EEC Food and Beverage Manufacturing Business Grants

What is the EEC Food and Beverage Manufacturing Business Grants?

The EEC Food and Beverage Manufacturing Business Grants is a program that provides small/medium businesses with funding to improve energy efficiency practices and technologies and better manage energy consumption to reduce their power bills.

Energy Efficient Communities Program – Food and Beverage Manufacturing Business Grants


The objective of the grant opportunity is to support small and medium sized food and beverage manufacturing enterprises to save energy by:

  • replacing existing equipment with more energy efficient equipment
  • installing or replacing components to help existing systems run more efficiently
  • carrying out energy audits
  • monitoring and optimising energy use and emissions
  • increasing knowledge of energy efficiency practices, and
  • positioning small and medium sized enterprises to adopt future technological advancement in energy consumption.

The intended outcomes of this grant are to:

  • lower energy costs through the adoption of energy efficiency practices and equipment
  • increase awareness of energy efficiency opportunities
  • enable energy savings that lead  to reduced greenhouse gas emissions.



Funding from between $10,000 and $25,000 is available to reduce the energy consumption of your business.


Eligible Projects

To be eligible your project must:

  • be aimed at reducing energy consumption of your business
  • have at least $10,000 in eligible expenditure
  • include activities that are listed in Appendix A of the grant opportunity guidelines.

You may:

  • select one or more activities from any of the focus areas listed in Appendix A
  • select activities up to the maximum grant value of $25,000.

The focus areas are:

  • energy audits and energy management
  • energy monitoring
  • heating ventilation and air conditioning at the manufacturing facility
  • lighting
  • other motors, conveyors, blowers, fans, pumps, and fluid distribution systems
  • power supply
  • process automation and controls
  • process cooling
  • process heating or drying
  • air compressors and compressed air systems
  • waste management.

Your project can include activities at different locations. Where your business operates across multiple locations, you may split the grant across more than one site.

To be eligible, expenditure must:

  • be a direct cost of the project

Eligible expenditure items are:

  • an energy audit of your site or part of your site
  • purchase or hire of equipment to measure, monitor and record energy use or to monitor a process, where this facilitates optimisation or energy management
  • purchase of equipment to replace existing equipment, where the new equipment is higher efficiency
  • costs to decommission, remove and dispose of the old equipment
  • purchase of equipment or components to help an existing system run more efficiently
  • design, and reasonable installation costs of eligible equipment
  • commissioning or tuning of equipment installed or modified as part of the project, and any related equipment that is affected by the project
  • building permits or approval costs to install equipment, where required


Eligible Applicants

To be eligible you must:

  • have an Australian business number (ABN)

and be one of the following entities: 

  • an entity incorporated in Australia
  • a private company
  • a public company
  • an incorporated trustee on behalf of a trust
  • a co-operative
  • an incorporated, not-for-profit organisation
  • an indigenous corporation
  • a sole trader
  • a partnership.

The program can only accept applications:

  • from food and beverage manufacturing businesses, whose main activity is classified under one of the Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classifications listed in the table in 4.2 of the grant opportunity guidelines
  • from small and medium sized enterprises with an employee headcount from 1 to 199 employees averaged over any consecutive 12 month period since 1 July 2019. We may ask you to provide evidence of your calculation
  • where you certify that the project is supported by your board (or chief executive officer or equivalent if there is no board) and that you can complete the project and meet the costs of the project not covered by grant funding
  • certify that you have consent from the facility owner or their representative to undertake the project, if you are not the facility owner.



Applications close 18 February 2022.


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