Documentary Signature Fund

Up to $8,000 is available for Tasmanian filmmakers to develop one-off documentary film projects.

Documentary Signature Fund


The Documentary Signature Fund aims to provide filmmakers with the freedom to develop distinctive, one-off documentary film projects independently, with the aim of attracting broadcaster interest or Screen Australia Signature funds.

Screen Tasmania recognises the importance of documentary storytelling to Australia’s cultural life and seeks to foster Tasmanian talent by supporting projects that offer unique stories and demonstrate a bold creative vision.



Grants of up to $8,000 are available from Screen Tasmania, to cover a portion of costs for the development of scripts, treatments and visual materials for documentary projects.


Eligible Projects

Documentary Signature Fund is competitive fund for single documentary films of any style or genre including observational, docu-drama, essay, investigative, biopic, narrative driven and encompassing any topic/subject matter.

Projects must:

  • demonstrate a bold and original creative vision in relation to genre, subject and format; and
  • be well-researched with clearly defined intentions and target audience


Eligible Applicants

To be eligible for the Documentary Signature Fund, applicants must:

  • be an emerging or experienced Tasmanian director or producer;
  • be able to provide appropriate written agreements with key subjects, demonstrating their involvement in and commitment to the project;
  • have control of copyright of the project and
  • non-Tasmanian applicants may apply. However, they must be in a genuine and demonstrable creative and/or financial partnership with a Tasmanian resident key creative (emerging or experienced) or a Tasmanian production company.

Please note, when the applicant is an experienced key creative, entry-level Tasmanian key creatives may also form part of the team.



Applications close 28 June 2016.


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