Getting the Show Back on the Road+

What is the Getting the Show Back on the Road+?

The Getting the Show Back on the Road is a grant opportunity to help performing arts organisations, live music producers and presenters, festival organisers and commercial event companies to help them stage a show or tour during these uncertain times.



Getting the Show Back on the Road+ (GTSBOTR+) aims to reduce the financial risks associated with running ticketed events in Western Australia (WA) during a COVID-19 impacted period. The program focus is on reducing the risk of gross ticket sales lost due to COVID-19 lockdowns or significant disruption to a partial lockdown, and to encourage the safe continuation of public ticketed events.

This is a shared risk program that supports a percentage of box office losses in the situation where there has been a negative impact due to COVID-19 for the presentation of performing arts and live music events.



Getting the Show Back on the Road+ aims to: 

  • Support the planning of live events in WA during a COVID-19 impacted period.
  • Encourage the safe continuation of public ticketed cultural, arts, agricultural, sporting and culinary events.
  • Support event organisers in meeting their payment obligations to their employees and suppliers, thereby supporting the live events industry.



Shared risk payments at an agreed rate of between 50 to 75% of box office losses, to a maximum of $150,000.


Eligible Projects

Ticketed and planned events taking place in metropolitan or regional WA including:

  • music
  • performing arts
  • visual arts
  • festivals
  • sporting
  • multicultural
  • agricultural show
  • tourism events funded by Tourism WA
  • culinary
  • other events not listed may be considered that meet the objectives of the program, except for those not supported.


Eligible Applicants

A company, organisation and individual that:

  • is a legal entity capable of entering a legally binding grant contract with the Western Australian State Government
  • has an Australian Business Number (ABN) 
  • has an account in the name of the company, organisation or individual with an Australian financial institution or bank registered with the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority
  • is an Australian citizen or has permanent resident status.

The applicant must be authorised by the company or organisation’s constitution to be able to sign contracts.

It is recommended that the application is prepared and submitted by the party taking the lead in coordinating the event. If successful, the primary applicant will be issued with the contract, be responsible for report completion and payment receipt.



Applications close 17 February 2022.


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