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What is the Queensland Games Grants?

The Queensland Games Grants program, administered by Screen Queensland, is designed to bolster the growth of the local digital games industry. It offers significant support to both emerging and established game developers in Queensland. This program provides grants of up to $200,000 for various project stages, including prototype, early access, and full release, with a total of up to $300,000 available per project throughout its lifecycle.



The Queensland Games Grants aim to facilitate innovation and development in the digital gaming sector within Queensland. The program supports projects that range from initial concept phases to fully developed game releases. This initiative is part of a broader strategy to enhance the digital creative industries in Queensland, driving economic growth and technological innovation in the state.



The objectives of the Queensland Games Grants are to:

  • Foster the development of high-quality digital games in Queensland.
  • Encourage innovation and creativity in the local gaming industry.
  • Support the commercial viability and success of gaming projects.
  • Promote the growth and sustainability of the Queensland games development sector.


Eligible Entities

Eligible entities for the Queensland Games Grants include:

  • Both emerging and established game developers.
  • Applicants where at least 75% of the development team is based in Queensland.
  • Entities that are bona fide Queensland game development companies or individuals, as defined in Screen Queensland’s Terms of Trade.
  • Applicants who are the IP creators and owners of the game, with projects not designed for sectors like education, training, advertising, marketing, tourism, or media.


Eligible Expenditure

Eligible costs for the Queensland Games Grants cover:

  • Staffing costs and other expenses related to the game’s development and release.
  • Licensing costs and legal fees.
  • Marketing expenses for the project.
  • Engagement of mentors for creative, technical, or business support.


Application Guidelines

Applicants should:

  • Ensure their project strongly meets the eligibility and assessment criteria.
  • Discuss their applications with a member of the Screen Queensland team before submission.
  • Employ Queensland practitioners in as many roles as possible.
  • Spend the majority of the budget in Queensland.
  • Demonstrate that the project is Queensland-owned IP.
  • Ensure that their budget, marketing, and finance plans are suited to their distribution platforms.
  • Pair experienced developers with junior talent.
  • Present a strong strategy for additional financing, like publisher deals or platform funding programs. 


Applications are currently open and will close on Monday, 29 January.

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