for air, land and marine vehicles for all types of fire classes. Solutions for public, commercial and residential buildings will also be developed. All AIFPS will use a world first, non-toxic, eco-friendly, flame retardant that is more effective than water and existing toxic foams.1/1/2019 – 31/12/2021$3,000,000$10,950,000
Smart tools for agronomic crop insights using Machine learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) **Flurosat Pty Ltd
Aglink Pty Ltd
The Trustee for the McGregor Gourlay Agricultural Services
Pursehouse Rural Pty Limited
Agworld Pty Ltd
Precision Cropping Technologies Pty Ltd
Agronomists and growers lack the decision support tools and digital literacy to proactively manage crop productivity. Agronomic decisions are made reactively after visual observations, significantly impacting productivity. This project leverages CSIRO research & IP, commercial agronomic observations, spatial data sets, a leading agronomic platform and novel ML and AI approaches to create real-time, predictive, actionable, management insights to maximise the Australian farm productivity.30/1/2019 – 1/1/2022$2,984,912$6,642,009
Value Australia – Sharpening our land and property decisions with Artificial Intelligence **FrontierSI
Domain Holdings Australia Pty Limited
University of New South Wales
Omnilink Pty Limited
Liverpool City Council Office of Finance and Services
Value Australia CRC-P will support Australia’s largest market, the $6.8 trillion property market, by creating valuation products that, provide better information sooner to homebuyers, investors, businesses and governments whilst reducing costs and risks. Combining research, extensive data assets and using artificial intelligence this project will deliver secure digital valuation models and tools that cover a broad range of land and property types across Australia and overseas.1/4/2019 – 31/3/2022$2,926,500$8,549,000
Use of Narrow Artificial Intelligence to Detect Brain Aneurysms **Fujitsu Australia Ltd
GE Healthcare Australia Pty Limited
Macquarie University
Macquarie Medical Imaging Pty Ltd
Cerebral aneurysms are life-threatening lesions that rupture and failure to detect an aneurysm is a cause of death, disability. Aneurysms are present in 2-8% of adults, and multiple aneurysms occur in >10% of these. Cerebral vasculature is complex, with multiple branches and wide variations in normal patterns making rapid and accurate detection of aneurysms challenging. This project will use artificial intelligence to detect and highlight aneurysms on brain scans to improve patient outcome.4/2/2019 – 2/4/2021$2,080,000$4,614,000
Artificial Intelligence System for Rapid Diagnostics of Disease Causing Mites and Insects **Jasgo R&D Pty Ltd
University of New South Wales
Amalgamated Holdings Ltd
Blue Ocean Equities Pty Limited
Mites and insects cause major health and economic impacts worldwide. They are difficult to identify, requiring expert advice and increasing disease control costs and mismanagement risk. We will produce an Artificial Intelligence system for rapid diagnostics of house dust mites and bedbugs, calibrated against ecological and epidemiological data. This technology will result in a marketable phone app that will be of widespread use in the medical sector where entomological diagnostics are required.1/1/2019 – 1/1/2022$1,475,563$6,589,315
Advanced Real-Time Medical Diagnostics using AI and an IoT Medical Device **M3dicine Holdings Pty Ltd
Queensland University of Technology
The Trustee for the Amanashab Trust
M3DICINE has developed Stethee, a US-FDA approved digital stethoscope, which captures heart, lung and other body sounds with incredible clarity and depth of sound. This records powerful vital signs of humans and animals, but the development of new AI algorithms is vital to realise Stethee’s true potential. This project will enable new diagnostic capabilities, powering the next generation of personalised medical devices and platforms for large-scale medical and telehealth services.2/1/2019 – 30/11/2021$1,000,000$2,652,178
Smart Sensor & Deep Learning Behavioural Engine for Personalised Health Monitoring **Nutromics Pty Ltd
University of New South Wales
Melbourne Health
Monash University
Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute
Procept Pty Ltd
Design & Industry Pty Ltd
Triple Ring Technologies
Diabetes is a global epidemic and the biggest challenge confronting Australia’s health system. Current care models focus on treatment of the disease, however greatly improved outcomes and increased efficiency are driven from preventative measures. The project will bring together a multi-disciplinary team to develop a digitally enabled wearable device and a deep learning behaviour change engine to elicit the positive lifestyle behaviour changes required to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.1/4/2019 – 31/3/2022$2,150,000$7,504,756
Improving surgical accuracy through the development of a novel intraoperative imaging solution **Oncores Medical Pty Ltd
University of Western Australia
South Metropolitan Health Service
Linear Clinical Research Ltd
Cancer surgery aims to completely remove tumour while minimising the removal of healthy tissue. Currently, complete tumour removal can only be assessed by a pathologist after surgery, with up to 30% of patients requiring repeat surgery because tumour is thought to have been left behind. This project is developing a high-resolution imaging tool for surgeons to use during operations to assess tissue micro-structure and enable complete tumour removal during the first surgery.1/1/2019 – 31/12/2021$3,000,000$9,077,582
OrpeusPOD: more hearts for more patientsOrpeus Pty Ltd
University of New South Wales
Hydrix Pty Ltd
Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute Limited
Heart failure is increasing and there is a huge shortage of hearts available for transplant due to the limitations on preservation during transit. Orpeus has developed OrpeusPOD to transport, and OrpeusFLO to actively nourish and preserve the heart for longer to make more hearts available for more patients. The locally manufactured technologies will commercialise Australian R&D from Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute, The Alfred Hospital, St Vincent’s Hospital, UNSW and industry.1/1/2019 – 31/12/2021$2,100,000$10,277,937
Development of a Machine Vision System for Automated Grading of Almonds **Surenut Pty Ltd
Laragon Pty Ltd
University of South Australia
The nut industry relies on manual quality assurance to determine the grade of nuts which is subjective, slow, and labour intensive. The project aims to overcome this problem by developing an Almond Analyser using artificial intelligence to objectively and non-destructively grade nuts into specific market grades. This will improve the grading of nuts with increased consistency, accuracy, and throughput and significantly reduce labour cost offering great economic benefit to nut processors14/1/2019 – 14/1/2021$514,424$1,765,348
Seaweed solutions for sustainable aquacultureTassal Group Limited
Deakin University
University of Tasmania
Spring Bay Seafoods Pty Ltd
This project will develop a sustainable Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture (IMTA) model that supports commercial seaweed production. To do this, the research will i) define the seaweed culture proposition (identify species, growing techniques and products) and ii) develop a regionally relevant IMTA partnership model that brings together salmon, shellfish and seaweed producers to ensure economic, environmental and societal benefits.13/1/2019 – 12/1/2022$2,385,067$5,468,110
Real-time NMR data acquisition for rock mass characterisation and drilling optimisationThe Eqnomics Group Pty Ltd
Wallis Engineers Pty Ltd
University of Western Australia
This project will deliver a logging system capable of acquisition and transmission of measurements during drilling of boreholes. The system can provide to mining companies real-time information regarding borehole geophysical and trajectory data, at a reduced acquisition cost, and can be used to optimise drilling programs. The development of this new, advanced logging system will support Australia in becoming a world leader in the commercialisation of mining technology and services.1/5/2019 – 30/4/2022$2,843,728$8,084,195
Advanced Composite Pultrusion Manufacturing for Next Generation Civil StructuresWagners CFT Manufacturing Pty. Ltd.
University of Southern Queensland
Allnex Resins Australia Pty Ltd
This program is focused on holistic engineering approach to optimise the existing composite pultrusion process for increased productivity and development of novel value-added products such as, fire retardant civil structures to be used in rail and pedestrian bridges and most notably for Australian Inland Rail project. These high strength advance structures will capture new high value markets such as oil & gas and transport industry in national and international markets such as the US and Europe.1/1/2019 – 31/12/2021$3,000,000$10,391,054


CRC-P Round 5 Outcomes

*First organisation is the lead participant

**Funding partially provided though the Advanced Manufacturing Fund

TitleParticipants*DescriptionStart/End DateTotal Grant amountTotal Project Value
Long-life alloy components for efficient hydrometallurgical processing**Callidus Welding Solutions Pty Ltd
Deakin University
Newcrest Mining Limited
Murrin Murrin Operations Pty Ltd
Process conditions to extract valuable metals from their ore are severe; high temperatures combine with extreme corrosion and erosion. Even normally durable advanced alloys used in mineral processing reactors degrade in this environment. Replacement parts and frequent downtime have a significant impact on the efficiency and competitiveness of Australian mineral processors. This project will deliver a step-change in durability of critical components via smart design and materials innovations.4/07/2018 – 31/12/2020$1,256,600$3,967,395
Non-Invasive Real-Time Biometric Sensing TechnologySleeptite Pty Ltd
RMIT University
Sleepeezee Bedding Australia Pty Ltd
This Project aims to integrate unobtrusive micro-sensors into bedding materials by developing technology to non-invasively monitor key human health parameters. A cross-sector team in sensing, micro-technology, health data analytics, and bedding manufacturers will collaborate to transform award-winning Australian innovation into locally manufactured products for local and global consumers. The innovation will enhance quality-of-care and timely intervention in aged care facilities and hospitals.4/07/2018 – 30/06/2021$1,700,000$5,321,500
Advanced Cancer Immunotherapies: CAR-T Cells for Solid CancersCarina Biotech Pty Ltd
Geneworks Pty Ltd
University of South Australia
The University of Adelaide
Seattle Children’s Hospital
CAR-T therapy is a revolutionary new cancer treatment that engineers a patient’s own immune system to fight cancer. CAR-T therapy has already shown remarkable activity against blood cancers, with over 90% complete remission rates reported in several clinical trials against leukaemia where conventional therapies had previously failed. This project will develop a suite of technologies to enable CAR-T therapy for solid cancers, which have so far been much less responsive to CAR-T therapies.4/07/2018 – 30/06/2021$2,079,000$7,912,822
Novel real-time milk sensor for ovulation detection in dairy cowsBiotics Pty Ltd
Dairy Australia Limited
Ridgeway Research Limited
University of Technology Sydney
Surgical Diagnostics Pty Limited
Department of Economic Development Jobs Transport and Resources
ITVet Pty Ltd
Livestock Improvement Corporation
Dairy New Zealand
Building on core technology, the project will prototype and commercialise a patented real time biosensor with the ability to solve key challenges in the dairy industry. The project will develop an advanced in situ real time milk assay to accurately determine cow ovulation status. Farmers will use this sensor to gain significant improvements to their herd fertility programs. Beyond this, the project will assess other opportunities for the sensors relating to overall cow health and milk quality.1/09/2018 – 31/08/2021$1,829,000$7,391,469
Implementing intelligent automated reporting in radiology practiceMaxwell MRI Pty Ltd
I-MED Network Limited
Radiologist interpretation of medical images such as MRI and PET is subjective. Differences in quality of care due to variable skills and experience may result in misdiagnosis, increasing cost. This project will use artificial intelligence for automated radiology reporting at a world-leading radiology practice (I-MED). The efficacy of Machine learning technology developed at the CSIRO will be validated in a robust trial and translated by Maxwell MRI for commercialisation within 3 years.4/07/2018 – 30/06/2021$1,123,141$4,886,603
AI: new smarts for the medical imaging industrySydney Neuroimaging Analysis Centre Pty Ltd
The University of Sydney
I-MED Network Limited
Medical imaging is an increasingly complex field requiring advanced subspecialty training. This project will develop a robust industry platform for the application of artificial intelligence algorithms to neuro-imaging, heralding a new era in the precision diagnosis of brain disease; and transforming the delivery of Radiology through automation and increased productivity, enhanced reporting accuracy and the rapid identification of critical abnormalities4/07/2018 – 30/06/2021$2,360,061$5,138,061
Eco-friendly fertilisers for sustainable farmingSustainable Organic Solutions Pty Ltd
MSF Sugar Pty Ltd
Mitr Phol Sugarcane Research Center Co. Ltd.
Herbert Cane Productivity Services Ltd
Department of Environment and Science
University of the Sunshine Coast
The University of Queensland
Department of Agriculture
This project will trial a new eco-friendly fertiliser technology, containing plant growth promoting rhizobacteria and innovative adaptive-release organic fertiliser, in tropical agriculture and horticulture (sugarcane, avocado and macadamia). This unique formulation is expected to reduce fertiliser costs, improve plant growth, and minimise the run-off of nutrients from tropical farms to waterways.4/07/2018 – 30/06/2021$1,800,000$4,654,016
Kapunda In-Situ Copper and Gold Field Recovery TrialEnvironmental Copper Recovery SA Pty Ltd
Molyhil Mining Pty Ltd
CMTE Development Limited
Terramin Exploration Pty Ltd
Adelaide University
Successful development and demonstration of an In-Situ Recovery (ISR) process to extract copper and other metals from diverse geological environments will be a step change in Australian mining. ISR can improve project economics, enable social license, lower environmental footprint and help commercialise sub-economic deposits. Success at Kapunda will give industry a tangible demonstration and provide a template for future ventures to unlock new deposits currently considered as stranded assets.4/07/2018 – 31/12/2020$2,851,303$5,781,303
Advanced Manufacturing and Construction of Smart Building ModulesSchiavello Manufacturing Pty Ltd
ERMA Group Pty Ltd
University of Melbourne
OSEN Group Pty Ltd
Trackem Pty Ltd
To meet the needs of rapid urban population growth, building construction productivity needs to improve. This can be achieved by the increased use of prefabricated building modules and the use of digital technology. Digital modelling, design for manufacture and assembly, and the Internet of Things will be used to reduce costs, improve quality and allow mass customisation of building modules thereby increasing the uptake of prefabrication and contributing to increased construction productivity.4/07/2018 – 30/06/2021$2,700,000$8,595,000
BioAustralis, towards the futureMicrobial Screening Technologies Pty Ltd
Advanced Veterinary Therapeutics Pty Limited
Macquarie University
University of Western Australia
Since the discovery of penicillin, the greatest biomedical innovations have been fueled by microorganisms. This project exploits our library of talented Australian microbes, harnessed to state-of-the-art metabolomic and genomic technologies, to deliver a unique platform of 5,000 microbial metabolites, expanding BioAustralis’ global niche market, catalysing the discovery of next-generation antibiotics and provide a ready-to-use natural product metabolite library to stimulate Australian research.1/10/2018 – 30/09/2021$3,000,000$6,966,160
Responsive Access to SpaceDefendTex Pty Ltd
University of South Australia
Department of Defence
RMIT University
The University of Sydney
Universitat der Bundeswehr Innosync Pty Ltd
Australia currently has no sovereign launch capability putting the nation at a strategic, economic and social disadvantage. This project aims to overcome this problem by developing leading edge, low cost, high availability rocket propulsion technology through development of a Rotating Detonation Engine (RDE) design to integrate into a space launch system. This will enable Australia to have a sovereign Low Earth Orbit Launch Capability so Australia can launch satellites and other space assets.4/7/2018 – 30/6/2021$2,989,000$13,655,520
Development of an Advanced Fire Retardant for Polymers and TextilesFlame Security International Pty Ltd
University of New South Wales
IKEA Pty Limited
TDVC Pty Ltd
Fire is a daily and pervasive threat to human life, property and assets and the environment and many polymers and textiles remain highly flammable. This project directly addresses the need for non-toxic, durable and eco-friendly chemical species (flame retardants) to be embedded (infused) into polymers and textiles thereby inhibiting ignition or reducing the rate of flame propagation. The results will be an industry first – flame retarded products that are also eco-friendly.4/07/2018 – 30/06/2021$3,000,000$10,975,000
Artificial intelligence and genomics to predict cancer treatmentMax Kelsen Pty Ltd
Genomiqa Pty Ltd
BGI International Pty Ltd
The Council of the Queensland Institute of Medical Research
Metro North Hospital and Health Service
Cancer is a major health burden with one in four Australians getting a diagnosis of cancer during their lifetime and with an estimated 48,586 Australians dying of cancer in 2018. Immunotherapy is a new treatment showing great promise for some patients. An area of critical need is to predict who will benefit from immunotherapy prior to treatment. We will develop and employ artificial intelligence and genomics to predict treatment response in cancer patients.16/07/2018 – 30/06/2021$2,625,000$9,044,000


CRC-P Round 4 Outcomes

The following projects have been supported under the Cooperative Research Centres Projects (CRC-P) stream of the overarching CRC Program.

Project titleTotal Grant amountTotal Project ValueParticipants (first organisation is the lead participant)
Enabling Exosome Therapy: Developing an Advanced Manufacturing Process*$2,179,531$4,397,739Vivazome Therapeutics Pty Ltd
Seerpharma Pty Ltd
La Trobe University
Project Vaccinate Driving Innovation in Dairy Goat Vaccines$97,280$283,561Nuchev Pty Ltd
K.J Coutts & N.J Coutts
The University of Melbourne
Australian Rickettsial Reference Laboratory Foundation Limited
Australian Dairy Goats Incorporated
Allogeneic Stem Cell Cancer Immunotherapies$2,987,000$12,627,500Cartherics Pty Ltd
Mesoblast Limited
Cell Therapies Pty Ltd
Hudson Institute of Medical Research
Monash University
Integrated Smart Home Energy Management, Control and Data Visibility$1,891,555$5,679,351Solar Analytics Pty Ltd
The University of New South Wales
Wattwatchers Pty Limited
SA Power Networks
Project H Pty Ltd
SwitchDin Pty Limited
Ergon Energy Queensland Pty Ltd
Portable brain scanner for early stroke detection and monitoring*$2,600,000$10,955,673Emvision Medical Devices Ltd
The University of Queensland
GE Healthcare Australia Pty Limited
Metro South Hospital and Health Service
High performance energy storage alternative to lithium ion batteries*$1,500,000$3,447,500First Graphite Limited
Swinburne University of Technology
Flinders University of South Australia
Kremford (VIC) Pty Ltd
A scalable detection tool for childhood inattention: TALI Detect$1,200,125$3,909,125Novita Healthcare Limited
Grey Innovation Australia Pty Ltd
Torus Games Pty. Ltd.
Monash University
Innovative generation of low cost, zero-emission, reliable electricity*$3,000,000$10,162,500Amber Power Holdings Ltd
Mirvac Limited
The University of New South Wales
Intelligent Mixed Waste Re-manufacturing System*$2,716,910$11,668,820Dresden Optics Pty Ltd
The University of New South Wales
Astor Industries Pty Ltd
Consonic Pty Ltd
Duromer Products Pty Ltd
Elemental Manufacturing Pty Ltd
Jasca Engineering Pty Ltd
Brien Holden Vision Institute
WoundVue automated and advanced assessment of chronic wounds$2,513,000$10,991,277LBT Innovations Ltd
Planet Innovation Pty Ltd
The University Of Melbourne
Cavendish bananas with resistance to Fusarium wilt tropical race 4$1,835,644$6,875,367Lamanna Premier Group Pty Ltd
NQ Banana Research Pty Ltd
Queensland University of Technology
Rapid iteration selective breeding: Australia’s fish to feed the world$3,000,000$13,476,418Mainstream Aquaculture Group Pty Ltd
James Cook University
The University of Melbourne
Marine Produce Australia Limited
King Reef Pty Ltd
Helmaqua Pty Ltd
Barramundi Asia Pty Ltd
Developing the next generation hydrogen energy system*$2,783,109$8,496,861Applied Nano Technologies Pty Ltd
Monash University
Minifab (Aust) Pty Ltd
Thoughtworks Australia Pty Ltd
Hargo Engineering Pty. Ltd.
The industrial application of graphene in high-strength polyethylene*$1,800,000$4,365,500Qenos Pty Ltd
Deakin University
Graphene Manufacturing Australia Pty Ltd
Smart linings for pipe and infrastructure*$3,000,000$24,147,390Water Services Association of Australia Limited
Coliban Region Water Corporation
Hunter Water Corporation
Icon Water Limited
Melbourne Water Corporation
Queensland Urban Utilities
SA Water
South East Water Corporation
Sydney Water Corporation
Northern SEQ Distributor – Retailer Authority
Water Corporation
Monash University
University of Sydney
University of Technology Sydney
3M Australia Pty Ltd
Bisley & Co Pty Ltd
Insituform Pacific Pty. Limited
Kerneos Australia Pty Ltd
Parchem Construction Supplies Pty Ltd
Abergeldie Watertech Pty Ltd.
Interflow Pty Limited
Ventia Pty Limited
Metropolitan Restorations Pty. Limited
ITS Pipetech Pty Limited
Monadelphous Group Limited
Water Research Foundation
Water Environment and Research Foundation
Sanexen Environmental Services


CRC-P Round 3 Outcomes

The following projects have been supported under the Cooperative Research Centres Projects stream of the CRC Programme.

Project titleTotal Grant amount (excl. GST)Total Project ValueParticipants (first organisation is the lead participant)
Intelligent vision, sensing and data fusion for mining and exploration$2,152,952$4,640,052Boart Longyear Limited
SRA Information Technology Pty Ltd
The University of Adelaide
Additive manufacturing of energetic materials$2,600,000$6,107,000DefendTex Pty Ltd
Rocketech Pty Ltd; Department of Defence
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
Flinders University
Cranfield University
Novel catalytic process for sustainable diesel production from waste$1,850,000$7,964,065Eco Fuel Innovations Pty Ltd
The University of Queensland
Shieldon Pty Ltd
Kunming Sino-Platinum Metals Cayalyst Co
Next Generation Dried Blood Spot Pathology Testing using LC-MS$2,559,000$8,713,331MyHealthTest Pty Ltd
Agilent Technologies Australia (M) Pty Ltd
University of Canberra
Prof David Handelsman
Advanced Printing Technology for New Generation Flexible Batteries$2,000,000$11,977,500Printed Energy Pty Ltd
The University of Queensland
The University of New South Wales
Sunset Power International Pty Ltd
Sonovia Holdings LLC
Polymer Composite Transoms for Rail Bridge Deck Replacement$3,000,000$9,896,285Austrak Pty Ltd
Laing O’Rourke Australia Construction Pty Ltd
University of Southern Queensland
Design and manufacturing of a 6000 m depth rated medium work class ROV$2,996,500$8,061,015Total Marine Technology Pty Ltd
Sapurakencana Australia Pty Ltd
University of Western Australia
Breaking the Mould: Making Australian Advanced Manufacturing Portable$1,486,200$4,013,700Effusiontech Pty Ltd
Charles Darwin University
PW Baxter & Associates Pty Ltd
A big health data analytics & insights platform for the MTP sector$1,948,008$4,944,001Prospection Pty Ltd
The University of New South Wales
Janssen-Cilag Pty Ltd
Australian hitech manufacturer takes-on prostate cancer$1,700,000$4,445,000Cyclotek (Aust) Pty Ltd
GE Healthcare Australia Pty Limited
Macquarie University
Optimising Nitrogen Recovery in Intensive Animal Production Facilities$2,469,431$7,692,531Coomboona Holdings Pty Ltd
CAF Consulting Services Pty Ltd
The Trustee for The Ming Family Trust
CHM Alliance Pty Ltd
The University of Melbourne
High-resolution Real-time Airborne Gravimetry$1,996,200$6,569,290CMG Operations Pty Ltd
Airship Solutions Pty Ltd
Curtin University
Airborne Research South Australia Limited
Geoscience Australia
Geosoft Australia Pty Ltd
Intuitive Machines LLC
University of Texas Institute for Geophysics
A standardised power conversion module for ocean energy applications$2,100,000$4,641,750BioPower Systems Pty Ltd
C.N.C. Design Pty Ltd
Hydac Pty Ltd
The University of Adelaide


CRC-P Round 2 Outcomes

The following projects have been supported under the Cooperative Research Centres Projects stream of the CRC Programme.

Project titleTotal Grant Amount (ex GST)Total Project ValueParticipants (first organisation is the lead participant)
Large Area Perovskite Photovoltaic Material Coating on Glass Substrate$2,500,000$7,182,500Dyesol Ltd
CSR Building Products Ltd
High power density motors incorporating advanced manufacturing methods$2,500,000$12,055,208magniX Technologies Pty Ltd
Ferra Engineering Pty Ltd
The University of Queensland
Development of New and Unique Super High Oleic Biobased Oil$3,000,000$10,170,754GO Resources Pty Ltd
Kalyx Australia Pty Ltd
The trustee for Old Paroo Trust
Cargill Australia Ltd
Swinburne University of Technology
Department of Economic Development Jobs Transport and Resources
Emery Oleochemicals
Advanced Manufacturing of High Performance Building Envelope Systems$3,000,000$10,635,000CSR Building Products Ltd
INHABIT Australasia Pty Ltd
University of Melbourne
Bespoke lightweight automotive carbon fibre composite seats$1,425,000$3,466,875Quickstep Automotive Pty Ltd
Futuris Automotive Interiors (Australia) Pty Ltd
Deakin University
Targeting tropomyosin as a novel anti-cancer therapy$3,000,000$7,450,000Novogen Ltd
I C P – Firefly Pty Ltd
University of New South Wales
Novel Glass Technologies and Photovoltaics in Protected Cropping$1,620,470$5,044,459ClearVue Technologies Ltd
Edith Cowan University
Apex Greenhouses (Australia) Pty Ltd
An integrated modelling system for navigational aid in tidal inlets$425,180$1,881,500OMC International Pty Ltd
Pivot Maritime International Pty Ltd
University of Melbourne
MetOcean Solutions Ltd
Field deployable unit for the detection of Perfluorinated contaminants$2,830,392$7,487,509Envirolab Services Pty Ltd
KD Analytical Australia Pty Ltd
University of Tasmania
Universal Solar Module Inspection and Data Storage System$1,840,739$4,399,467BT Imaging Pty Ltd
PV Lighthouse Pty Ltd
University of New South Wales
PV Lab Australia Pty Ltd
Epho Pty Limited
DNV GL Group
Targeted therapy for sleep apnoea: A novel personalised approach$2,950,000$10,772,924Oventus Medical Ltd
Medical Monitoring Solutions Pty Ltd
Western Sydney University
Neuroscience Research Australia
Enhanced market agility for the Australian tea tree industry$598,992$2,272,709ATTIA Ltd
Southern Cross University
University of the Sunshine Coast
Offco Pty Ltd
P Guinane Pty Ltd
Vitroflora Pty Ltd
Narromine Transplants Pty Ltd
Cassegrain Tea Tree Oil Pty Ltd
Main Camp Natural Extracts Pty Ltd
Kilkie Pty Ltd
Phyllis O’Sullivan, John Murtagh & Michael Flanagan
L Rose & RA Rose
Tech-enabled Care Pathways for Head Trauma$2,200,000$8,112,500Neural Diagnostics Pty Ltd
GE Healthcare Australia Pty Ltd
Monash University
Industrialisation of a novel diagnostic biosensor for bladder cancer$2,430,356$9,246,468SMR Automotive Australia Pty Ltd
University of South Australia
Flinders University
Maddern & Catt Unit Trust
The Trustee for the Pro Health Care Hope Valley Unit Trust
Wear life extension via surface engineered laser cladding for mining$2,616,000$8,266,000LaserBond Ltd
Boart Longyear Ltd
University of South Australia
Graphene Supply Chain Certification$943,937$4,321,866Imagine Intelligent Materials Pty Ltd
Agilent Technologies Australia (M) Pty Ltd
Swinburne University of Technology
Australian Engineering Solutions Pty Ltd
Duromer Products Pty Ltd
Power Efficient Wastewater Treatment Using Graphene Oxide Technology$632,285$1,661,785Clean Teq Ltd
Iconic Industries Pty Ltd
Monash University


CRC-P Round 8


Media Release

Australian-owned Biotech company GeneWorks Pty Ltd has been awarded a $1.38 million Cooperative Research Centre Project (CRC-P) Programme grant to develop and manufacture rapid, field deployable diagnostic kits for pathogens and pests of interest to the Biosecurity, Agricultural and Defence industries.

GeneWorks Pty Ltd, headquartered in Adelaide with an office in Melbourne, has been servicing the scientific research community for over three decades. Once best known for radio-nucleotide and oligonucleotide production, GeneWorks Pty Ltd has constantly been on the forefront of pioneering new services and products to meet the ever-changing needs of researchers, including being the first commercial next-generation sequencing provider in Australia.

GeneWorks’ Director Arran Greenhalgh said “We are honoured to have been awarded this grant and I am extremely excited about the prospect of working with leading Agricultural researchers to provide such a critical tool in field-based diagnostics”.

Head Scientist Dr. Nandor Roczo said “We are thrilled to have secured this funding from the CRC-P which will enable us to produce a truly turn-key solution to field based molecular diagnostics”.

This grant has been awarded by the Australian Government Department of Industry, Innovation and Science and supports the close collaboration of GeneWorks Pty Ltd with its research partners, La Trobe University, the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research and Bio2Lab.