Digital Partnerships Program

What is the Digital Partnerships Program?

The Digital Partnerships Program is a grant opportunity to support the local information and communication technology (ICT) industry to build capacity and create jobs, foster partnerships between the Territory’s ICT sector and other local industries and encourage the development of innovative digital solutions to meet local challenges and support economic growth.



The Digital Partnerships Program is funded by the Northern Territory Government through the Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade (Department) and is aimed at developing innovative digital solutions to meet local challenges through the development and support of partnerships between the digital business sector in the Northern Territory and other key industry sectors.

The Program will contribute to economic growth by building capacity, competitiveness and productivity of existing businesses in both the digital and other key industry sectors in the Northern Territory.



This program aims to:

  • increase the competitiveness and productivity of Territory enterprises and support economic growth of the Territory
  • develop partnerships between the digital sector and other key industry sectors in the Territory
  • develop innovative digital solutions to meet local challenges
  • build capacity and support local jobs within Territory digital industries.



You can get up to $200,000 on a dollar-for-dollar matched funding basis. The minimum funding amount is $50,000.



Eligible Projects

Projects most likely to receive Funding will achieve the following objectives of the Program:

  • support local jobs and economic growth in the Northern Territory
  • improve the competitiveness and productivity of Territory Enterprises
  • develop digital technology capacity in the Northern Territory
  • include a process for innovation such as design, prototyping, proof of concept trials and the like
  • have strong market potential (including potential for export outside Australia)
  • include a partnership between Digital Enterprise/s and Key Industry Sectors (or other sectors that achieve the Program objectives) operating in the Northern Territory to solve local challenges through Innovation.
  • demonstrate a sound project delivery plan and co-contribution funding model.
  • are commercialisation ready.


Eligible Applicants

Applications will be accepted from consortiums of eligible businesses, and must consist of at least one digital enterprise and one eligible business operating in a key industry sector.

Applicants must also:

  • have a valid Australian business number (ABN) that is at least 6 months old
  • be a legal entity (a natural person or an incorporated entity), with or without a registered business name
  • not be a not-for-profit organisation.



Applications close 21 January 2022.


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