Dairy Development Grants

Up to $5,000 is available to assist dairy farm businesses to improve productivity, competitiveness and resilience to market downturns.

Dairy Development Grants


The Dairy Development Grants program will assist dairy farmers to make infrastructure investments in their dairy farm businesses to improve their productivity, competitiveness and resilience to market downturns.



The Victorian Government has established the Dairy Development Grants program to assist Victorian dairy farmers experiencing challenging economic conditions as a result of the 2016 milk price reductions.

The program is a key component of the Victorian Government’s broader support for dairy farmers and impacted communities and is managed by Agriculture Victoria and delivered by Rural Finance.



A grant of up to $5,000 per dairy farm business is available to assist eligible dairy farmers impacted by retrospective milk price reductions and low opening milk prices.


Eligible Projects

Applicants are strongly encouraged to base potential infrastructure improvements on current business plans. Infrastructure activities include the following (but are not limited to):

  • reticulated water systems using water troughs for stock
  • irrigation system upgrades
  • permanent repairs to fixed infrastructure (e.g. irrigation pumps)
  • permanent milk vat upgrades (e.g. electronics)
  • initiating or upgrading information and knowledge management systems (e.g. software packages)
  • farm development to improve efficiencies to farm production systems (e.g. sensor equipment)
  • fodder storages and systems (e.g. silos, silage bunkers, hay sheds)
  • re-fencing to better match property layout with land capability
  • addition of shelter belts and associated fencing
  • reclamation of degraded areas (e.g. laneway upgrades, repairs or expansion) to deliver lasting benefits directly linked to productivity and profitability
  • feeding system upgrades (e.g. feed pads or feed troughs)
  • pasture improvements and renovation (e.g. associated seed, fertiliser and chemical costs)
  • improving manure and effluent management systems.


Eligible Applicants

The Dairy Development Grant is available to dairy farmers in Victoria, including those that:

  • own an operating dairy farm
  • are a share farmer on a property operating as a dairy farm
  • hold a lease for an operating dairy farm

One Dairy Development Grant will be offered per farm business or farm property only, with applications assessed in order of date of receipt by Rural Finance. An applicant who operates more than one farm business may only apply for a grant for one of their businesses.



Applications have now closed.


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