Gardiner Foundation

Up to $1.5 M is available for the development of innovative technologies for the dairy industry.


Gardiner Foundation



The Gardiner Foundation is an organisation that is deeply embedded in the Victorian dairy industry and uses its independent structure to invest in projects that have significant impact on that industry and the wider community.



Leaders of the dairy industry have articulated the need to increase milk production volumes to 15 billion litres by 2025, while maintaining farm profitability and responsible environmental stewardship.

An important contribution to this will be made through meeting the challenge in animal performance of improving rates of genetic gain through demonstrating the value of genetics and herd improvement.



The Gardiner Foundation will grant $1.5 million over 3 years to an excellent, cohesive and collaborative program of research, development and / or extension that meets this challenge. Proposals will be competitively assessed against the criteria of:

  • Significance
  • World class RD & E
  • Team quality and capability
  • Collaboration



The closing date for applications is 31 October 2014.


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