Earth Observation for the Northern Territory

What is the Earth Observation for the Northern Territory?

The Earth Observation for the Northern Territory (EO4NT) is a program that provides funding to businesses that develop applications that use earth observation data to solve problems and improve business performance and productivity.



The Earth Observation for the Northern Territory (EO4NT) program supports businesses that develop applications using earth observation data.

The application must show how it uses EO data to:

  • solve problems or
  • improve business performance and productivity.

The first round of seed funding will focus on solutions to challenges in the Northern Territory’s mining, agribusiness and fisheries, and government services sectors. However, proposals outside of these sectors are welcome and will be duly considered.



The objectives of the program are to:

  • Spur solutions to challenges in local Northern Territory industries using earth observation data
  • Grow awareness of and interest in EO-driven solutions in traditional Territory industries
  • Build partnerships among tech solutions providers, and with end users of EO technology
  • Support efforts to diversify the Territory economy
  • Create value for the Northern Territory
  • Align with recommendation SP4 in the Territory Economic Reconstruction Commission’s Final Report: “Leverage space technology for Territory industries”.



The Northern Territory Government has made a total of $200,000 in grant funding available for this program.

Funding will be awarded at the Department’s discretion following assessment by the Panel using a competitive process. The program has not set a minimum or maximum number of grant recipients, or minimum grant amount but envisions somewhere between 1 to 4 successful grant applications.


Eligible Projects

Proposals must focus on the NT, but Australian technology businesses across Australia may be eligible.

Funding will be given to projects that propose a solution to a particular challenge in the following sectors:

  • mining
  • agribusiness and fisheries
  • government services

However, proposals outside of these sectors will be considered

Your project must also:

  • clearly demonstrate the benefit to the NT
  • support efforts to diversify the NT economy
  • have a development period of about 6 months (noting that commercialisation may take longer)
  • include a project plan with clear milestones, an explanation of technical viability and budget.


Eligible Applicants

You can apply if you’re a business that meets all of the following:

  • hold a valid Australian business number and have operated under that number for at least one year
  • are working with an end user for your solution – they must be:
    • a business or organisation
    • based in the NT
  • at a minimum can commit to trialling your solution in the NT
  • are financially able to fund the remaining cost of the project if your application is successful
  • are technically able to deliver the project
  • have a history of compliance with all legal requirements and is fully compliant from the application date.

If you’re made up of two or more organisations, one must be the lead applicant.



Applications close 27 June 2022


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