Up to $75,000 is available from the Family Support Funding Program to deliver support and services of value to Defence families and the community they live in.


Family Support Funding Program

The Family Support Funding Program (FSFP) provides grant funding to community organisations who can deliver support and services of value to Defence families and the community they live in. Any incorporated not-for-profit organisation can apply for an FSFP grant, provided they can demonstrate their commitment and ability to deliver local community programs or projects with a strong focus on supporting Defence families and the Defence community.

The FSFP provides single and multi-year grants. Multi-year grants are available in two or three year funding terms. Single-year grants are the default arrangement, organisations wishing to be considered for multi-year funding must have demonstrated track record of strong governance.



Family Support Funding Program (FSFP) provides funding to not-for-profit organisations to:

  • Support Defence families engage with their local communities by:
    • facilitating learning opportunities and promoting personal growth, wellbeing, and support child and youth development
    • creating opportunities to form new friendships and networks and share information and ideas to help them manage the demands of military life
  • Support community capacity building and partnerships by:
    • developing new initiatives in response to emerging needs and priorities identified within the Defence community
    • identifying and nurturing partnership opportunities to support the delivery for a strengthened sense of community for Defence families



Approximately $1.6 million has been allocated for the 2019-20 financial year. Successful applications will receive a grant between $2,000 and $75,000. All amounts are GST not applicable.


Eligible Projects

Actual eligible and non-eligible items are determined by the FSAC based on available funds and the number of successful applications. Applicants should include a brief description under each eligible category should it not be self-explanatory. Please note the following list is a guide only.

Eligible categories may include:

  • salary and related costs
  • administration expenses
  • event and venue hire costs
  • activity and related consumable costs
    • craft supplies
    • first aid supplies
    • sporting equipment
    • library resources, toys,
  • wellbeing and resilience courses.


Eligible Applicants

To be eligible, applicants must be one of the following Australian not-for-profit organisations whose volunteers’ work supports families and/or communities in Australia and are legal entities and have been operating for 12 months or longer:

  • incorporated Associations
  • incorporated Cooperatives
  • companies – not-for-profit proprietary companies or public companies, incorporated under the Corporations Act 2001 and
  • organisations established through a specific piece of Commonwealth or state/territory legislation (for example, many public benevolent institutions and churches).



Applications close 07 February 2019.


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