Up to $10,000 is available from the E-waste Infrastructure Support Program to upgrade e-waste collection and storage facilities across the state.

E-waste Infrastructure Support Program

E-waste Infrastructure Support Program

Sustainability Victoria’s E-waste Infrastructure Support Program package will fund fixed collection and storage infrastructure at primary and secondary sites identified in the Victorian E-waste Infrastructure Network Assessment Report (VEINAR).

This state-wide assessment of e-waste infrastructure has identified an essential Victorian e-waste collection network (VECN) required to support the upcoming e-waste landfill ban in Victoria. All infrastructure upgrades delivered through this grants package will help to provide reasonable access for the Victorian community to safe e-waste disposal points of an agreed standard and enable compliance with new regulatory requirements specifying how e-waste must be managed.



The Victorian Government has committed to banning the disposal of e-waste to landfill, with the ban to commence from 1 July 2019. E-waste is growing three times faster than general municipal waste in Australia, and it contains both valuable and hazardous materials that can be recovered when they reach the end of their working life. The ban seeks to improve outcomes for e-waste recovery and recycling and to reduce the risk of negative impacts on public health and the environment.

Sustainability Victoria (SV), on behalf of the Victorian Government, will implement the $15 million grants that aims to:

  • increase community access to best practice e-waste disposal points
  • improve the capacity and capability of Victoria’s collection network to receive and safely manage rising volumes of e-waste.



E-waste Infrastructure Support Program is available to increase local government’s capacity and capability to safely collect and store the increasing volumes of e-waste in Victoria. These grants will establish one of the best e-waste collection networks in Australia.

Local government and state government entities with sites listed in the Victorian E-waste Collection Network (VECN) can now submit proposals for grants of up to $100,000 to complete infrastructure upgrades.


Eligible Projects

E-waste infrastructure upgrades should meet the following criteria:

  • be fixed or semi-permanent e-waste infrastructure (including signage) upgrades for compliant collection and storage of e-waste
  • be designed and constructed in line with:
    • Key requirements1 of the AS/NZS 5377: 2013
    • All relevant building codes
    • All OH&S requirements including Section 28
    • All relevant EPA requirements
    • Relevant Planning and / or building permits
    • Infrastructure solutions in the VEINAR
    • SV’s Signage Guide and Signage Fact Sheet
    • SV’s Better Practice Resource Recovery Centre Guide
    • This guideline and proposal form

Be completed by 1 December 2019 unless the applicant is seeking an extension to the project completion date.

SV will work with funding recipients to align infrastructure upgrades with this set of criteria.


Eligible Applicants

Recipient proposals should meet the following criteria:

  • be a local government organisation or state government entity
  • implement the e-waste infrastructure upgrade at a primary or secondary site identified within the Victorian E-waste Collection Network
  • agree to comply with SV’s Terms and Conditions
  • agree to comply with SV’s Terms of Participation in Grant Program.



Applications close 14 September 2018.


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