Digital Hubs Program

Up to $350,000 to establish a Digital Hub and provide training and support that allows participants to develop their digital literacy skills.


Update – 5 July

36 communities across Australia will receive $15.2million to establish local NBN training services as part of the Gillard Government’s Digital Hubs and Digital Enterprises program.

The successful applicants will operate 24 Digital Hubs and 20 Digital Enterprise programs to highlight the opportunities of the National Broadband Network (NBN).

These programs will:

  • help individuals in local communities improve their online and digital literacy skills;
  • assist local residents to understand the opportunities created by the fast, affordable and reliable broadband delivered by the NBN; and
  • work with small businesses and not-for-profit organisations to develop their online presence and take full advantage of the NBN.

“I congratulate the successful applicants to these programs, which will help local communities take advantage of the NBN,” Senator Conroy said.

“Residents and businesses in these communities will learn about the opportunities and benefits of fast, affordable and reliable broadband, as well as get training and advice about how they can use the NBN.

“Through the Gillard Government’s investment in the NBN, all Australians will have access to fast, affordable and reliable broadband. Programs like these are important so that everyone can learn and gain confidence in the online opportunities made possible by the NBN,” Senator Conroy said.

The Gillard Government has committed a total of $23.6 million in funding to establish Digital Hubs and Digital Enterprise training services in 40 of the first communities to benefit from the National Broadband Network.

There are several communities where the grant funding process is continuing and announcements regarding these communities will be made due course.

For a list of service providers announced under previous funding rounds or for more information please visit and

For further information about the National Digital Economy Strategy visit



The Digital Hubs program will establish a Digital Hub in each of the 40 communities that first benefit from the National Broadband Network (NBN).

The Digital Hubs Program will provide residents in the local community with training in digital literacy skills to help them to participate in the NBN-enabled digital economy. The Digital Hubs Program will also demonstrate the opportunities presented by the NBN and how households can take advantage of these opportunities by connecting with it.

Community organisations—including public libraries, local councils, adult education institutions and others—are eligible to provide the activities of a Digital Hub.



To provide funding to establish a Digital Hub that will provide training to narrow the gap between those Australians who engage online and those who do not. Digital Hubs Program will enable local residents to increase their online engagement and better understand the opportunities presented by the NBN by demonstrating applications enabled by high-speed broadband.



The Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy (the department) will administer the Digital Hubs program. The total program funding is $13.6 million over three years.

The total amount of funding provided for the operation of a Digital Hub will generally be between $150 000 and $350 000 (GST-exclusive) for a period of two years.

The amount of Digital Hubs Program funding allocated to specific communities may be outside this range. The amount of a grant will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis and will be proportional to the size of the area and the activities within it proposed by the successful applicant.

An additional $10,000 (GST-exclusive) over two years will be available for each Digital Hub specifically for raising awareness in the local community and encouraging participation.


Eligible activities

Digital Hubs Program Funding must be used specifically to establish a Digital Hub and provide training and support that allows participants to develop their digital literacy skills and experience an NBN-enabled online environment.

Digital Hubs Program Applicants can apply for Digital Hubs funding for the following activities:

  • ICT equipment costs—to purchase, maintain and update hardware and software that takes advantage of high-speed broadband
  • staff costs—to provide Digital Hubs staff to deliver digital literacy training to individuals and groups, including salary, superannuation and other staff costs
  • program management costs—including administration, annual program audit and reporting requirements (this figure should not usually exceed 20 per cent of total program budget unless adequate justification is provided)
  • NBN connection costs—to enable physical connection of Digital Hubs venues to the NBN
  • internet costs—to cover ongoing connections to high-speed broadband
  • promotional/communication activities—to promote the Digital Hub service to the local community

Digital Hubs Program Funding recipients wishing to use Digital Hubs funds for other activities must seek prior written agreement from the department, which will not release funding for other purposes without prior agreement.


Ineligible activities

Digital Hubs funding is not to be used for the following activities:

  • costs associated with connecting to high-speed broadband for premises outside of the NBN footprint
  • catering
  • training for business-based activities
  • providing technical support and advice to Digital Hubs participants regarding IT systems and maintenance
  • providing commercial advice
  • capital works, development of websites or software
  • research and feasibility studies
  • travel costs, including air fares, car hire or purchase or other travel costs.

A funding recipient who wishes to engage in activities outside the scope of the funding agreement must seek approval from the department.


Round three locations

On 13 April 2012 the Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy called for applications to deliver round three of the Digital Hubs program targeting eligible organisations in the following local communities:

Australian Capital Territory
  • ACT government area

New South Wales

  • local government area of Auburn
  • local government area of Liverpool Plains
  • local government area of Penrith
  • local government area of Hawkesbury
  • local government area of Tamworth

Northern Territory

  • local government area of Coomalie
  • local government area of Litchfield
  • local government area of Wagait Shire
  • unincorporated areas of the Northern Territory


  • local government area of Brisbane
  • local government area of Lockyer Valley


  • local government area of Hobart
  • local government area of Launceston
  • local government area of Meander Valley

South Australia

  • local government area of Adelaide
  • local government area of Adelaide Hills
  • local government area of Charles Sturt
  • local government area of Port Adelaide Enfield
  • local government area of Salisbury


  • local government area of Ballarat
  • local government area of Golden Plains Shire
  • local government area of Hepburn Shire
  • local government area of Pyrenees Shire

Western Australia

  • local government area of Belmont
  • local government area of Chapman Valley Shire
  • local government area of Irwin Shire
  • local government area of Mandurah
  • local government area of Melville


The closing date for round three applications is 2 pm AEST on 10 May 2012.

Expert Assistance

We have successfully assisted an LGA access NBN funding. If you require assistance with the Digital Hubs Program grant application, contact 03 9005 6789 to discuss how we can assist you.

More Information

  • Media release  Call for round three Digital Hubs and Digital Enterprise program applications
  •  Digital Hubs program guidelines (PDF, 421 KB)
  •  Digital Hubs program guidelines (DOC, 1.3 MB)

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