Entrepreneurship Facilitators

Up to $957,000 is available for organisations or individuals to provide practical support to help young Australians start a small business.

Entrepreneurship Facilitators


The Department of Employment is seeking Entrepreneurship Facilitators to help young Australians start their own small business. Funding is available to organisations and individuals who can provide provide practical support to young Australians in the areas of:

  • Cairns
  • the Hunter (including Newcastle)
  • Launceston and North-East Tasmania.



The Encouraging Entrepreneurship and Self Employment-measures were announced as part of the broader Youth Employment Package in the 2016-17 Budget. The introduction of Entrepreneurship Facilitators is one of these measures.

The Government recognises that self-employment and entrepreneurship provide a powerful option for overcoming unemployment. Research shows that many young job seekers have business ideas but lack the capacity and support to develop these ideas into successful businesses. They are often confronted by barriers such as, lack of business training and access to finance, lack of business networks and an inability to explore and select sustainable business ideas.



The objectives of Entrepreneurship Facilitators are to:

  • promote entrepreneurship and self-employment to young people in identified regions
  • encourage young people to develop new business ideas
  • assist potential young entrepreneurs in accessing assistance to support and establish their own business
  • provide linkages into existing programs including New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS)



Funding of up to $957,000 (exc GST) is available per proposal. The funding period is from December 2016 to 30 June 2020.



The Department invites Applications to deliver Entrepreneurship Facilitator Services that will assist young people in their region to develop their ideas into successful businesses.

Applicants are encouraged to be innovative and should outline the Services they propose to deliver in their Application. Applicants may apply to deliver Services in one, two or all three of the identified locations.

In particular, Applicants should outline their experience, expertise and achievements in:

  • providing business advice (individuals with personal experience as an entrepreneur or small business operator are highly desirable)
  • building rapport with clients to gain an understanding of their needs and provide appropriate support
  • engaging with the community, and
  • developing and maintaining networks with relevant organisations.

Without seeking to limit ideas, this may include innovative approaches to:

  • encouraging clients to think about starting their own business
  • promoting the Services to clients through various channels such as workshops, presentations, social media posts, jobs fairs and local community meetings
  • linking with organisations relevant to entrepreneurship and small business
  • providing mentoring support, or assisting clients to access local mentors, business partners, office space, equipment and ongoing business training, and
  • working closely with government and non-government services including in relation to regional grant funding, financial services, training institutions with business courses, accelerator and incubator services, youth organisations and employment service providers.



Applications close 3 November 2016.


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