Main Sequence Grant

Main Sequence Grant

What is the Main Sequence Grant

The Main Sequence, founded by CSIRO, supports the commercialisation of scientific research by investing in startups and SMEs. With over $1 billion under management, it aims to bridge the gap between research and market readiness, fostering innovation and job creation in collaboration with industry partners and universities.



Main Sequence was established by CSIRO in 2017 to tackle the “valley of death” in innovation, where research struggles to reach commercial success. It aligns with the Australian Government’s emphasis on enhancing the nation’s innovation system. By investing in startups and SMEs that bring scientific research to the market, Main Sequence aims to create jobs and support the growth of new industries. This initiative reflects a broader strategy to strengthen connections between research and industry, ensuring scientific advancements contribute to economic growth and technological advancement in Australia.


The objectives of Main Sequence, founded by CSIRO, are to bridge the gap between research and commercialisation by supporting startups and SMEs. It aims to foster innovation, job creation, and the development of global companies by investing in companies translating scientific research into commercial outcomes. Main Sequence seeks to amplify connections between industry, research, and infrastructure, thereby accelerating deep technology development and reinvesting commercialisation returns into science.


Enable the Next Intelligence Leap
Advancements in AI and technology are outpacing society’s capacity to keep up, highlighting the need to empower society with the knowledge and tools to utilise their advantages fully. The challenge lies in re-educating, adapting, leveraging, and safeguarding individuals in a rapidly evolving landscape of endless possibilities.

Decarbonise the Planet
Investing in startups that are leading the charge in decarbonisation, creating innovative solutions for energy, food, and materials production. The focus includes renewable energy, recycling, new materials via synthetic biology, carbon capture and storage, converting industrial processes to renewables, hydrogen solutions, low carbon food technologies, and energy conservation.

Supercharge Industrial Productivity

As global productivity stalls, the next leap forward will stem from new technologies, mirroring the transformative impact of steam power, electricity, and computing in previous centuries.

Reach Humanity Scale Healthcare
Today’s healthcare delivery is marked by disparities. Dedicated to investing in medtech, healthtech, and biotech startups grounded in research that aim to lower mortality and elevate the quality of life globally.

Bridge the Gap to Space
Australia’s potential in the space sector mirrors the transformative impact of historical infrastructures like railways and highways, marking just the beginning of exploring space’s vast possibilities. By developing new infrastructure, Australia can significantly contribute to utilising space for the benefit of humanity.

Feed 10 Billion People
To meet the needs of a projected population of 10 billion by 2050, food production must increase significantly. This challenge requires transformative changes in agriculture and food production, with technology and science playing critical roles in developing sustainable solutions.

Eligible Entities

Eligible entities for the Main Sequence grants are:

  • Startups and SMEs working on technology translations from Australian Publicly Funded Research Agencies.
  • Entities must focus on early-stage technology opportunities with potential for significant impact.
  • Applicants should have a partnership or association with CSIRO, an Australian university, or another publicly funded research organisation.

Eligible Expenditure

The eligible expenditures for the Main Sequence grants typically include:

  • Research and development activities aimed at commercialising technology.
  • Costs related to prototyping, testing, and validation of the technology.
  • Expenses for obtaining intellectual property protection.
  • Market analysis and business planning to ensure the viability of the technology.
  • Collaboration with research institutions or industry partners to enhance technology development.


Grants of up to $250,000 are available.  A requirement for matched funding from the applicants at a ratio of $2 for every $1 granted. 

Eligible Activities

The eligible expenditure for the Main Sequence includes:

  • Developing and scaling innovative products or services
  • Software development and marketing
  • Market expansion strategies
  • Enhancing operational capabilities and processes
  • Collaboration with research entities for technology transfer
  • Leveraging new technologies for industry-specific advancements

How to get the Main Sequence Grant

In order to get the Main Sequence grant, you will need to focus on:

  • Demonstrating innovative solutions with potential global impact.
  • Evidence of collaboration between research and industry to drive commercialisation.
  • Clear, scalable business model with a pathway to market.
  • Strong team with the skills and experience to execute the project.
  • Capacity to contribute to Australia’s deep tech ecosystem.
  • Detailing how the project addresses a significant challenge or opportunity.
  • Demonstrating environmental sustainability and societal benefit.
  • Showing potential for creating high-quality Australian jobs.
  • Including a comprehensive risk management strategy.
  • Providing a detailed financial plan, highlighting the need for grant support.


The closing date for the Main Sequence grant is yet to be announced. 

More information



The Main Sequence grant provides funding to innovative projects bridging the gap between research and commercialisation.

Innovative companies and startups working in collaboration with Australian research institutions are eligible.

Projects aimed at addressing significant challenges through deep technology development are eligible.

Funding covers a range of activities including research collaboration, product development, and commercialisation efforts.

Deadlines vary; check the Main Sequence website for the most current information.

Contact Bulletpoint, experts in large grant applications, for professional assistance.

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