Get Playing Places and Spaces

Up to $100.000 is available for facility development projects to encourage Queenslanders participate more in sports and active recreation.

Get Playing Places and Spaces


Get Playing Places and Spaces provides funding for new or upgraded sport and recreation facility projects so that more Queenslanders can be involved in the sport and active recreation.



Get Playing Places and Spaces is one of four programs in the Queensland Government’s Get in the Game initiative which supports participation in sport and active recreation at the grassroots level. The programs that form this initiative are:

  • Get Started Vouchers: assists children and young people who can least afford, or may otherwise benefit from joining a sport or active recreation club
  • Get Going Clubs: support not-for-profit local sport and recreation organisations to create and provide access to participation opportunities for Queenslanders
  • Get Playing Places and Spaces: assists local sport and recreation organisations with the development of places and spaces so Queenslanders are encouraged to become involved in sport and active recreation
  • Get Playing Plus: assists in developing places and spaces that increase participation opportunities, meet service gaps and address regional needs.



The objectives of Get Playing Places and Spaces are to:

  • create places and spaces that address current and future sport and recreation participation needs
  • improve existing places and spaces to sustain and increase participation in sport and recreation.



Eligible organisations can apply up to $100,000 (GST exclusive). Applicants will need to contribute a minimum of 20 per cent to the total eligible project costs.

There is no maximum total project cost limit for this program.


Eligible Projects

To be eligible for funding, the project must be new infrastructure or an upgrade, improvement or replacement of existing infrastructure which support participation in sport and recreation activities. Eligible organisations can apply for ONE Get Playing Places and Spaces project per round.

New infrastructure is defined as:

  • a new project on a greenfield site (i.e. on a totally undeveloped site where no development currently exits), or
  • development to support a new sport and/or recreation activity on a previously undeveloped portion of an existing site (e.g. tennis courts adjacent to an existing netball facility, dedicated indoor gymnastics facility at an existing basketball venue).

An upgrade or improvement is defined as:

  • an enhancement to the existing infrastructure that will increase/support participation in sport and recreation activities
  • an enhancement to meet new statutory requirements or minimum safety or competition standards for the sport or recreation activity
  • changing a surface or infrastructure component that results in an enhanced function for the facility or an increase in capacity of the infrastructure.

Projects that are to replace ‘like-for-like’ surfaces or infrastructure are not considered an upgrade. These are considered replacement projects.

Replacement is defined as replacing components at the end of their useful or economic life. End of life will only be considered where:

  • the surface/component/infrastructure has reached a point by which its usage has significantly declined or ceased and it is no longer possible/viable to continue its use through maintenance, or
  • the surface/component/infrastructure has reached its ‘end of life’ based on an accepted industry or product standard.

For replacement projects, applicants must provide details of:

  • when the surface/component/infrastructure was installed, and
  • details of why the surface/component/infrastructure can no longer be maintained for its proposed use, or
  • why a different standard now applies that renders it unusable.


Eligible Applicants

Organisations eligible* to apply for funding are:

  • a local or regional level Queensland not-for-profit sport or recreation organisation or not-forprofit community organisation (that has a primary objective of sport or recreation) incorporated under the:
    • Associations Incorporation Act 1981 (Qld)
    • Corporations Act 2001 (Cwlth)
    • Cooperatives Act 2002 (Cwlth)
    • Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act 2006 (Cwlth)
  • an incorporated university sports club
  • Queensland local governments with a population of less than 40,000 people (refer to Appendix 2) (project must address the needs of local sport and recreation clubs or local participants).

Organisations must also meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • be compliant with the Office of Fair Trading
  • have met all obligations for projects currently funded by the department.



Applications for Round 5 close 1 September 2016.


More Information

  • Source
  • Get Playing Places and Spaces Guidelines
  • Get Playing Places and Spaces Fact Sheet

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