Crime Prevention Innovation Fund

What is the Crime Prevention Innovation Fund?

The Crime Prevention Innovation Fund is a grant opportunity to support councils, not for profit community organisations and other specialist organisations with partnership projects that deliver and evaluate innovative community safety and crime prevention initiatives. 



Victorian communities are at the heart of the government’s Crime Prevention Strategy. It recognises that communities hold the knowledge, skills and experience to design and deliver effective solutions to local issues. Through the Crime Prevention Innovation Fund and the broader Building Safer Communities program the government aims to:

  • support local communities to deliver innovative crime and community safety solutions in local areas.
  • promote the development and delivery of collaborative, partnership approaches to crime prevention as part of a strategic approach to local community safety.
  • build community capability through knowledge sharing and strengthened relationships. 

The government’s Crime Prevention Strategy sits alongside other key government reform strategies such as the Youth Justice Strategic Plan 2020-30, as shown in the diagram below. The Crime Prevention Innovation Fund seeks to support projects that address risk factors for offending and intervene early to prevent first-time contact with the justice system.



The Crime Prevention Innovation Fund will support projects that:

  • test new approaches to addressing crime and community safety issues that focus on prevention or early intervention that are evidence based and reflect promising practice
  • actively build capability within the community to understand and address crime and community safety issues
  • contribute to the evidence base of effective crime prevention practice.



The Crime Prevention Innovation Fund is part of the government’s Building Safer Communities Program and offers grants of between $25,000 and $300,000 for partnership projects that deliver and evaluate innovative community safety and crime prevention initiatives.


Eligible Projects

Funding is available for a range of innovative projects that address the above objectives. This includes but is not limited to:

  • demonstration projects to test and evaluate new approaches to preventing crime and addressing risk factors for offending that consider how benefits may be sustained beyond the funding period
  • initiatives that work with and engage diverse communities or groups (such as cultural or religious groups, women, young people or members of the LGBTQI community) to identify, test and document practical strategies that build resilience and improve safety and perceptions of safety
  • initiatives that establish or strengthen partnerships across community, business, sport, government services and other sectors to address the causes of offending and crime and build community cohesion and safety
  • the development and testing of practical tools and resources to improve the understanding and/or management of crime and community safety related issues.


Eligible Applicants

Victorian councils and not-for-profit organisations that are a legal entity are eligible to apply. Research bodies and commercial entities (such as consultancies, universities or social enterprises) can also apply but must partner with a council or community organisation on their application.



Applications close 11 February 2022.


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