Food Innovation Voucher

Up to $50,000 is available from the Food Innovation Voucher stream to to encourage problem solving, develop innovation capability and stimulate business growth in the food sector.

Food Innovation Voucher

Food Innovation Voucher

The Food Innovation Voucher Stream is a new initiative of the Victorian Government that helps companies access the know-how needed to innovate, diversify, improve productivity and take new and innovative products to market.



In March 2016, the Premier of Victoria launched the Victorian Government’s Food and Fibre Sector Strategy. A key component of the Strategy is helping businesses innovate and grow by:

  • equipping businesses with the right skills;
  • supporting business to adopt technology, add value and create jobs; and
  • establishing an Innovation Network

The Food Innovation Voucher Stream and associated network will link industry with innovation services and capabilities in regional and metropolitan areas, including the Government’s key food and fibre research centres and relevant CSIRO, university and industry facilities.



The main objectives of the Food Innovation Voucher Stream are to:

  • foster industry engagement and collaboration between R&D providers and businesses;
  • increase commercialisation rates of research through development of innovative products, packaging and processes in growth oriented SMEs;
  • improve productivity levels by shifting the food sector’s focus and culture from reactive to proactive, and from survival to competitive and disruptive;
  • support projects that align to Food and Fibre Sector related Government initiatives including the Healthy Choices Guidelines; and
  • reduce the barriers and challenges faced by businesses which are limiting the level of investment in disruptive innovation.



  • Up to $10,000 for early stage feasibility and testing
  • Up to $50,000 for process innovation, product development and research and development



Applicant businesses must be a small to medium enterprise with an operating presence in Victoria and be registered as members of the Food Innovation Network.

The applicant business must:

  • be a registered business in Victoria with an Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • be a legal entity engaged in the food value chain* – or a genuine commercial connection to the food value chain – and a member of the Victorian Food Innovation Network
  • meet industrial relations obligations in accordance with the National Employment Standards
  • operate in Victoria
  • employ 20 to 200 staff or has an annual turnover of more than $1.5 million
  • co-contribute cash expenditure (or in-kind for early stage feasibility)
  • conduct majority of proposed activities in Victoria in partnership with an approved Registered Service Provider
  • participate in future program evaluation.

*For the purposes of this program, ‘food value chain’ includes agriculture (excluding forestry and fishing) and food and beverage manufacturing.



Applications close 2 March 2018.


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