Creative Communities Partnerships

Up to $600,000 for sustained cross-sectoral projects to deliver innovative community based arts programs

About the grant

The Creative Communities Partnerships Initiative supports major community arts and cultural development projects of excellence that bring together arts and non-arts partners and have clear outcomes that extend beyond the life of the project.

Creative Communities Partnerships support opportunities for Australians to participate in meaningful arts and cultural activities in the places where they live, encouraging innovation and enhancing community wellbeing.

Proposals may include a range of diverse but related activities and are for total amounts between $50,000 and $600,000, with a maximum of $200,000 in any one year. The Australia Council may commission Creative Communities Partnerships to address strategic priorities or issues as they arise.

The objectives of Creative Communities Partnerships are to:

  • Increase opportunities for individuals and communities to actively participate in excellent artistic practices
  • Deliver innovative community based arts programs with long term outcomes through arts and non-arts partnerships
  • Stimulate innovation across organisations, governments and in communities in the use of the arts to address issues of community well being
  • Undertake effective and appropriate evaluation so as to increase understanding of the contribution of the community arts and cultural development sector.

This may be undertaken in partnership with other organisations, institutions, government departments and/or individuals.

The initiative must address at least one of the Community Partnerships priority areas.

The Community Partnerships Committee supports a number of priority areas that cover a range of geographic, demographic and social contexts. These priority areas serve to focus effective use of the resources of Community Partnerships and include regional Australia, disability, young people, cultural diversity, emerging communities, Indigenous people, remote Indigenous communities and specific critical social and cultural issues requiring focused attention.

Further Information

  • Fact Sheet
  • Notes to Criteria – Phase 1
  • Notes to Criteria – Phase 2
  • Case Study
  • Guiding Principles for Community Partnerships

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