FIA R&D Voucher Scheme

Up to $100,000 is available from FIA R&D Voucher Scheme to provide an opportunity to collaborate with UniSA researchersto test product ideas.


FIA R&D Voucher Scheme

The Future Industries Accelerator (FIA) R&D Voucher Scheme provides a tangible mechanism to strengthen engagement with industry partners, and support local industries to build their research and development capacity and accelerate growth.



The FIA provides funding for South Australian industry to access UniSA’s infrastructure and expertise. The FIA is a $7.5M investment from the South Australian Government to create high value jobs in the state, assist local industries to build their R&D capacity and accelerate revenue growth. It supports SA-based companies to overcome key business challenges through a whole new way of thinking and operating. The FIA has supported many SA businesses. The response has been incredibly positive and South Australian industries now have a ‘go-to’ destination for collaboration, innovation and breakthroughs.

The R&D Voucher Scheme provides an opportunity to collaborate with UniSA researchers to explore commercial ideas or overcome existing  challenges. The R&D Voucher Scheme is designed to deliver and develop innovative and sustainable solutions, and/or rapidly develop and test  potential product ideas or enhancements (research and development), to deliver benefit and impact for our industry partners, and for South Australia.

The R&D Voucher Scheme operates very differently to many traditional research funding opportunities – The work is defined by industry and the intent is to help companies access world class research support and funding to address priority industry challenges, to deliver outcomes of value in short timeframes.



Through this Scheme companies across the State can access funding of up to $100,000 for a project of up to 12 months, based on a 2:1 return on investment. For example, eligible companies may apply for up to $100,000, where there is at least $50,000 co-contribution from the industry partner.  For companies with an annual turnover of less than $5M, the co-investment can be in-kind.



Eligible companies must:

  • have at least current, or proposed, operations in South Australia, along with a demonstrated intention to benefit the State’s economy.
  • be financially viable and able to provide 2 years of financial history. In some instances, start-up companies with a shorter financial track record may be eligible, at the discretion of the FIA Oversight Committee.

There is no limit on the frequency with which companies or researchers can be part of applications, provided that explanation is provided as to how the scope of each project differs from previous applications.

Project funding will be released internally within UniSA, for the benefit of the industry partner through the project. Project funding will not be distributed to industry partners. Funds will be released only when the Project Agreement has been fully executed. The industry partner contribution will be invoiced annually, once the Project Agreement has been fully executed.

Funds can be used for UniSA staff or student expenses, as specified in the project budget.

Any students engaging in FIA project will be required to execute a UniSA Student Placement Agreement and/or IP Agreement, as appropriate.

Where required, Chief Investigators are responsible for ensuring the appropriate ethics approvals, or other compliance requirements, are obtained prior project commencement. The lead UniSA investigator must be a FII Affiliate or FII staff member.



Applications close 10 May 2019.


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