Food and Beverage Implementation Grants

Up to $300,000 is available from the Food and Beverage Implementation Grants to help food and beverage businesses to reduce their trade waste volume and load.

Food and Beverage Implementation Grants

Food and Beverage Implementation Grants

Food and Beverage Implementation Grants offer eligible businesses the opportunity to install, upgrade, or add to trade waste management infrastructure at a reduced cost.

Grant funding is available to food and beverage manufacturers in South Australia as a subsidy towards the cost of improvements that will lead to reductions in trade waste volume and/or contaminant loading. Trade waste improvements must be identified and recommended via an approved Resource Productivity Assessment or through successful on-site technology trials.



Matched funding of up to $300,000 is available for businesses to install, upgrade or add to trade waste management infrastructure in their business.


Eligible Projects

Grant funding is limited to implementation activities that are expected to lead to trade waste improvements (i.e. reductions in volume and/or reduction in contaminants going to sewer), and may include:

  • new plant/equipment that will lead to improvements in trade waste quality and/or quantity
  • upgrades or additions to existing plant/equipment that will lead to improvements in trade waste quality and/or quantity
  • shared infrastructure that will lead to improvements in trade waste quality and/or quantity in a select geographical area

Funding may be directed towards capital expenditure items and costs associated with its design and installation. Monitoring equipment, when coupled with an activity that will reduce trade waste discharge load or volume, may also be included in funding applications.

Staff training and education that will lead to improvements in trade waste quality and/or quantity may be considered as a component of a grant funding application. For this activity to be eligible, it must be additional to the free service currently offered under the SA Water Cleaner Production Team in that it provides training that is more targeted or specialised. Applicants should seek clarification from SA Water regarding the level of service currently offered when determining if a proposed training-related activity would be eligible for grant funding.


Eligible Applicants

To be eligible for grant funding the applicant must:

  • Be a food and/or beverage manufacturer that holds an SA Water volume and load based (VLB) trade waste discharge authorisation.
  • Food and beverage manufacturers planning to connect to the SA Water trade waste (sewer) network with 24 months, and which SA Water can identify as likely to meet VLB thresholds7 are also eligible to apply.
  • Submit written permission for SA Water to disclose information to Green Industries SA for the purposes of the Trade Waste Initiative, specifically for GISA to verify the applicant’s eligibility; review historical trade waste data and any reports that may have been produced by SA Water staff for the applicant; and to monitor trade waste discharge during and following project completion to assist with program evaluation and reporting. Supplying this permission to disclose information enables SA Water to supply data directly to GISA on behalf of the applicant.
  • Be a legal entity and currently hold an Australian Business Number (ABN) for a site in South Australia.
  • Ensure a South Australian business site is the sole subject of the grant funding application.
  • Agree to the application assessment process described herein, and successful applicants must agree to enter into a Grant Agreement with Green Industries SA.
  • Agree that if requested, staff and contractors of Green Industries SA are provided with site access to assist with the assessment of applications, project delivery and verification of results.
  • Agree to commit a minimum 50% of eligible project costs in cash (funds from external sources cannot be used as part of the applicant’s contribution)
  • Comply with all State Government laws.



Applications close 31 August 2018.


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