Festivals Australia

Up to $1.2M is available from Festivals Australia to support individual art projects at festivals or significant one-off community events.


Festivals Australia

Festivals Australia provides funding to support individual art projects at festivals or significant one-off community events, such as a town’s centenary celebration or opening of a major new community resource.



The Festivals Australia program is part of the Australian Government’s Arts and Cultural Development Program that supports participation in, and access to, Australia’s arts and culture through developing and supporting cultural expression.

Festivals Australia enables artists and organisations to shape Australia’s cultural landscape, increase cultural diversity and inspire, educate and entertain communities across Australia. The program seeks to celebrate the intrinsic capacity of the arts to engage, inspire and make meaning for all Australians, while supporting the celebration of place and promoting a sense of community identity.



The Festivals Australia objectives are:

  • to provide access to a diverse range of high quality, innovative arts projects that grow audiences at festivals across regional Australia
  • to support partnerships and collaboration across the arts sector
  • to encourage community participation in arts projects at regional and remote festivals.



The Australian Government provides approximately $1.2 million each financial year for the Festivals Australia program.

There is no limit to the amount of funding that may be sought, however the average funding request is around $40,000. Applicants should keep in mind that the program supports projects that deliver outcomes in regional areas and deliver a diverse range of high-quality projects. To remain competitive, all applications for funding must include realistic budgets and represent value for money.

Funding is available through annual or multi-year agreements, subject to available funds. Multi-year funding is only available to support the development and delivery of a single project across financial years. Applicants seeking multi-year funding will be required to provide a strongly argued business case demonstrating the need for, and benefits of, multi-year support and additional budget information.


Eligible Projects

Festivals Australia will fund high-quality arts projects in a regional or remote area that participants and audiences can engage with, through activities like a parade, performance, workshops, installation or exhibition. Projects must be a single discrete activity within the festival program, not a range of unrelated activities across the overall festival.

The focus of the project could include but is not limited to the following artforms: circus, dance, film, literature, music, multimedia, cross art form, theatre, puppetry, visual arts and crafts.

Festivals Australia grant funds may be used toward the cost of producing the project including:

  • artist fees
  • travel costs (only within Australia)
  • materials
  • venue hire
  • equipment hire
  • project administrative costs (costs cannot be associated with the festival as a whole)
  • temporary appointment of a project coordinator where a very strong business case demonstrates that it is essential to the delivery of the project.

Purchase of production equipment will only be considered where it is demonstrated to be more cost effective than hire. You can only spend grant funds on eligible grant activities as defined in the grant details in your grant agreement.


Eligible Locations

The program aims to deliver a broad range of artforms and only projects taking place at festivals or significant one-off community celebrations in regional and remote Australia will be supported. Organisations based in metropolitan locations may apply only where the project will be delivered in a regional or remote location at a festival or significant one-off community celebration. Projects delivered in metropolitan locations are not eligible for funding.

To determine eligible locations the program uses the Australian Statistical Geography Standard – Remoteness Areas (ASGS–RA) 2011. Under the ASGS–RA 2011, Festivals Australia funding cannot principally benefit a location classified as Code 1 (major cities). To check if your project is taking place in an eligible in an eligible location, visit the Health Workforce Locator and follow the directions below:

  • Under ‘Search a Location’, enter your address into the ‘Address’ box
  • Tick the box titled ‘Australian Statistical Geography Standard – Remoteness Areas’, select ‘2011’ from the drop down box and press ‘Search location’
  • All locations with Codes from 2 to 5 are eligible under the program.


Eligible Applicants

To be eligible you must:

  • be an Australian incorporated organisation
  • have an active Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • be registered for the purposes of GST, if required by the Australian Tax Office
  • not have any outstanding reports, acquittals or serious breaches relating to any Australian Government funding. A serious breach is one that has resulted in, or warrants, the termination of a grant agreement.

Unincorporated groups are eligible for funding if auspiced by an organisation that meets the above criteria.

If you are uncertain whether your organisation or project is eligible please contact the Department of Communications and the Arts (the Department) prior to submitting your application.



Applications close 18 October 2019.


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