CRC Round 14 Results

$148 M has been allocated to 6 CRCs

Successful Recipients

Automotive Australia 2020 CRC ($26 million)

This CRC will undertake research programs and build human capital in areas of vehicle electrification, gaseous fuels and production of greener vehicles and components. Read more

CRC for Low Carbon Living ($28 million)

This CRC will bring together leading researchers and key end-users to develop new tools to reduce carbon emissions and transform the built environment to a low carbon future.

CRC for Polymers ($14.5 million)

This CRC will contribute to establishing Australia as a leading provider and exporter of products that meet emerging global needs in the areas of health therapies, water and food security and low-cost solar energy.  Read more

CRC for Water Sensitive Cities ($30 million)

This CRC will deliver the planning, technology and decision support tools required to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of urban water systems. Read more

Invasive Animals CRC ($19.7 million)

This CRC will deliver key technologies to reduce the impacts of new and existing pest animals on Australia’s agricultural competitiveness and biodiversity assets. Read more

Plant Biosecurity CRC ($29.7 million)

This CRC will develop and deploy the knowledge and tools to safeguard Australia from damaging plant pest incursions. Read more


There were 26 applications for round 14, with six funded thus the chance of success was 23%. Although the same cannot be said for getting a new CRC up, which only have a 10% chance of being funded. Typically most of the CRCs funded are existing CRCs or are submitting for a second time.

The two new centres were Low Carbon Living, with $28m, and Water Sensitive Cities, with $30m. Of the New bids that lost out were a CRC for Living with Autism Spectrum Disorders, a Sustainable Heritage and Responsible Development (SHaReD) CRC, and a Designing Better Cities and Regional Centres CRC.

There are 44 centres, of which 14 will close next year, so by the start of July the total will be 36, including those just announced.

Expert Assistance

CRCs are probably the most complex grant to put together. They take over a year of planning & development to put together and require a number of different skills sets

We have expert skills to assist with your CRC application including:

  • Bid Management
  • Opportunity/Problem identification
  • Quantification of economic impact (Ideally $500 M)
  • Governance arrangements
  • Financial modelling (inputs and outputs)
  • Impact modelling
  • Education and training program
  • Research programs
  • Application Drafting

Contact us on 03 9005 6789 to see how we can assist your Round 15 bid.

Previous Round Funding

Round 13
  • The $27 million CRC for Young People, Technology and Wellbeing will help put a stop to this by studying how technology can help prevent and treat mental illness in our youth.
  • “The $20 million CRC for High Integrity Australian Pork will support our pork producers and regional Australia to maintain local production of high quality food at affordable prices, while improving pig welfare.
  • “The $29 million CRC for Contamination Assessment and Remediation of the Environment will develop solutions to overcome and prevent contamination of soil, water and air to improve our environment.
  • “Together, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and Schizophrenia affect millions of Australians, and early diagnosis can help sufferers to live a more fulfilling life. The $23 million CRC for Mental Health will develop better diagnostic tools for these disorders and contribute to better

Round 12

  • CRC for Advanced Composite Structures ($14 million): will connect Australian small and medium enterprises in manufacturing, materials supply and engineering to international value chains.
  • CRC for Infrastructure and Engineering Asset Management ($12 million): to increase the availability, productivity and useful life of defence assets (including combat aircraft and ships), and of railways and power and water utilities.
  • CRC for Environmental Biotechnology ($4 million): to commercialise biotechnologies that use natural biological systems to transform waste into useful products and green energy, and rapid microbial monitoring platforms.
  • CRC for Optimising Resource Extraction ($17.5 million): to transform mineral deposit evaluation and extraction, to significantly enlarge Australia’s mineral resource and generate a more sustainable mining industry.
  • CRC for Remote Economic Participation ($32.5 million): to support the Government’s commitment to close the gap on Aboriginal disadvantage and develop economically sustainable communities in remote areas.
  • Wound Management Innovation CRC ($28 million): to improve wound healing and quality of life for people with wounds, and provide cost-effective wound care that lessens burdens on our healthcare system.
  • Vision CRC ($22 million): to deliver revolutionary vision care treatments and products for sufferers of eye problems like myopia and cataracts.

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