Environmental Performance – Innovation Grant

Up to $80,000 is available to develop or implement new processes to achieve greenhouse gas emissions reductions.

Environmental Performance: Innovation Grant


The Environmental Performance – Innovation Grant aims to support development or implementation of new technologies or processes that are currently not being implemented in the local market, but have the potential to achieve greenhouse gas emissions reductions and resource efficiencies that could be rolled out at scale within the City of Sydney.

Initiatives and projects can contribute to one or more of the following outcomes:

  • Increased renewable energy production and/or resource efficiency across the local government area
  • Greater uptake by building owners, businesses and owners corporations of efficient and effective green solutions
  • Enhanced knowledge sharing on best practice environmental performance and new methods and solutions amongst building owners, businesses and owners corporations
  • Evidence of increased knowledge and skills amongst owners, residents, buildings and strata managers about innovative green solutions.



Funding under the Environmental Performance – Innovation funding stream is available in two categories:

  1. Feasibility Studies that investigate innovative environmental solutions with potential to improve environmental performance across a range of buildings and facilities in Sydney. Up to $20,000 is available in this category, with support to be matched by 25% or more cash or value‐in‐kind from applicant
  2. Demonstration Projects that implement solutions to reduce resource consumption and that can be rolled out at scale. Up to $80,000 is available in this category with funds to be matched by 50% or more cash or value‐in‐kind from the applicant.



To be eligible for funding an applicant must:

  • Operate within the local government area or able to demonstrate benefits for the City’s residents, workers and/or visitors
  • Be an
    • Owners Corporation; or
    • Business/commercial office; or
    • Not‐for profit organisation.

Applications will be assessed against the Environmental Performance – Innovation Grant priorities and desired outcomes. The assessment panel will also consider the following:

Feasibility Studies

  • Project justification and need
  • Extent to which the project addresses grant funding program objectives and intended benefits and outcomes
  • Capacity and experience of the applicant to undertake the project
  • Clear knowledge sharing/communications plan
  • Provision of required supporting documentation (see Supporting Documentation).

Demonstration Grants

  • Project feasibility, justification and need
  • Extent to which the project addresses funding program objectives
  • Demonstrated balance of innovation and applicability to encourage uptake across the City of Sydney
  • Clear knowledge sharing/communications plan including case studies and site visits as appropriate
  • Monitoring and verification plan including methodology to measure and verify social, financial and environmental benefits including six, 12 and 18 month data report on results following implementation
  • Three quotes for works and justification for selection of preferred contractor
  • Development approval where required
  • Provision of required supporting documentation.



This program is open all year for applications until funds are exhausted.


More Information

  • Source
  • Environmental Performance – Innovation Grant Guidelines

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