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What is the CUREator?

CUREator is a national biotechnology incubator run by Brandon BioCatalyst to support and accelerate the development of Australian biomedical research and innovations.



The CUREator+ BioMedTech incubator program arises within the context of Australia’s increasing emphasis on healthcare innovation and research translation. Funded by the federal government’s Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF), this $50 million initiative capitalises on the success of prior MRFF-supported incubator programs. Its objective is to address the funding and capability challenges faced by inventive biomedical and digital health start-ups. With a concentration on SMEs spanning diverse healthcare sectors, CUREator+ is poised to assume a critical role in nurturing domestic talent, facilitating global expansion, and enhancing Australia’s standing within the worldwide healthcare industry.



CUREator+ aims to support and accelerate the commercialisation of Australian biomedical and digital health research. This initiative aims to bridge funding and capability gaps for innovative healthcare startups, particularly Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), operating in various healthcare sectors such as therapeutics, diagnostics, medical devices, and digital health technologies. 


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CUREator+ will provide funding up to a maximum of $5 million per project in two funding stages.  

Stage 1: Funding available between $1 million to $2.5 million. Funding will be provided in tranches and aligned to commercially relevant milestones. Successful projects will have up to 2 years to complete project activities and achievement of milestones, agreed as part of the application process. 

Stage 2: Top-up funding will be available on a competitive basis to successful companies (maximum total of $5 million in grant funding per project from Stage 1 and 2) who meet their milestones during the Stage 1 period. Successful projects will have a maximum total of 4 years to complete Stage 1 and 2 project activities and achievement of milestones. 


CUREator+ Programs

CUREator offers multiple streams of funding alongside program support to accelerate promising Australian projects with commercial potential focused on preclinical and clinical stage biomedical research and medical innovations, clinical-stage therapeutics, health security innovations and solutions for minimising antimicrobial resistance. 

Each project supported by CUREator is carefully designed, with clearly defined project deliverables and early go/no-go milestones to ensure they reach completion on time, delivering key value-adding and de-risking milestones during the grant period. Funding is provided with clear milestone-driven tranches and help is provided to guide development of these assets and maximise their chances of success. 

Preclinical Stream

Supports preclinical medical research or medical innovation projects with commercial potential. 

Clinical Stream

Supports the clinical development of novel drugs, or novel uses for existing drugs with commercial potential. 

Health Security Stream

Supports projects that improve Australia’s preparedness and responsiveness to human health threats. 

Minimising Antimicrobial Resistance Stream

Supports projects developing technologies which improve the prevention, detection, diagnosis and response to antimicrobial resistance.  


Eligible Applicants

Any Australian small to medium size enterprise (SME) defined as an Australian based for-profit company with less than 200 employees, or life science researcher(s) at an Australian university or research institute is eligible to apply for CUREator funding (all streams).

For the Clinical Stream, the company must incorporate as a for-profit entity (ASIC registered company) prior to receiving funds. The company or research team owns or has an exclusive right to Intellectual Property Rights relevant to the project proposal (exclusive rights to background intellectual property).

Funded project work must be conducted in Australia where possible (overseas expenses for project delivery needs to be justified and approved).


Eligible Projects

CUREator+ provides financial support, access to research teams, coaching for building commercial capabilities, assistance with Intellectual Property (IP) development, and professional governance and management support to help these companies succeed. Ultimately, CUREator+ seeks to foster local talent, enable global scalability, and advance Australia’s position in the global healthcare industry.

Funding is available to support preclinical, clinical and/or commercial development of therapeutics (novel or repurposed), diagnostics, medical devices, and digital health technologies, which includes any intervention that prevents, monitors, manages, diagnoses or treats a disease state, its symptoms or risk factors.

  • Drugs includes all therapeutic modalities (small molecules, monoclonal antibodies, gene and cell therapies, RNA drugs, antibody-drug conjugates, biologics, targeted protein degraders, nanobodies, theranostics and emerging modalities).
  • Medical devices includes physical forms of instruments, implements, bionics, machines, contrivance, implant, in vitro reagent or similar related article or component part.
  • Digital health includes technologies that use computing platforms, connectivity, software and sensors, either alone or in combination with physical products.

Projects applying for CUREator+ funding must demonstrate a product/technology, which has demonstrated Proof of Concept/Proof of Principle. Projects should focus on conducting critical path activities towards achieving preclinical, clinical and/or commercial evidence to significantly improve the project’s ability to commercialise, raise growth capital and/or execute on a market entry or growth strategy.


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Applications close 6 October 2023.


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