ECA Grants

Up to $10,000 is available to support projects that would benefit energy consumers.

ECA Grants


The Energy Consumers Australia (ECA) Grants Program funds projects that are high quality, innovative and delivers tangible benefits to energy consumers.



Energy Consumers Australia (ECA) is directed by article 4.1 of its Constitution to promote the long term interests of energy consumers in terms of the price, quality, safety, reliability and security of supply of energy services by providing and enabling consumer advocacy on National Energy Market matters which is:

  • strong;
  • coordinated;
  • collegiate; and
  • evidence-based.

The Constitution emphasises that the National Energy Market matters should be of strategic importance or material consequence for energy consumers, in particular for residential and small business energy consumers.



The ECA Grants Program aims to  build knowledge and energy sector capacity supporting policy development and consumer education in the National Energy Market.



ECA manages three grant programs:

  • Advocacy: to support advocacy on issues of material importance to residential and small business consumers, and to build sectoral capacity.
  • Research: to inform and support advocacy by providing a robust, topical and well-informed evidence base, and to build knowledge among advocates, decision-makers and industry on the long term interests of consumers.
  • CEO Grants for grants of up to $10,000 to enable:
    • consumer engagement and advocacy in government, regulatory, or industry decision-making processes
    • advocates to research relevant international programs, policies or initiatives that advance the long-term interests of consumers


Eligible Projects

To be eligible for Advocacy, Research and CEO (Consumer Engagement) Grants must undertake advocacy, research or participate in engagement that:

  • builds knowledge and/or sectoral capacity supporting policy development and consumer education in the National Energy Market
  • advances the long term interests of consumers, particularly residential and small business consumers
  • has relevance to National energy market advocacy and research
  • complies with the ECA Grants Program Selection Criteria.


Eligible Applicants

There are different eligibility criteria for the international scholarship program. Applications are open to any individual or organisation with some or all of the following attributes/experience:

  • is working in a consumer or related organisation at present (or with recent experience), preferably one which has worked on national energy market issues
  • is relatively experienced and/or senior in the relevant sector
  • has good knowledge of the key issues facing Australian energy consumers
  • has good networking skills
  • has good writing skills – ECA will want a comprehensive report of their experiences
  • has the ability to prepare and deliver presentations – for their meetings overseas and on their return to Australia
  • complies with the ECA Grants Program Selection Criteria.



The ECA Board considers Advocacy and Research grant applications on a quarterly basis, ensuring the program is responsive enough to support new projects when they are required. Application due dates for 2015/16 and 2016/17 are

Applications should be lodged byDecision Date
29 April 20162 June 2016
9 July 201618 August 2016
14 October 20161 December 2016
13 January 2017February 2017
14 April 2017May 2017


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