Energy Information Fund

$1M program to deliver information and education about flexible electricity pricing.
Energy Information Fund



The Department of State Development Business and Innovation has established the Energy Information Fund (EIF) as part of the Advanced Metering Infrastructure program.



The objective of the Energy Information Fund is to educate and empower groups that may not be reached by mainstream information campaigns, to enable them to make informed decisions about electricity by:

  • building capacity within the not-for-profit community to deliver information and education about flexible pricing, Smart Meters and the electricity market in a timely and relevant fashion
  • working with the Consumer Utilities Advocacy Centre (CUAC) to promote collaboration and share information resources across the not-for-profit sector.



The Victorian Government is making sure all Victorians get the information they need to take charge of their energy bills, today announcing grants to not-for-profit organisations to help empower consumers.

Energy and Resources Minister Russell Northe said the grants made under the $1 million Energy Information Fund would see not-for-profit community organisations delivering information about the electricity market to hard-to-reach Victorians.

The Victorian Government is committed to giving all Victorians the facts and tools they need to make informed choices about electricity and to keep their bills as low as possible. The Energy Information Fund will make sure those facts reach all Victorians, including culturally and linguistically diverse communities, seniors, rural communities and people with disabilities.

Victoria has one of the most competitive electricity markets in the world and we want to empower all Victorians to take advantage of this and make informed choices that save them as much money as possible.

The Energy Information Fund would make sure the messages of the Government’s Switch On public information campaign reached all Victorians. The Switch On campaign includes information about the electricity market, new flexible pricing options, power saving tips, and tools like My Power Planner an independent price comparator that lets people use their own power profile to find the best electricity offers.


Eligible Projects

The Energy Information Fund will provide funding to not-for-profit organisations to adapt information about the electricity market and flexible pricing and develop and deliver education materials, tools and resources to hard-to-reach consumers across Victoria.

Examples of the communities the Energy Information Fund is seeking to provide information to include (but are not limited to):

  • culturally and linguistically diverse communities
  • seniors’ groups
  • Indigenous communities
  • rural or isolated communities
  • people with a disability
  • carers
  • concession card holders.



The grants made under the $1 million Energy Information Fund would see not-for-profit community organisations delivering information about the electricity market to hard-to-reach Victorians.

In addition to the Energy Information Fund, the Victorian Government has committed $4.7 million in the 2014/15 Budget to upgrade the My Power Planner pricing comparison website to include gas and solar offers and to be translated into other languages to deliver key information on energy options directly into the homes of many Victorians who might otherwise miss out.



15 not-for-profit-profit organisations would be supported by the Consumer Utilities and Advocacy Centre to deliver projects through activities including:

  • Holding workshops and information sessions for target groups;
  • Preparing video case studies;
  • Sharing energy information on radio programs that target specific groups;
  • Training community members to help share energy information;
  • Home visits to share energy information.


More Information

Further information on the Energy Information Fund and on the projects it is funding is available on the Government’s Switch On Website at


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