What is Driving Social Inclusion through Sport and Physical Activity Grant?

The Driving Social Inclusion through Sport and Physical Activity Grant Opportunity will use sport and physical activity projects to address inclusion issues for vulnerable and disadvantaged individuals and seeks to enhance wellbeing and instill a sense of community belonging.



Using sport and physical activity, the grant opportunity aims to contribute to the building of resilient, cohesive and harmonious communities to ensure that individuals, families and communities have the opportunity to thrive and have the capacity to respond to emerging needs and challenges.

The Driving Social Inclusion through Sport and Physical Activity Grant Opportunity is consistent with the Sport 2030 National Sport Plan commitment that “Every Australian, at all stages of their life regardless of gender, ability or ethnicity, and no matter where they live, are able to undertake the exercise they need and want in a safe, fun and inclusive way, whether it is through sport or other types of activity”.



The objectives of the grant opportunity are to contribute on a local level to:

  • support vulnerable and disadvantaged individuals from targeted community groups to participate in flexible, community based sport and physical activity projects; and
  • increase acceptance of diversity, build inclusive communities, and assist vulnerable and disadvantaged individuals and families to develop social links through sport and physical activity.

The intended outcomes of the grant opportunity are to:

  • increase the participation of vulnerable, disadvantaged individuals and families from targeted community groups in sport and physical activity;
  • increase community pride and connection within targeted community groups; and
  • increase the range of flexible, community based, participation opportunities available.



The Australian Government has announced a total of up to $19 million (GST exclusive) over two years, from 2019-20 to 2020-21.

The minimum grant amount is $50,000 (GST exclusive) per application. There is no maximum grant amount but grants cannot exceed the amount of available funds.

An application must meet this minimum amount.


Eligible Projects

Eligible activities must relate directly to sport and physical activity projects aimed at driving social inclusion for the following targeted community groups:

  • women;
  • people with a physical or mental disability; and
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Successful applicants must not charge participants involved in their activities.

Eligible activities include, but are not limited to:

  • engaging with community organisations to deliver sport and physical activity projects;
  • coaching clinics to teach sports skills and techniques;
  • participation in local sports competitions;
  • instruction in exercise and physical activity classes delivered by qualified instructors;
  • research and data collection; and
  • recruitment and engagement of translators required to deliver the activities.

Eligible expenditure items include:

  • wages and on-costs directly attributed to the provision of activities in the identified service area;
  • operating and administration expenses directly related to the project, such as:
    • telephone;
    • rent:
    • computer/ IT/website/software;
    • insurance;
    • utilities;
    • postage;
    • stationery and printing;
    • accounting and auditing;
    • domestic travel/accommodation costs;
    • assets that can be reasonably attributed to meeting agreement deliverables; and
    • evaluation.



Applications close 12 December 2019.


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