Disease Prevention and Health Promotion

Up to $1M is available for chronic disease intervention and prevention programs.



The Disease Prevention and Health Promotion in Medicare Locals Program seeks to build an evidence-based sustainable approach to disease prevention and risk factor reduction that is integrated with primary health care, to help manage the emerging challenges for the health system of an ageing population and an increasing burden of chronic disease. The Program builds upon the Medicare Locals’ role to be responsive to their communities’ health needs and reduce service fragmentation by improving overarching coordination between services and programs in their local regions – irrespective of their funding sources or delivery organisations.

ANPHA is Australia’s national preventive health agency. It was established under the Australian National Preventive Health Agency Act 2010 (the Act) to strengthen Australia’s investment and infrastructure in preventive health. The functions of the Agency, as outlined in the Act, include:

  • effective monitoring, evaluation and building of evidence in relation to preventive health strategies;
  • facilitation of a national health prevention research infrastructure;
  • generation of new partnerships for workplace, community and school interventions;
  • assistance in the development of the health prevention workforce; and
  • coordination and implementation of a national approach to social marketing for preventive health.

Medicare Locals represent the key primary health care platform within recent national health reforms. These 61 organisations were established to coordinate primary health services planning and delivery on behalf of their local communities, in collaboration with health care providers and others with an interest in, or capacity to, influence health and service delivery within each Medicare Local catchment.

Medicare Locals have a mandate to improve health outcomes and access to appropriate primary health care services in their local community, through: addressing service gaps, reorienting services towards prevention and proactive management of chronic disease, and improving coordination and integration of services affecting health and primary health care in their communities.



The Disease Prevention and Health Promotion  in Medicare Locals Program’s objective is to work towards the ultimate goal of a sustainable, integrated and evidence-based ‘prevention system’ at the local community level, through:

  •  Population-based activities and clinical interventions that reduce risk factor prevalence, areconducive to healthy behaviours and choices, seek to address disadvantage and reduce health inequalities, and reduce avoidable hospitalisation or improve outcomes for people with (or at risk of developing) chronic disease;
  • Partnerships with other agencies, including State/Territory and local government organisations,to maximise the integration and uptake of appropriate population-based, settings-based and/or clinical programs and services operating in local communities;
  • Effective uptake amongst primary health care providers of relevant national preventive guidelines and evidence-based risk factor interventions; and
  • Increasing the evidence, knowledge and capability for sustainable preventive interventions in primary health care.



Maximum funding: ANPHA will provide grants to support coordinated initiatives within Medicare Local catchments of:

  • between $250,000 and up to $500,000 for projects involving one Medicare Local;
  • up to $750,000 for consortia of two Medicare Locals; and
  • up to $1 million for consortia of three or more Medicare Locals.

Each Medicare Local will be limited to a maximum of one grant as the funded entity under the Disease Prevention and Health Promotion in Medicare Locals Program. The number of grants awarded will be governed by the amount of funding available, the quality of applications and value for money.


Eligible Projects

The Disease Prevention and Health Promotion  in Medicare Locals Program seeks initiatives from Medicare Locals that will contribute to building the evidence base for sustainable preventive health interventions that address the health needs of local communities. It is built on the premise of using evidence where it exists – and where it doesn’t, going out and generating the evidence. The Disease Prevention and Health Promotion  in Medicare Locals Program targets innovative interventions and approaches that:

  • are most likely to achieve measurable outcomes;
  • promote local partnerships;
  • integrate local activities with national and State/Territory-based programs and initiatives to maximise reach and reduce inefficiency and duplication;
  • seek to reduce health differentials by addressing need and targeting high risk population groups; and
  • will contribute to the wider dissemination of program learnings and capability development across the Medicare Local network.


Eligible Applicants

Medicare Locals are the only organisations eligible to apply for funding under the Disease Prevention and Health Promotion in Medicare Locals Program. However, all applications must demonstrate evidence of partnerships with State/Territory-appointed Local Hospital Networks, local councils, universities and/or academic researchers, and other non-government agencies and/or community and/or professional groups where relevant or appropriate.



Consultation with Medicare Locals (via Webinar pre-Invitation to Apply Industry Briefing) – 13 August 2012
Guidelines published and Applications open – w/c 5 November 2012
Applications close – Monday 10 December 2012
Assessment and decision End – December 2012
Project negotiations and Funding Agreements finalised – First quarter 2013
Grants commence – First quarter 2013


Expert Assistance

Writing a good quality grant application is a critical element in the application process. An application needs to be well thought through, written concisely, have clear objectives and purpose, and show clear links to the objectives of the grant guidelines.

The grant application must answer all questions, provide all required information and respond to the merit criteria. It should also reflect your organisation’s business strategy.

Writing a good application takes time and effort, and requires particular writing skills.

Bulletpoint are expert grant consultants and can assist with all aspects of grant preparation.

Call us on (03) 9005 6789 or email to discuss further.

We have significant experience in applying for grants. Typical areas where we can be of assistance include:

      • Demonstrating the identified need;
      • Highlighting the relevance to current government policies and priorities;
      • Complete the Project Plan and Budget Projections;
      • Identify Outcomes that are measurable;
      • Detail the applicant organisation’s experience or expertise in undertaking the project/s;
      • Calculating the value for money; and
      • Demonstrating capacity to deliver quality outcomes


 Additional Information

Disease Prevention and Health Promotion  in Medicare Locals Program – Guidelines

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