Up to $2M is available from FIAL Project Fund to support innovation projects that encourage collaboration between small and large businesses in the food and agribusiness sector,  to lift productivity and competitiveness.


FIAL Project Fund

The Food Innovation Australia Ltd (FIAL) Project Fund Programme is a key offering under the Industry Growth Centre initiative that encourages and assists small and medium businesses, entrepreneurs and researchers to find the right commercialisation solutions for their novel product, process or service.

The FIAL Project Fund programme provides access to tailored, world class research targeted at helping you to find the right commercialisation solutions for your novel product, process or service. This includes matched funding to support your commercialisation activities.



The FIAL Project Fund programme aims to boost competitiveness and productivity in Australia across the six Industry Growth Sectors, by providing matched funding for multiple collaborative industry partners (a ‘Consortium’) to deliver innovation projects that address one of the four objectives of the Growth Centres:

  • Identifying opportunities to reduce regulatory burden
  • Increasing collaboration and commercialization between researchers and industry
  • Improving capabilities to engage with international markets and global supply chains
  • Enhancing management and workforce skills



The FIAL Project Fund offers matched funding of over $100,000 and up to $2M to help you solve an innovation challenge.



To be eligible you must be a ‘Consortium’, with an eligible project, and the ability to provide matched funding cash contribution to the project.


  • To be a ‘Consortium’ you must involve multiple partners across industry and the research community and a minimum of two businesses in the project. All Consortium members must carry on business in Australia, or principally in Australia.
  • FIAL will only fund collaborative partnerships involving multiple industry players across the food and agribusiness value chain. The consortium must include at least two businesses (ie companies or other legal entities carrying on business) and one or more of the following: research organisations, universities, Government and other agencies or associations.
  • Strategic pre-competitive industry research with dissemination workshops and training components are eligible.
  • Start-up companies who are not in the market and do not have a history of commercial sales are not eligible.


  • The project must demonstrate a clear innovation challenge that they are unable to resolve with their internal capabilities.
  • The innovation challenge must be linked to the four Growth Centre priority areas identified in section A
  • Consortia must also demonstrate a strong market insight of the customer or consumer pull for the innovation, with a definite path to market. EOIs must show a market need or demand for the project commercial outcome and include a business and/or commercialisation plan.
  • Part of the the project funding must be applied to internal training to upskill staff, develop business plans or change business practices. Submissions without training program commitments are not eligible.
  • Applicants who are already in the market as food and beverage manufacturers, or agribusinesses, or suppliers to food and beverage manufacturers, or wish to enter a new market and have alignment with other commercial applications, are eligible.
  • Revision of plant and/or equipment design for product or process application to suit a consumer or customer need are also eligible.
  • Social science projects undertaken to better understand consumer, customer or market behaviour are also eligible but these must also have a commercial focus and partners able to apply the learnings from the research.



Applications are accepted on a continuous basis. You may apply at any time from programme launch, however, once all the funding has been allocated the fund will be closed and no further submissions accepted.



FIAL has recently received 8 applications, of which the industry-led expert panel awarded funds to 3.  Collectively, these projects will build the sector’s capability and deliver tangible results, with the potential to deliver over $100 million in additional sales for Australia.

Project one, led by Logio, will develop an automated, rapid test for determining the Glycaemic Index (GI) of a food.  GI is an indicator of the blood glucose-raising potential of carbohydrates in a food. Outcomes from the work will allow lower GI foods to be developed with greater speed and at reduced cost.  This will help  to address the major challenges of diabetes in Australia and around the world.

Project two, led by Australian Lemon Myrtle Products, has identified plant extracts as an  effective food preservative. Funds will be used to research safe and scalable delivery streams of food preservatives using Lemon Myrtle.

Project three, led by Simplot, will provide a proof of concept for the application of a novel technology, Microwave Assisted Thermal Sterilisation (MATS), that reduces time, cost and energy of making ready to eat meals.  This technology also has the potential of extending the ready meal shelf life.


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