Enterprise Connect WIIN – Round 4

About WIIN

The Workshops, Industry Intelligence & Networking (WIIN) element of the Enterprise Connect initiative offers  government grants of up to $50,000 for eligible organisations to deliver workshops, seminars and a range of other activities to Australian small and medium businesses.

The WIIN program is a competitive government grants program that helps organisations to deliver seminars, workshops and other activities to small and medium sized businesses in the Enterprise Connect target markets.  The aim of WIIN is to provide relevant information on good business practices to help businesses reach their full potential.

WIIN helps firms improve their business by providing detailed, relevant new information and knowledge about a particular aspect of good business practice. A successful WIIN activity will improve a participating firm’s awareness of and ability to implement positive changes in their business.

How are the WIIN objectives to be achieved?

A WIIN activity can be delivered in a range of ways, including (but not limited to):

  • seminars or workshops,
  • best practice industry visits or demonstration projects,
  • case studies,
  • networking events,
  • online or video conference delivery of seminars to regional centres, and
  • bringing overseas industry experts to Australia for any or all of the above.

Enterprise Connect Target Markets

A business is in the Enterprise Connect target market if it is eligible for any Enterprise Connect service. WIIN activities should target small and medium-sized firms that operate in any of the following sectors:

  • manufacturing,
  • defence,
  • resources,
  • clean technology, and
  • creative industries.

In addition, businesses operating in remote areas or in areas identified by the Enterprise Connect initiative as Innovative regions of Australia may also fall into the Enterprise Connect target market.

WIIN Round 4 Theme

Clean 21 – Preparing Australian business for a sustainable economy in the 21st Century

WIIN Round 4 is seeking government grant applications for the delivery of activities to assist Australian business to increase productivity and market competitiveness by capitalising on the global economic restructuring around environmental sustainability and resource efficiency.

This global shift will provide enormous scope for innovation in energy deployment, resource efficiency (energy, water and materials) and reducing our environmental footprint. It will provide the next great opportunity for productivity gains in the Australian economy and a vehicle to improve Australia’s international competitiveness.

Within the frameworks to guide climate change mitigation and adaptation measures, many businesses are positioning themselves to pursue new investment and business opportunities in response to concerns about greenhouse gas emissions, resource efficiency and environmental sustainability. Many Australian businesses are finding their supply chains are demanding greater sustainability accountability and new ways to deliver goods and services.

The enterprise level will lead this transition to more sustainable economic development and the development of a skilled workforce to meet the needs of the cleaner economy as they capitalise on this opportunity.

It is expected that WIIN round four activities will assist businesses in making decisions about the opportunities and technologies to improve their sustainability.

WIIN Round Four Topics

Within the theme of sustainability the three key topics will be:

Market and Supply chains

Which may include:

  • Selling,
  • Marketing,
  • Sustainable new product development,
  • Identifying embodied carbon in product, particularly inputs

Processes, production and service delivery

Which may include:

  • Energy efficiency,
  • Water efficiency,
  • Resources efficiency,
  • Data collection, measurement and analysis,
  • Maximising waste value,
  • Sustainable procurement.

Management and Leadership

Which may include:

  • Developing a sustainable strategy,
  • Culture change,
  • Behaviour change,
  • Business case development,
  • ISO 14000 implementation,
  • Sustainable design,
  • Global reporting initiative (GRI), reporting tool

The Round 4 Information Document contains important detail on the objectives of WIIN, eligibility for grant arrangements, how to apply, WIIN merit criteria and the Round 4 theme and topics.

To apply complete the WIIN Round 4 Grant Application Form.

Applications close 5.00pm  on 21 February 2011

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