CRC Round 14 – Stage 2 Invitations

Existing CRCs or CRC rebids have a higher chance of success

It has been reported that the odds of making a successful CRC bid are in general 13 percent. However, it would appear that the chances of launching a successful new CRC bid are only a third that of an existing CRC.

In the last 3 years, there were 23 successful CRCs, receiving over $472 million in funding. More than half of the CRC applications through to Stage 2 are new bids but only represent about 25% of funded bids.

In stage 2 of Round 14, 7 of the bids came from former CRCs or unsuccessful round 13 bids. Evidence would suggest, that those with more time to submit an application or better knowledge of a broad research area have a better chance of success.

Applicants have until September 2011 to submit research proposals and will be interviewed in the second week of November 2011.

Of the three new CRCs in this round, they will need to present a cohesive and knowledgeable team. Because of the complexity of preparing a CRC application, many of the program leaders are not aware of the intimate details of how their research outputs translate into economic impacts. This often comes across in interviews, hence the need to conduct mock interviews.

Stage 1 assessment outcomes

Stage 1 of the assessment process for the 14th CRC program selection round is now complete. A total of 10 applications have been invited to Stage 2.

Applications invited to Stage 2 are:

  1. Plant Biosecurity CRC
  2. Sustainable Heritage and Responsible Development (SHaReD) CRC
  3. Invasive Animals CRC
  4. The CRC for Low Carbon Living
  5. CRC for Living with Autism Spectrum Disorders
  6. Automotive Australia 2020 CRC (AA2020CRC)
  7. CRC for Water Sensitive Cities
  9. CRC for Polymers
  10. Designing Better Cities and Regional Centres CRC

Applications that did not proceed:

  1. CRC for Cotton Regions
  2. CRC in Pharmaceutical Analysis
  3. CRC for Regional Innovation
  4. CRC for Nanodevices and Therapeutics
  5. CRC for Forestry
  6. CRC for Metals Discovery
  7. CRC for Beef Genetic Technologies
  8. CRC for Innovation in Learning and Teaching with Technology
  9. Sleep and Alertness CRC
  10. CRC for Securing & Rebuilding Biodiversity
  11. Parker CRC for Integrated Hydrometallurgy Solutions
  12. Australian Creative Futures CRC
  13. CRC for Lung Health
  14. CRC for Telehealth and Telecare
  15. CRC for Social Inclusion
  16. Australian Power CRC

If you bid was not successful, please contact us to see how we can assist your rebid.


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