Drought Resilience Leaders Project

What is the Drought Resilience Leaders Project?

The Drought Resilience Leaders Project is a grant that will fund a provider to design and deliver the DRL Project nationally in agriculture dependent communities.



The Future Drought Fund: Drought Resilience Leaders Project activities are to be delivered nationally. The successful grantee will be selected based on their specialist expertise and capability to deliver the project’s activities in a tailored manner that addresses the needs of particular regions, such as dealing with remoteness and lack of connectivity, or specific regional agriculture sectors.

The Drought Resilience Leaders Project aspires to catalyse a new era of leaders and mentors in Australia, recognising the wide range of types and styles of leaders and leadership roles required to enable agriculture dependent communities to adapt and transform to meet future challenges arising from drought and climate change.

The Drought Resilience Leaders Project includes three activities:

  1. Drought Resilient Leadership (DRL) Training Course
  2. Community Extension Grants (CEGs) to eligible DRL Training Course participants
  3. Drought Resilience Mentoring (DRM) Program.



The intended outcomes of the Drought Resilience Leaders Project are to:

  • design and deliver a drought resilience leadership course and a mentoring program that will develop the skills and capabilities of young and emerging leaders, and facilitate a culture of learning and knowledge sharing throughout agriculture dependent communities – building a national drought resilience leadership capability
  • empower young and emerging leaders across a range of sectors (Indigenous Australians, women, agri-business, entrepreneurship, natural resource management and industry) to share and apply their skills and knowledge developed and acquired through the DRL Training Course with their community
  • enable farmers (with demonstrated experience and capacity) as well as other drought and climate experts to share drought and climate resilience and adaptation skills and knowledge with their peers through mentoring (an informal learning program).



Applicants can apply for a grant, which includes administrative funding, up to a maximum of $7.45 million (exclusive of GST) (administrative funding is capped at a maximum of 10 per cent of the actual grant value sought) to fund activities in Drought Resilience Leaders Project, in line with the outcomes.


Eligible Projects

Eligible expenditure items from the $7.45 million (exclusive of GST) grant are:

1. DRL Project administration funding:

The administrative funding can to be used by the provider to administer the DRL Project activities (as set out in section 3.4). This may include wages covering staff time spent directly engaged in developing and delivering the DRL Project.

2. Funding for DRL Project activities:

The grant can be used to fund DRL Project activities, as described in section 3.4, including:

  • the DRL Training Course development, delivery and participants costs
  • funding for CEGs to eligible training participants
  • funding for DRM program development and participants costs


Eligible Applicants

To be the eligible provider you must be a legal entity with an Australian Business Number (ABN), have an account with an Australian financial institution and be capable of entering into a legally binding and enforceable Agreement with the Commonwealth. This includes the following entity types:

  • Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander organisation, council or incorporated association
  • Company
  • Cooperative
  • Incorporated Association
  • Sole Trader
  • Partnership
  • Trustee on behalf of a Trust.

In a legally binding partnership, the executing partner must have authorisation from all other partners to execute the grant agreement.

Consortium applications are eligible to apply, providing all partners are eligible entities individually.

In submitting your application, you may wish to consider engaging Indigenous organisations to access expertise of the Indigenous organisations and people to promote opportunities for Indigenous Australians to access funding, the employment of Indigenous Australians, or the use of Indigenous businesses in your supply chains.



Applications  close 25 September 2020.


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