Family Violence Perpetrator Interventions Grants

Up to $400,000 is available from Family Violence Perpetrator Interventions Grants to enhance the accountability of perpetrators of family violence.

Family Violence Perpetrator Interventions Grants

Family Violence Perpetrator Interventions Grants

The Family Violence Perpetrator Interventions Grants Program provides funding per individual project to deliver innovative and targeted initiatives that enhance the accountability of perpetrators of family violence.



In response to the Royal Commission into Family Violence, the Victorian Government is providing grants for projects that deliver innovative and targeted interventions to perpetrators of family violence in Victoria. This initiative will promote greater perpetrator accountability and support behaviour change.

The Victorian Government, subject to advice from the recommended expert advisory committee and relevant ANROWS (Australia’s National Research Organisation for Women’s Safety) research, trial and evaluate interventions for perpetrators [within three years] that:

  • provide individual case management where required
  • deliver programs to perpetrators from diverse communities and to those with complex needs
  • focus on helping perpetrators understand the effects of violence on their children and to become better fathers
  • adopt practice models that build coordinated interventions, including cross-sector workforce development between the men’s behaviour change, mental health, drug and alcohol and forensic sectors.

The Government has committed a total of $1.6 million for grants that deliver innovative and emerging models of best practice in perpetrator interventions.



The Family Violence Perpetrator Interventions Grants Program will provide funding of up to $400,000 (and a minimum of $200,000) per individual project.


Eligible Projects

Grant applicants must work with perpetrators of family violence aged 18 or over in a justice setting, and must demonstrate innovation by:

  • delivering a new approach or model of perpetrator intervention/s
  • adopting a unique technique to engage perpetrators and/or deliver intervention/s
  • addressing service gaps (such as perpetrators from diverse communities or those with complex needs)
  • contributing to the existing knowledge base on perpetrator interventions.

The Family Violence Perpetrator Interventions Grants Program will fund:

  • initiatives that use a unique form or mode of delivering an intervention, such as digital engagement or a mixed mode of delivery
  • initiatives that focus on different relationships and contexts in which family violence is perpetrated (for example beyond an intimate partner context)
  • interventions that involve collaboration across sectors (such as men’s behaviour change, mental health, and drug and alcohol sectors)
  • interventions for perpetrators from diverse communities (such as Aboriginal communities, culturally diverse communities or LGBTI communities), or perpetrators with complex needs (such as those with mental health or drug and alcohol issues)
  • models that seek to address complex underlying contributors to the behaviour, or issues related to transition from custody, that may lead to further violence and risk to victim survivor safety
  • interventions within justice settings that do not have strong perpetrator interventions.


Eligible Applicants

The Family Violence Perpetrator Interventions Grants Program is available to:

  • not-for-profit organisations
  • for-profit organisations
  • research bodies
  • universities
  • Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations.

Eligible organisations can apply for a grant in partnership with other organisations.



Applications close 20 December 2017.


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