Financial Literacy Australia

Up to $500,000 is available to boost financial literacy programs and research in Australia.

Financial Literacy Australia


The Financial Literacy Australia (FLA) Grants program supports not-for-profit organisations to advance financial literacy in Australia.



Financial Literacy Australia Limited (FLA) is a not-for-profit organisation founded in 2012 by members of the government’s Financial Literacy Board. Its mission is to advance financial literacy in Australia.

From 2012 to 2014, FLA also co-ordinated the national consumer awareness campaign MoneySmart Week to promote the importance of financial literacy.

More broadly, FLA encourages co-operation between corporate, government, community and education sectors within the financial literacy community. FLA helps to advance the National Financial Literacy Strategy.



The minimum grant is $10,000. There is no set maximum, and a grant may be spread over several years. However, to give an indication, FLA expect a grant of over $500,000 would be highly unusual. If you are thinking of applying for a large grant (over $50,000), FLA encourage you to talk to the General Manager-Grants about potential budgets.


Eligible Projects

Financial Literacy Australia Limited (FLA) grants are for projects that show clear potential to advance financial literacy in Australia.

FLA seek proposals that:

  • work to improve the financial literacy and money skills of Australians
  • provide practical materials that will advance financial literacy
  • expand the body of knowledge around financial literacy

Priority areas for 2016 are:

  • investment and/or superannuation
  • practical money management skills
  • women
  • indigenous communities
  • independent evaluation
  • small business

The kinds of projects that could be funded include:

  • program innovation (e.g. pilots)
  • program evaluation (eg program improvement, outcome assessment)
  • scaling up existing programs (e.g. after evaluation, to reach a larger audience)
  • product development (e.g learning modules, content, testing of educational products)
  • research (e.g. key issues in behavioural change, effective communication)


Eligible Applicants

Expressions of Interest are invited from not-for-profit organisations including:

  • community, consumer, investor or indigenous organisations
  • education entities (eg schools, teacher associations)
  • tertiary education and research institutions
  • local government (eg libraries, community education programs)

Organisations not eligible for grants (unless there are exceptional circumstances):

  • individuals or unincorporated associations
  • organisations based outside Australia
  • government departments or agencies (Commonwealth, state or territory)
  • political parties or candidates
  • commercial or for-profit organisations
  • Australian Financial Services Licensees or their affiliates (eg foundations)

Proposals are welcome from not-for-profit organisations that have partnerships with (or funding from) commercial entities or their affiliated foundations.



Expressions of Interest close 30 May 2016.


More Information

  • Source
  • FLA Eligibility and Selection Criteria
  • FLA FAQs

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