CRC Round 13 Recipients

The Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research, Senator the Hon Kim Carr, has announced funding of $100 million for world-class collaborative research and innovation under the Australian Government’s Cooperative Research Centres (CRC) Program.

Four CRCs have been successful in the 13th Selection Round. This new funding continues the Government’s investment in innovation and collaboration supporting the implementation of the Innovation Agenda – Powering Ideas.

The CRC Program establishes long-term collaborations between industries, research institutions, communities and governments. These partnerships play a crucial role in addressing Australia’s innovation needs and delivering social, environmental and economic outcomes for all Australians.

CRC for High Integrity Australian Pork –  $20 million

The CRC for High Integrity Australian Pork (Pork CRC) will revolutionise pork production systems to produce high quality pork for the same financial cost, while improving animal welfare by eliminating the need for confinement of sows, reducing antibiotic usage in production systems by 50%, providing world-class analysis systems, demonstrating human health benefits from pork consumption, reducing CO2 emissions, and delivering highly trained scientists and production staff can leading the industry forward for coming decades.

Contact: Dr Roger Campbell Phone: (08) 8303 768,

CRC for Young People, Technology and Wellbeing – $27 million

The CRC for Young People, Technology and Wellbeing (YAW-CRC) will promote mental health and wellbeing through three complementary research programs. In this new CRC, the humanities and social sciences are united with expertise in cyber safety; use of technologies for mental health promotion, prevention, early intervention and treatment; e-research; youth culture; and innovation in research methodologies. The CRC will develop tech-savvy tools to support the wellbeing of our young Australians.

Contact: Associate Professor Jane Burns Phone: 0438 161 516,

CRC for Contamination Assessment and Remediation of the Environment- $29 million

The research of the CRC for Contamination Assessment and Remediation of the Environment (CARE) is aimed at providing the data, technology and knowledge to allow regulators and industry to better balance human health and environmental concerns with economic and social considerations. CRC CARE will develop solutions to overcome and prevent contamination of soil, water and air and improve the Australian environment.

Contact: Professor Ravi Naidu Phone: (08) 8302 5041,

CRC for Mental Health- $23 million

The CRC for Mental Health will identify biomarkers develop diagnostic kits for the early treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Schizophrenia and other related disorders. Identifying these biomarkers will allow early diagnosis to facilitate early intervention that will prevent and delay onset or to reduce the severity of onset, and optimise drug treatments for more effective management of these debilitating disorders.

Contact: Dr Graeme Chandler Phone: (03) 9859 5110,

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