Disaster Ready Fund

Disaster Ready Fund

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What is the Disaster Ready Fund?

The Disaster Ready Fund (DRF) is the Australian Government’s flagship disaster risk reduction initiative which aims to fund projects that reduce the risk or impact of natural hazards and disaster events.



Australia’s exposure to disaster risk continues to increase, and new risks continue to emerge at an accelerated pace. Extreme heat, heavy rainfall and coastal inundation, and bushfires will increasingly impact the wellbeing and functioning of our communities, our environment and our economy.

The Disaster Ready Fund is the Australian Government’s flagship disaster resilience and risk reduction initiative which will fund a diverse set of projects in partnership with Australian state, territory and local governments to deliver medium-term and long-term outcomes that support Australians to manage the physical, social and economic impacts of disasters caused by climate change and other natural hazards.

The Disaster Ready Fund will be established under the Disaster Ready Fund Act 2019 (DRF Act), following passage of the Emergency Response Fund Amendment (Disaster Ready Fund) Bill 2022 on 23 November 2022, to implement the Australian Government’s commitment to establish a dedicated fund for disaster resilience and risk reduction.



The Disaster Ready Fund aims to:

  • increase the understanding of natural hazard disaster impacts, as a first step towards reducing disaster impacts in the future;
  • increase the resilience, adaptive capacity and/or preparedness of governments, community service organisations and affected communities to minimise the potential impact of natural hazards and avert disasters; and
  • reduce the exposure to risk, harm and/or severity of a natural hazard’s impacts, including reducing the recovery burden for governments and vulnerable and/or affected communities.

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Disaster Ready Fund



The Australian Government has announced up to $200 million per financial year for the Disaster Ready Fund over five years, from 1 July 2023 to 30 June 2028 (up to $1 billion total). There is no minimum or maximum amount of Commonwealth funding per project.

There is no limit to the number of project applications an Applicant may submit. Section 7 of the DRF Guidelines provides further details on the arrangements for Funding Round One (2023-24).


Eligible Projects

Projects under DRF Round One 2023-24 can target a broad range of natural hazards, and can include:

  • Stream 1: Infrastructure projects, such as
    • investment in grey infrastructure;
    • investment in green-blue infrastructure (including nature based solutions);
    • investment in hazard monitoring infrastructure; and
    • business case development for future infrastructure (including investigation, modelling, concept and detailed design activities).  
  • Stream 2: Systemic risk reduction projects, such as
    • supporting a better understanding of risk, through a better evidence base to understand and raise awareness of risk – to improve understanding of natural hazards and their potential impacts over time;
    • strengthening decision making by enhancing governance networks and communities of practice, including the development and/or alignment of resilience and risk reduction strategies;
    • adaptation projects that improve land use planning and development practice projects, including but not limited to the preparation of regional or local plans and updating land use planning instruments and building codes;
    • projects that build the capacity and capability of businesses, community sector organisations and/or at-risk communities to improve their preparedness and resilience to the impacts of future disasters; and
    • projects that enable and incentivise private investment in disaster risk reduction.

Applicants may partner with one another and deliver projects across multiple jurisdictions.


Eligible Applicants

Only Australian state and territory governments are eligible to apply for funding in Round One 2023-24.

States and territories are expected to work with local governments and communities to identify suitable proposals.

Each state and territory has nominated a lead agency. The lead agency is considered the Applicant and has responsibility for coordinating proposals for their jurisdiction and submitting the applications to the National Emergency Management Agency.

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Disaster Ready Fund



Applications for Round 1 close 6 March 2023.


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