Digital Media Fund

Up to $25,000 is available to drive growth in narrative-based content for digital platforms in Tasmania.

Digital Media Fund


The Digital Media Fund is an equity investment for the development or production of narrative driven linear or non-linear digital content that will better enable the applicant to attract further development and/or production investment from the marketplace and/or Screen Australia’s MultiPlatform Drama and Games programs.



The Digital Media Fund encourages Tasmanians to create and deliver compelling online screen content through an entrepreneurial approach. It aims to develop, adopt and exploit new and emerging business models for the online screen content.



For development applications, a maximum equity investment of $25,000 per project is available. Funding is for the development of concept/scoping documents and prototypes and/or the production of proof-of-concept or beta content.

For production applications, a maximum equity investment of $25,000 per project is available. Funding is for projects that are production-ready and their potential end user/target market and revenue streams can be easily measured.


Eligible Projects

The project must be either:

  • cross-media (the delivery of traditional media projects across multiple platforms in the digital space);
  • trans-media (storytelling across multiple forms of media in which each element makes a distinctive contribution to an audience’s understanding of the story as a whole);
  • a computer game;
  • a narrative-based app;
  • a narrative-based game app;
  • an interactive drama, comedy or documentary for online or mobile delivery (where interactivity is more than just ‘click to play’); or
  • an online or mobile drama, comedy or documentary webisodes.


Eligible Applicants

Applications are open to:

  • emerging or experienced Tasmanian practitioners
  • Tasmanian resident production companies
  • emerging or experienced non-Tasmanian practitioner or non-Tasmanian production company. Must be in a genuine creative and/or financial partnership with a Tasmanian key creative or resident production company.



Applications for the current funding round close 28 June 2016.


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