Export Finance Australia Guarantees

What is the Export Finance Australia Guarantees?

The Export Finance Australia Guarantees is a program to enable your bank to approve further finance that can be drawn down for export-related transactions or expanding your business overseas.



Guarantees are provided to your bank to facilitate the security required for a bank to approve finance for your eligible export-related transactions or overseas expansion.

The benefits of guarantees include the:

  • ability to get further finance which may be required to deliver on export transactions or overseas expansion
  • flexibility to tailor loan amount and term
  • availability for pre and post shipment finance



Guarantee amounts from $100,000.



To be eligible, you must:

  • have an annual revenue of over $250,000
  • have been established for at least two years
  • be an Australian registered company with an Australian company number (ACN)
  • use the guarantee to finance export-related transactions or overseas expansion activities which have a direct benefit flowing to Australia
  • be unable to get financing from your bank



Applications open on an ongoing basis.


Current Recipients

Varley Group

Varley Group were able to purchase a stake in a specialist US avionics and defence software provider and gain access to the billion dollar US defence industry.

Liddy Design

Export Finance Australia provided an export working capital guarantee to Liddy’s bank, which allowed it to approve the finance Liddy needed to fulfil these international growth opportunities.

Oz Nature

Oz Nature used the funds to increase its production capacity, which has allowed the amount of beef exports to grow significantly.

PCT Global

PCT Globale used the funding to buy raw materials and packaging for the increased manufacturing volumes required under this agreement.

Gemtree Wines

Gemtree has an arrangement with a US wine company, based in California’s Napa Valley, to supply around 900,000 litres of South Australian wine each year for a popular US brand. Gemtree’s ability to deliver on bulk contracts is vital for its export growth, as it builds a strong reputation for on-time delivery to international markets.


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